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Hugo Chavez Knows the Handshake

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    Hugo Chavez Knows the Handshake by Victor Thorn http://www.wingtv.net/thorn2006/chavez.html If Hugo Chavez truly wanted to destroy the Bush administration and
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2006
      Hugo Chavez Knows the Handshake
      by Victor Thorn

      If Hugo Chavez truly wanted to destroy the Bush administration and
      bring America to its knees, he had a perfect opportunity to do so when
      addressing the United Nations on September 20, 2006. I mean, let's
      face it: Chavez is well aware of many inconsistencies with the
      'official' 9-11 story. In fact, here is what he said on Tuesday,
      September 13th - over a week before his U.N. appearance:

      "It's plausible the U.S. government was involved in the September 11
      attacks." He also added: "The hypothesis is not absurd that those
      buildings could not have been dynamited. A building never collapses
      like that unless it's with an implosion." He concluded, "The
      hypothesis that is gaining strength is that it was the same U.S.
      imperial power that planned and carried out this terrible terrorist
      attack or act against its own people and against citizens of all over
      the world. Why? To justify the aggressions that immediately were
      unleashed on Afghanistan, on Iraq."

      Regrettably, Chavez' statements only appeared in the Miami Herald, and
      didn't get nationwide coverage (obviously due to the mainstream media
      stranglehold in this country).

      On top of that, 9-11 hero and activist William Rodriguez met with
      Venezuelan President of the Assembly Nicolas Maduro in March 2006, as
      well as Chavez himself. Again, this information was ignored by the
      American press, as well as their counterparts in most other parts of
      the world.

      But here at last was his big chance: to completely and utterly blow
      the neo-cons and George W. Bush out of the water before the entire
      world (and after Ahmadinejad's speech, we know everyone was watching).
      After all, there's no bigger venue on the entire planet than the
      United Nations - and considering how many countries despise the U.S.,
      there's little possibility that everyone would be able to black it out.

      Plus, it has been reported that Nicolas Maduro's house is 'brimming
      with books, videos and documents about the 9/11 cover-up,' and that
      Venezuela planned to launch a 9-11 investigation.

      So here it was: the day of reckoning when Chavez could really stick it
      to Bush & his Israel-first partners in crime and embarrass the hell
      out of them before the entire world. What could be better, especially
      for someone who supposedly DESPISES this man? Furthermore, if Chavez
      laid out tons of irrefutable evidence that contradicted the official
      9-11 story, think about the ramifications that would ensue. The cat
      would finally be out of the bag for everyone to see, and the
      conspiracy would be broken.

      What more could Chavez ask for? Here was his time � his moment in the
      sun to finally stick it to his arch nemesis. Every news station from
      Kyrgyzstan to Katmandu would cover it, and at long last the real
      bastards behind 9-11 wouldn�t have anywhere to run. The hammer would
      finally drop.

      But what did Hugo the socialist do? He did schtick up there on stage
      at the U.N. calling Bush 'el diablo' and saying that the room still
      smelled like sulfur. Sure, it was funny, and a minor poke in Bush�s
      eye; but in the end what did it accomplish? Absolutely nothing of
      significance. The U.S. administration brushed it off as the ramblings
      of a Lenny Bruce madman, and business continued as usual.

      Note: When appearing on George Noory's Coast-to-Coast AM radio show
      earlier this month, Lisa Guliani and I wasted no time whatsoever in
      exposing Israel's central role in the September 11, 2001 terrorist
      attacks, even though the host had no intention to broach this subject.
      Remember this point, because if somebody really wants to do something,
      they do it!

      Anyway, don't you see? These guys all know the handshake. They�re all
      in the same club, and even though they have different superficial
      agendas, none are going to upset the apple cart or destroy the status
      quo. Why should they? They're all multi-millionaires (or billionaires)
      whose financial prosperity is all tied into each others.

      It's just like Bush & Kerry in 2004. Both are Skull & Bonesmen, and
      both pay allegiance to the same masters (i.e. the election was rigged
      from the start). The same applies to these bozos at the U.N. They're
      all reading from the same professional wrestling script.

      If Chavez had truly wanted to destroy Bush and his current cabinet, he
      could have laid a plethora of undeniable 9-11 data on the table at the
      U.N. and blown the whole thing sky high.

      But he didn't, and that should tell you something.



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