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Neocons Make Excuses for Mass Murder

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    Neocons Make Excuses for Mass Murder Kurt Nimmo Saturday November 04th 2006 http://kurtnimmo.com/?p=639 In America, instead of facing justice, criminals from
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2006
      Neocons Make Excuses for Mass Murder
      Kurt Nimmo
      Saturday November 04th 2006

      In America, instead of facing justice, criminals from up high
      usually write memoirs, or become "elder statesmen," and are
      interviewed, settling comfortably into the historical record, either
      oblivious to or proud of the swathe of blood and gore that enshrouds

      For instance, take the neocons, who should be filling up the docket
      at the Hague for plotting and executing the invasion and occupation
      of Iraq—current death total, 650,000, with millions floundering in
      abject misery—but are instead allowed to walk free and talk freely
      with David Rose, Vanity Fair contributing editor.

      Richard Perle, Michael Ledeen, Frank Gaffney, Kenneth Adelman, David
      Frum, Michael Rubin, Eliot Cohen—these comprise the very marrow of
      the neocon criminal camarilla. Rose interviews them as one would
      interview any petty bureaucrat (Adolf Eichmann comes to mind).
      Rose's article, or the short preview here, casts the neocons as
      pentiti, the Italian word for those who have repented.

      Well, sort of, as the sociopath rarely repents, but instead blames
      others, as the neocons blame Bush and his obsequious followers and
      lackluster appointees, all outside the neocon circle.

      For instance, Richard Perle, long considered the Prince of Darkness
      (apologies to film director Tatsuo Sato), now tells us the "levels
      of brutality [in Iraq] that we've seen are truly horrifying, and I
      have to say, I underestimated the depravity." In other words,
      according to Perle, once the civil underpinnings were pulled out
      from beneath Iraq—by way of depleted uranium-enhanced bunker buster
      and cruise missile—the result surprised even him, a seasoned
      psychopath, experienced dissembler, and traitor (as "an Israeli
      agent of influence" caught "discussing classified information with
      someone at the Israeli embassy" in 1970, according to Paul Findley).

      "According to Perle, who left the Defense Policy Board in 2004, this
      unfolding catastrophe has a central cause: devastating dysfunction
      within the administration of President George W. Bush," writes Rose,
      avoiding mention of Perle's obvious conflict of interest with the
      Defense Policy Board, thus resulting in his resignation—according to
      ace investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, Perle had business
      dealings with Saudi investors and was linked to the intelligence-
      related computer firm Trireme Partners LLP, which Hersh claimed
      stood to profit from the war in Iraq. In other words, the more
      depravity and the longer the United States "stays the course," the
      more cabbage for the Prince of Darkness.

      Had Perle possessed "delphic" vision, he tells Rose, "he would not
      have advocated an invasion of Iraq." Back in the day, when Perle was
      the "Study Group Leader" of the gang that crafted the "Clean Break"
      document, originally presented to the Likudite leader of Israel,
      Benjamin Netanyahu, a direct invasion of Iraq was not called for
      either, but it was certainly alluded to, and a couple years later,
      in an open letter to Clinton, Perle and clan declared the removal of
      Saddam Hussein "now needs to become the aim of American diplomacy."
      Call it gunboat diplomacy, or maybe cruise missile diplomacy. Perle
      and the neocons were not asking for a polite tête-à-tête between
      Clinton and Hussein, resulting in a step-down for the dictator.

      Naturally, when things went bad, as they invariably do when Goliath
      takes on David, the neocons turned on their impaired puppet, George
      Bush, who is essentially a drug and alcohol dilapidated mental
      wreck, a haphazardly chosen front man. It is perfectly within the
      malicious personality of the neocon to turn on a nominal and
      expendable leader when things get tough and do not go exactly as

      "Huge mistakes were made, and I want to be very clear on this: They
      were not made by neoconservatives, who had almost no voice in what
      happened, and certainly almost no voice in what happened after the
      downfall of the regime in Baghdad. I'm getting damn tired of being
      described as an architect of the war," whines Perle, unable to
      accept his role in massive war crimes, a bloody attainment close to
      rivaling the crimes of the Nazis (all told, with Bush Senior and
      Bubba Clinton on the mass murder roster, more than 3 million Iraqis
      have died, and an incalculable number of others, mostly helpless
      children, will die horrible deaths for the indeterminable future as
      depleted uranium takes its ghastly toll).

      For his participation, Perle should face a tribunal and then a
      firing squad—but then so should the traitor Bush, his old man,
      Rumsfeld, Cheney, Clinton, and the neocons numbered above.

      Instead, they will be interviewed, courted, cajoled, paid handsomely
      by various franchises, and will likely never face justice.

      In Pax Americana, that's how the ball bounces, and long as it
      continues to bounce without aberration, the criminals will be
      treated as celebrities and "elder statesmen," at large to write
      their extenuating memoirs, taking six figure advances while the
      children of Iraq suffer endless birth deformities (the half life of
      depleted uranium is 4.5 billion years).



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