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When the veil was lifted in Lebanon

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    When the veil was lifted in Lebanon The Real Axis of Evil - A State without Mercy William A. Cook
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26, 2006
      When the veil was lifted in Lebanon
      The Real Axis of Evil - A State without Mercy
      William A. Cook

      "And they bend their tongues like their bow for lies: but they are not
      valiant for the truth upon the earth; for they proceed from evil to
      evil, and they know not me, saith the Lord. … shall not my soul be
      avenged on such a nation as this?" (Jeremiah 9:3, 5:29)

      Nothing in the past 60 years revealed the true face of Israel to the
      world at large (and perhaps to the Lord above) as its illegal invasion
      of Lebanon. Never before has the Israeli government allowed the world
      to witness the depth of its brutal aggression as it defied
      international law with its collective punishment of the innocent. At
      no time in the past has Israel lost control of the flow of information
      allowed into or out of Israel and the occupied territories until it
      abandoned its borders and invaded Lebanon. That mistake ripped away
      the veil of "victim hood" that the Israeli propaganda machine had
      constructed around the tiny, beleaguered state beset with fanatics
      intent on erasing it "from the map" and suicide bombers that
      threatened death in the streets.

      For a full month the world watched as Israel let loose the enormous
      power of its military might on small towns, on cities, on roads and
      bridges, on electric power plants and water supply stations, on ports
      and ships, on oil tanks and beaches, and on the innocent who fled by
      car, truck, and foot. The condemnation from the world communities
      appeared universal, until one turned to America. Here our
      representatives crawled before AIPAC begging them to pen a resolution
      that would show our absolute commitment to the devastation being
      wrought on the Lebanese.

      Fortunately, our representatives do not represent the American people
      any more than our main stream media represents what the people of the
      United States feel regarding the state without mercy, the
      reprehensible state of Israel. Indeed, the Jewish state of Israel does
      not represent the Jews of America. Listen to what Jews with a
      conscience say to the state of Israel: "There is no Jewish safety, nor
      claims to justice, reason, or equity, beyond Jewish commitment to the
      unconditional safety and liberation of the peoples of Palestine,
      Lebanon and the other Arab and Muslim countries currently under attack
      by Israel, the U.S. and its allies." Real Jews, those committed to the
      morals that give strength to Judaism, demand of Israel that "(1) it
      stop its brutal siege on Gaza and on Lebanon and call for an
      unconditional cease fire; (2) it stop expansion of the Israeli Wall of
      Separation, dismantle the completed sections, and completely withdraw
      from Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem; (3) the United States
      support the United Nations resolutions demanding that Israel uphold
      international law and support the sanctions against Israel necessary
      to enforce these resolutions; (4) the United States end military and
      economic aid to Israel; (5) that Israel support reparations for the
      Palestinian and Lebanese people for the death and destruction they
      have suffered and for the aid towards the rebuilding of their
      countries." (Petition for U.S. Jewish Solidarity with Muslims and Arab

      Once the state of Israel realized that its mask of "victim hood" had
      been lifted and that the world had turned against its atrocities, it
      quickly accepted intervention by the UN. But its belligerence and
      defiance of the United Nations and international law continues, most
      brutally in the millions of unexploded cluster bombs left for the
      displaced people of Lebanon when they returned home and with the ever
      present war planes that invade Lebanese air space daily. Now the TV
      cameras are gone. The world no longer watches the wanton slaughter.
      Yet Israel has not abandoned its slaughter in Palestine; it's now into
      the fourth month, hidden behind the prison walls erected by Israel to
      keep the cameras out and the people in.

      No one sees inside Gaza; no TV anchor man or woman goes to Gaza to
      show the world what true terror is; nothing seeps through the locked
      gates that strangle the people inside; nothing reveals to the outside
      world that Israel and the U.S. are systematically and silently
      starving over a million people who suffer intense malnutrition; no
      statistics reveal the rate of unemployment that devastates a people
      unable to send its produce out or bring goods in; no information tells
      the world that Israel prevents medical supplies from reaching the
      people, that hospitals operate on generators only, that medical staff
      have been murdered, that access to care has been curbed; no one
      explains to the world the crippling impact this imprisonment has on
      the minds and souls of children who live in constant fear beneath the
      boots of an occupying army; no one talks about this calculated
      genocide behind walls as impenetrable as those at Auschwitz-Birkenau.
      No one is witness to this nation without mercy.

