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You Can Help Darfur

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    An Ongoing Crisis in Darfur Islamic Relief Call for Donations www.irw.org Despite the signing of a recent peace deal in Darfur, Sudan, violence continues to
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2006
      An Ongoing Crisis in Darfur
      Islamic Relief Call for Donations

      Despite the signing of a recent peace deal in Darfur, Sudan, violence
      continues to escalate and many thousands of innocent civilians have
      been killed or displaced. An estimated half a million people are cut
      off from aid and many aid agencies have found it impossible to work in
      the region. Since the start of the conflict, Islamic Relief staff has
      worked tirelessly on the ground, helping the people of Darfur get
      through this tragic situation. Islamic Relief is one of the few
      organizations which has remained committed to the people of Darfur,
      providing food and clean water, in addition to important education,
      healthcare, and sanitation projects.

      Now, for just a few dollars a day, you help provide much needed food
      and water to the people of Darfur.

      $2 can feed a family of six for one day.

      $38 provides a family with a water container, plastic sheeting,
      cooking utensils and blankets.

      $380 provides 15 families with sanitation facilities.

      $6,450 provides safe drinking water for 2,400 people.

      Please donate generously.



      Facts on Sudan
      -Population: 31 million
      -Life expectancy: 56 years
      -Average annual income: $330
      -9 million people live on less than $1 a day
      -1 in 9 children die before their 5th birthday
      -43% of adults are illiterate
      -$2 is enough to feed a family of six for one day
      -$38 provides a family with a water container, plastic sheeting,
      cooking utensils and 2 blankets
      -$380 provides 15 families with sanitation facilities
      -$6,450 provides safe drinking water for 2,400 people

      Hunger and Conflict
      Sudan, Africa's largest country, has been at war for over three
      decades. Civil war ravaged the country, killing over 2 million people,
      and injuring thousands more. Four million Sudanese have fled their
      homes. A peace treaty in 2005 put an end to the latest conflict.

      As severe food shortages occur across southern Africa, millions of
      Sudanese people are at risk of starvation. Recurrent droughts over
      several years have caused poor harvests and drinking water shortages
      in many areas. The combination of famine and violence has created a
      tragic cycle of suffering. For many Sudanese the essentials of life
      such as sufficient food, clean water, and health and education
      services are simply not available.

      Islamic Relief in Sudan
      Islamic Relief's connection to Sudan dates from the devastating famine
      that gripped the country in the 1980's - Islamic Relief was founded as
      a response to that desperate situation. Islamic Relief began working
      in Sudan in 1984 in response to devastating floods in Khartoum, and
      registered its field office in 1991.

      Islamic Relief has expanded its operations to southern Sudan, the Blue
      Nile and the Nuba mountains. The emphasis of the program is post-war
      recovery, integrated rehabilitation and community development. Islamic
      Relief is also responding to the crisis in Darfur.

      Darfur: An Unremitting Crisis
      Two million people have been driven from their villages because of
      fighting that began two years ago in Sudan's troubled Darfur region.
      Most of those who fled their villages are farmers; instead of working
      the land they have been forced to languish in the squalid refugee
      camps of Darfur. Local agricultural production has been ruined by the
      conflict â€" the planting season was missed once again this year.

      Islamic Relief Action
      Islamic Relief's emergency team began work in Darfur in April 2004,
      providing displaced people with food and shelter. The Islamic Relief
      team is managing the Kerinding II camp for displaced families, many of
      whom had been living in local schools.

      The camp now accommodates over 6,000 people who regularly receive
      food, plastic sheeting, soap, jerrycans and local building materials
      to build traditional homes. Islamic Relief has also registered 100
      orphans in Kerinding II who will receive additional support.

      Islamic Relief staff built and run a clinic in Kerinding II that
      services the camp as well as the local population. Workshops on
      AIDS/HIV awareness are carried out regularly, as well as counseling
      for victims of rape. Islamic Relief also supplies Al-Geneina Hospital
      and Kulbus Hospital with medicines periodically.

      Islamic Relief also assists in the areas of education, clean water,
      training women to make stoves, and providing aid to the locals in the
      areas where the refugee camps are situated.

      For more detailed information about Islamic Relief's work in Darfur,
      please download the following update:
      Darfur, Sudan Projects Update





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