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Iraqi Academic Arrested: Action Alert!

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    Disturbing news: Dr Hussain Abid Mohammed Al Khafaji, a lecturer of chemistry in Babylon University- Iraq, arrested by the Scorpion Special Forces Unit Iraqi
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2006
      Disturbing news: Dr Hussain Abid Mohammed Al Khafaji, a lecturer of
      chemistry in Babylon University- Iraq, arrested by the Scorpion
      Special Forces Unit

      Iraqi Academic Arrested: Action Alert!
      01 December 2006

      We want to alert you of the arrest of yet another Iraqi academic: Dr
      Hussain Al Kafaji, lecturer of chemistry in Babylon University- Iraq,
      in a joint operation by the US/ Scorpion unit - Iraqi special forces.
      The Arabic link http://www.radiodijla.com/news/index.shtml [item no 3]
      from the Iraqi Radio Dijla website, cites finding Cadmium Oxide in a
      factory that belongs to Dr Al Khafaji. This chemical is widely used in
      commercial applications.

      We are deeply concerned not in the least because of the notorious
      reputation of the Scorpion special forces unit. Their detainees rarely
      ever resurface unharmed if not killed and mutilated bodies dumped in
      the rubbish tips. This unit seems to operate with complete impunity,
      just like the occupying forces. Please read: For Iraq, "The Salvador
      Option" Becomes Reality (02 June 2005) at

      There is a concerted ongoing campaign against Iraqi Academics and
      Lecturers, of threats, abuse detention and assassinations that
      started, with the war and occupation of Iraq. For more information
      about this campaign please refer to:
      http://www.brusselstribunal.org/Academics.htm and
      http://www.nodo50.org/iraq/2006/agenda/seminario_docentes.html .

      The arrest has taken place in the aftermath of a mass `kidnapping',
      which was in reality an operation of illegal mass arrest of 150 people
      from the offices of the ministry of higher Education in Baghdad's
      Karadah district, only one kilometer from the fortified Green Zone.
      While Iraqi government sources claim all the victims have been
      released, the ex detainees, report torture and even murder of senior
      academics. For more information on this particular incident please
      refer to: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/6153316.stm and
      Action Needed Over Detention of Iraqi Education Ministry Officials at

      We would urge and/or your organization to speak up on behalf of Dr
      Khafaji. Below are addresses and emails of people you might want to
      lobby for the release of Dr Hussain al Khafaji.

      We demand that Dr Khafaji is given immediate independent legal
      counsel, as is his right under humanitarian law (including Article 113
      of the 4th Geneva Convention) and international human rights law (e.g.
      Article 14, paragraph 3, section b of the International Covenant on
      Civil and Political Rights).

      We remind those who hold detainees, that holding detainees in an
      unsafe location is a violation of Article 85 of the 4th Geneva
      Convention. We also remind them that Dr Khafaji and his family, have
      inalienable rights under many relevant instruments of binding
      international law.

      Under International law, the occupiers are obliged to ensure and
      protect the civilian population's welfare.

      Contact info:

      Haifa Zangana,

      President, Iraqi Committee for National Media and Culture ( ICNMC)

      London-UK - haifa_zangana @ yahoo.co.uk


      * The commissioner for Human Rights in the Council of Europe:

      * Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights United Nations
      Office at Geneva, 1211 Geneva 10, SwitzerlandFax: + 41 22 917 9022
      E-mail: tb-petitions @ ohchr.org

      * Kofi Annan the Secretary General of the UN via:

      * or send a message to: enquiries @ un.org

      * Contact Tony Blair via:

      * Dick Cheney : Vice President Richard Cheney:

      * You also have the option of contacting members of the 'puppet
      government of Iraq'.

      * Iraqi president: Jalal Al Talabani - questions@...
      Website:http://www.iraqipresidency.net and iraqigov @ yahoo.com

      * Higher Education Minister: Dr. Abed Thiab Al Aajaili:
      ministeryofficecitizens @ mohesr.gov.iq or
      wakeelelmi_wta @ mohesr.gov.iq

      * Justice minister : Mr. Hashim Al Shibli :
      head-minister @ iraqi-justice.org

      * Interior Minister – Mr. Jawad Al Boulani

      * Interior ministry website: http://www.iraq-moi.com/test/index.htm
      No email address available, try info @ iraq-moi.com

      * Iraqi embassies in the UK: Phone: (020) 7581 2264 Fax: (020) 7589
      3356 in Paris : paris@... in Belgium: iraqyia @ swing.be

      * ICRC delegation P.O. Box 3317 Al Alwiyah post office BAGHDAD Tel.:
      (+964) 1 718 23 08 Fax: (+873) 600 343 366 In Amman Tel: (+962) 65 523
      994 Fax: (+962) 65 523 954 iraq.iqs @ icrc.org

      The US occupation forces

      * General email address: 16thMPBDE @ conus.army.mil

      * Army Maj. Gen. William Brandenburg Commanding General Taskforce 134
      (Detainee Operations) Multi-National Force-Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq

      * Army Col. Bill Ivey Deputy Commander Taskforce 134 (Detainee
      Operations) Multi-National Force-Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq

      * Lt. Col. Keir Kevin Curry, Media Spokesperson Taskforce 134(Detainee
      Operations) Multi-National Force-Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq

      * Captain Tracy Giles, Media Spokesperson Taskforce 134?(Detainee
      Operations) Multi-National Force-Iraq, Baghdad, Iraq









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