      Inside Palestine there is a group that monitors the abominations
      committed on behalf of the Jewish state by the IDF, the Palestine
      Center for Human Rights. Consider just a handful of the statistics
      they have gathered that are relevant to the siege of Gaza. For the
      past four months the state of Israel has wrecked havoc on the people
      of Gaza killing over 320, roughly one third the number Israel
      slaughtered in Lebanon, including about 60 children, an abomination in
      any language. Two Israeli soldiers have been killed. As this sixth
      year of the Israeli occupation of Palestine comes to an end, the IDF
      killed 3859 Palestinians, 3069 of them civilians (79%). In this last
      year, Israel killed 504 Palestinians, 398 civilians and 93 children
      (23%). In targeted killings, Israeli language for assassinations, 376
      died, 209 civilians not targeted, including 71 children. Roughly 80%
      of those killed by Israelis are civilians (PCHR Reports).

      Why mention such statistics: Americans never see them, their Congress
      is immune to them, and the United Nations is powerless to act since
      the United States, the power behind Israel, vetoes any action raised
      against this state that has no mercy. I mention these facts for two
      reasons, to mark the most recent and evident atrocity executed by the
      state of Israel against the people of Palestine, especially those
      trapped in the prison of Gaza, and to protest the absence of debate
      about the perils to the United States brought about by our Congress
      and the Executive branch's absolute support for the state of Israel as
      it carries out untold illegal acts of collective punishment on the
      people of Palestine.

      Let's put it plainly: Israel is the real "axis of evil," the primary
      cause that has brought forth on the United States the terror it fears,
      as the 9/11 Commission understood but did not report. This government
      of the Bush administration, working with a Congress that capitulates
      to the desires of the American Israeli Political Action Committee, not
      only supports but encourages the outrages committed by this state
      without mercy. Perhaps we should not be surprised by this, after all
      this Congress on September 28th passed the Military Commissions Act
      which, like the laws existing in Israel, "codifies racial and
      political discrimination, legalizes kidnaping and torture of those the
      government deems its political enemies, and eliminates habeas corpus –
      the ancient precept that prevents the police from arresting and
      holding without cause – a basic protection common to all modern legal
      systems, and one that dates to the Magna Carta." ("America's Nuremberg
      Laws," Ted Rall, Commondreams 10/12/06)

      It is precisely because this government supports an apartheid state
      that employs draconian and manifestly illegal laws in the areas it
      occupies that has turned the Arab countries of the mid-east and, with
      an ever growing hostility to America's arrogant hypocrisy in its
      support of Israel, the nation states of the EU and Asia against the
      United States.

      What is the true nature of this state of Israel that commands the
      allegiance of the American people?

      It is a state without mercy, a state without morals, a state premised
      on racism, a state built on deception and lies,

      *a state defiant of international law, the Universal Declaration of
      Human Rights, and the Geneva Conventions that apply to occupying powers,

      *a state, unlike North Korea or Iran, the other identified Axis of
      Evil states, that has invaded neighboring states and occupies them,

      *a state, unlike all nations in the mid-east, that possesses weapons
      of mass destruction including hundreds of nuclear weapons and refuses
      to sign the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty,

      *a state that uses cluster bombs and internationally banned weapons of
      warfare, not only against the innocent people of Lebanon, but the
      defenseless people of Palestine,

      *a state that proclaims itself above the law as it executes
      individuals without arrest, without charges brought, without counsel,
      without habeas corpus and trial by jury,

      *a state that imprisons over 10,000 Palestinians without charge and
      without due process of law,

      *a state that tortures those it imprisons,

      *a state that constructs a wall, in defiance of the International
      Court of Justice and the United Nations, that encircles the
      Palestinians with full intention of decimating their economy and hence
      their livelihood as well as their chance to create a state of their
      own, while inflicting a psychological humiliation that is inhumane and
      in defiance of every principle of the Universal Declaration of Human

      *a state that has systematically confiscated, appropriated, annexed,
      and assimilated virtually all land belonging to the Palestinians in a
      60 year period of time leaving them approximately 14% of their
      original land making it the greatest visible land theft known to human
      kind in our day,

      *a state whose laws protect a group that belongs to a religion and
      denies equality of citizenship to all others including the indigenous
      people of the land,

