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Borat: puppets on a string

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    Borat: puppets on a string Simon Jones http://simonjones1.blogspot.com/2006/11/borat-puppets-on-string.html There were only 2 scenes in Borat: Cultural
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2006
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      Borat: puppets on a string
      Simon Jones

      There were only 2 scenes in Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for
      Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan that were truly funny IMHO
      and only one of them even vaguely original.

      1/ Borat Sagdiyev buys an icecream truck to cross the US in search of
      his true love Pamela Anderson, a Baywatch bimbo. He buys a bear to
      protect him and then going through a suburb can't turn the icecream
      music off. Children run to the truck, the back window opens by chance
      and the bear lunges at them, growling fiercely and terrifying the

      2/ At what appears to be an unscripted autograph session for Pamela in
      a shopping mall, Borat proposes marriage, throws a sack over her head,
      is wrestled to the ground by security guards, magically frees himself
      and chases Pamela across the parking lot, shouting his eternal love.

      But the first is merely clever, and the second was in fact scripted.
      Anderson and Cohen are old friends and have pulled pranks before. Last
      year, a 'commitment ceremony' between her golden retriever, Star, and
      Chihuahua, Luca, was crashed by Cohen in a Borat segment for his 'Da
      Ali G. Show.'
      Others weren't so lucky. Feminist Linda Stein was told she was being
      interviewed about the plight of women, only to hear Borat call
      Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice a 'chocolate lady.' She and others
      were paid a few hundred dollars and made to sign waivers against
      claims for 'offensive behavior.' But some lawyers feel the waivers may
      be null and void because of the deception.

      Borat in the movie is a native not of Kazakhstan, but of Glod (meaning
      'mud'), Romania (the natives are suing him too). There is nothing
      remotely Kazakh about the people there who are Roma (Gypsy), as is the
      music throughout the movie, the geography and climate. Even the
      credits are not in Kazakh, but Russian - lazy editing. [Or maybe it
      doesn't really matter - we are his willing dupes in any case.] Apart
      from Pamela, Borat conned his many unwitting costars into signing
      these waivers which will likely do the trick in the face of
      'impartial' US justice. He speaks with an amateurish Italian accent,
      constantly says thank you in Polish (dziękuję), and his sidekick seems
      to be speaking some east European language (as opposed to Borat's

      So the movie is really just about Sacha Cohen, i.e., traditional
      Ashkenazi/ Polish humour, hiding behind a purportedly Muslim
      character, the last minority acceptable as a butt of jokes because it
      is our official enemy. I.e., it is deeply reactionary, not at all
      brave, despite its scenes of nudity and patina of risque 'stretching
      the limits'. Interestingly, the words 'Muslim' and 'Islam' are not
      even heard in the film, though 'Jew' figures prominently throughout.
      I.e., this is Ashkenazi humour claiming to speak on behalf of world

      I constantly marvelled while watching it: What torture to make such a
      film, continually provoking anger and disgust in simple, trusting
      people and making fools of them. How can he live with himself?

      There are 2 cryptic J political statements that indeed shocked me, but
      for the 'wrong' reasons:
      1/ Borat's sidekick warns that Jews were responsible for 911, and the
      duo pretends to fear poisoning by their Jewish bed-and-breakfast
      hosts. (We are shown their art gallery of old-fashion Ashkenazi
      portraits, i.e., yet more J content.)
      2/ A frat partyer argues that minorities, including Jews, have more
      rights than the majority in America.
      These loaded claims are portrayed as ridiculous prejudices which we,
      the audience, of course dismiss.

      Interestingly, despite being an orthodox Jew, Cohen managed to evoke
      criticism as being anti-semitic, i.e., anti-Jewish, presumably because
      of these statements and other scenes, such as the traditional 'running
      of the Jew' in his native Glod, where an ugly Jewish puppet lays a
      huge egg which children proceed to smash to Borat's urgings.

      But our willing acceptance of this obsessive focus on Jews and
      supposed anti-Jewish prejudice merely shows how masterly we have been
      taken in, how deeply controlled we are by philo-Jewish prejudice. The
      crowd at the rodeo, where Borat sings the US national anthem to
      nonsense words praising Kazakhstan, first accept his rant about 'the
      war for terror' and finally boo him to drown out his insulting
      rendition of the anthem. He manages to show them as inferior at the
      same time as he tricks us (supposedly superior to these yokels) into
      buying his philo-Jewish reality. Jewish cultural hypnosis is sooo
      powerful that Borat can mouth truths which we trained seals
      automatically reject as shocking prejudices.

      It's really a dare: 1/ 'We did mastermind 911 and got away with it.
      Ha, ha.'
      2/ 'We really do control western discourse and get away with it. Just
      try to stop us.'
      3/ 'Look at yourselves incarnate in Borat. Deep down, you're really
      just subhuman bigots like him. We Jews really are the master race and
      can do with you as we like.'

      Remove the supposed Kazakh facade and you see the Ashken-nazi. It's
      eerie how often Borat is shown nude or semi-nude, his ugly, awkward
      body a metaphor for the ugly reality that Ashkenazi hegemony presents
      to the world, disguised as something else.

      'Mr Jesus' comes in for special ridicule as Borat crashes a
      pentecostal revival meeting and grabs the microphone, asking if Jesus
      can secure him his beloved Pamela.

      Despite Borat's reference to blacks as 'chocolates', they come off
      well in his attempts to mock them, maybe because they are just too far
      beyond ridicule for Borat/Cohen to trick. Maybe because they suffered
      (and still do suffer) very real and far more vicious racism in America
      than Jews ever did, putting them beyond his range of fire. Cohen even
      ends up marrying an (albeit fat, unattractive) black prostitute and
      brings her back to Glod or whatever nonsensical name Cohen gives the
      unfortunate Roma village he so mercilessly parodies.

      Fascinating the variations on this cruel mockery, sense of racial
      superiority and talent for global manipulation for which Jews are
      rightly renowned. This film, which will be seen around the world to
      great applause despite its infantile, manipulative 'humour'. And of
      course the way Izzy (sorry, 'Israel') tortures and provokes hatred
      from its Palestinian neighbours and Muslims in general.

      The zio (sorry, 'Zionist') project, with Borat as a fitting metaphor,
      aims to provoke and divide its enemies, keep them angry, irrational
      and divided. To play cruel and mocking games with them as it pushes
      for greater and greater hegemony over them - over us all, both
      physically and spiritually.



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