      *a state that has defied more than 160 UNGA and 39 UNSC Resolutions
      demanding it act as a civilized state abiding by international law and

      *a state that will not tolerate interference by the UN in its
      calculated genocide of the Palestinian people,

      *a state that, through its Zionist supporters in America, particularly
      AIPAC, influences U.S. policy in the mid-east that has resulted in the
      unlawful invasion of Iraq and irrational economic and political
      procedures against Syria and Iran,

      *a state that has convinced our Congress that it provide billions of
      dollars to ensure that the state of Israel continues this genocide of
      the Palestinian people,

      *a state that proclaims itself a democracy but is not and, with
      malicious intent, confiscates the money belonging to a democratically
      elected government in Palestine and arrests their representatives
      without charge or trial,

      *a state that proclaims peace but creates conditions that prevent peace,

      *a state that, like the U.S. under Bush, has reached the nadir of the
      civilized state, a return to lawless barbarism inflicted on the weak
      by the strong, the imposition of the will of the few on the many,
      *and, finally, in all brazen hypocrisy, a state that cries to the
      world that it is the victim of unspeakable cruelty and in constant
      peril of obliteration by forces within and without. And we wonder why
      the U.S. is castigated throughout the world when it supports this
      rogue state, this state without mercy.

      Consider what Israel has done to the Palestinians. It has
      disfranchised a people in full defiance of international law when, in
      1967, the Israeli government declared and treated inhabitants of
      occupied Palestine as non-citizens and foreign residents. Residents
      absent during this time period, approximately 250,000, were not
      allowed to return. The IDF withdrew IDs from thousands of Palestinians
      when their visas expired thus disfranchising them making them
      permanent residents but not citizens."Today, more than half of the
      eight million or so Palestinians are considered to be de jure
      stateless persons." The state of Israel created these conditions by
      issuing three laws: the Absentees' Property Law, the Law of Return
      (that granted citizenship to Jews from anywhere in the world and
      denied Palestinians right of return), and the Israel Citizenship Law.

      These laws "nullified the rights of the displaced non-Jewish
      population." Yet, Article 15 of the Universal Declaration of Human
      Rights of 1948 (to which Israel is a signatory) declares that
      "everyone has the right to a nationality." These actions have resulted
      in devastating conditions for Palestinians both economically and
      psychologically. (Abbas Shiblak, "Palestine Displacement"). Israel as
      an occupying power acted in defiance of international law.

      From its very founding the state of Israel contained the seeds of
      apartheid. "The Declaration of the Establishment of the State of
      Israel – known as `Israel's Declaration of Independence – does not
      declare Israel an independent State, nor does it declare Israel a
      sovereign State, it rather declares Israel a Jewish State … the Jewish
      State in the political Zionist sense of the term was to be an
      apartheid state." (Uri Davis, Apartheid Israel). Dr. Davis refers
      particularly to the illegalities committed by Israel against the
      Palestinians by noting the acts of "ethnic cleansing of the majority
      of the native indigenous Palestinian Arab people from the territories
      that came under the control of the Israeli army and razing some 400
      Palestinian rural and urban localities to the ground …" and the
      plantation of Jewish settlements and subsequent annexation by the
      State in "violation of both the UN Charter and of international law."

      He further stipulates that "Israeli claims to west Jerusalem, Safad or
      Jaffa … are as thoroughly invalid as Israeli claims to East Jerusalem,
      Hebron or Gaza …" In short, the present state of Israel as proclaimed
      by its current government does not legally exist and has not been
      legally sanctioned by the international community.

      Anyone with eyes to see traveling from West Jerusalem to East
      Jerusalem cannot help but grasp the intentional and cynically
      calculated manner by which the Israeli state destroys the mental and
      physical well being of the Palestinian people. Herded like cattle,
      branded with ID cards, deprived of normal conveyance, forced to stand
      in long lines in intense heat or freezing cold, humiliated by
      teenagers dressed in uniforms and wielding an arrogant and insulting
      tongue, the people move back and forth between the squalor of their
      cramped homes and the splendor of the new Jerusalem, constructed in
      good measure with American tax payer money. Now, the people of Gaza,
      after four months of siege, unable to act in their own behalf since
      the Israeli military controls all access and egress from this sliver
      of land, one of the most congested in the world, await the inevitable
      – a slow agonizing journey into malnutrition, disease, depression and

      Consider, finally, what must be considered the two most glaring acts
      of torture perpetrated by the Israelis on both the inhabitants of the
      West Bank and Gaza: the Walls that imprison them and the demolitions
      that eradicate their homes. Under Sharon and Olmert, the Jewish state
      has moved to systematically incarcerate the entire population, to
      imprison them collectively against international law and the UN
      resolutions. An occupying force has responsibility to provide for the
      welfare of those it occupies; not Israel. It establishes full military
      control by creating a Wall that confiscates not only land but natural
      resources from the people, particularly water and farm land, and then
      prevents them from selling what little remains by locking the gates
      that give access to the outside world.

      Add to the torture inflicted on the people by the Wall, the
      introduction of a policy of home demolition that has resulted in the
      displacement of 80% of the Palestinians from what is now called
      Israel, and the viciousness of Zionist policies to eradicate the
      Palestinians from their "historic land," becomes manifest, not to the
      outside world that never sees this policy in action, but to those who
      have been forcefully evacuated from their homes and land. This is a
      form of collective punishment, "either for `deterrence' or for
      purposes of intimidation."

      Throughout Israel homes continue to be demolished. I've had lunch
      prepared by the displaced family in a home that had been demolished
      three times, always at night without warning, always with the children
      clinging to their parents as the bulldozers ram the walls and tear
      apart the home they were forced to evacuate. This home, built to house
      a family that could not get a permit to build, a policy that Israel
      enforces in order to eliminate Palestinians from land Israel wishes to
      confiscate, rebuilt its home with the help of international groups and
      peace loving Israelis, until they were finally forced to rebuild their
      home as a "peace center" to which outside groups were invited so they
      could witness the consequences of Israel's demolition policy.

      "Israel is the only Western country and Jerusalem the only city that
      systematically deny permits and demolish houses of a particular
      national group. These actions, reminiscent of apartheid-era South
      Africa and the Serbs in Kosovo, clearly violate international
      covenants of human rights." (Jeff Halper, "The Message of the
      Bulldozer"). "The Global Strategy for Shelter to the year 2000,
      adopted by the UN General Assembly (Resolution 43/181. 20 December
      1988), declares that `The right to adequate housing is universally
      recognized by the community of nations. Governments [must] accept a
      fundamental obligation to protect and improve houses and
      neighborhoods, rather than damage or destroy them."

      When torture is undertaken to elicit information that might reveal
      future harm to the torturer, one might excuse the act by denying the
      reality that no truth comes from the mouth of one in pain; but when
      torture is done for the sheer delight of witnessing pain and
      suffering, of delighting in the humiliation inflicted on the weak and
      helpless, of sick enjoyment derived by seeing children stricken in
      fear, mothers torn with grief, old women and aged men fallen in the
      ruins of what had been their life's work, their fruit trees
      demolished, their homes leveled, their belongings strewn and broken
      beneath the crumbled walls, then there is no human excuse for such
      acts, only the recognition that people who can inflict pain will and
      will defend their sickness with excuses that have no basis in
      civilized justice. The Nazis justified their experiments with a
      scientific rationale that mocked the reality of their evil. We now
      witness a justification of an equal evil as securing the safety of a
      population that has broken every known civilized law against another
      people to protect it from the wrath of those it has devastated. Such
      is the unmitigated gall of the state without mercy.

      Having arrived now at the reality behind the mask Israel and the Bush
      administration present to the international community and especially
      the American people, it behooves us to consider solutions to the
      dilemma that creates the backlash America faces and, indeed, Britain,
      that has cast its lot with us, as they see their soldiers become the
      icons to destroy rather than the icons to thank for bringing "freedom"
      to Iraq and the "new Mid-East." By yoking itself to the Zionist cause,
      the eradication of the Palestinians and the theft of their land, the
      U.S. President and the Congress have ensured a continuing supply of
      "terrorists" for years to come.

      Ironically, the international community has faced this issue over and
      over again in the UNGA and the UNSC in the 100s of Resolutions it has
      placed before Israel, yet nothing is done because the U.S. vetoes the
      voice of outrage there. And in muting the voice of the UN, the U.S.
      has silenced the voice of the main stream media and hence the voice of
      the American people. But, as we have noted, the moral conscience of
      true Jews has spoken on this deceit and presented a plan for change.

      It appears as well that in America the people have become conscious of
      the masks worn by their representatives, the righteous face of Tom
      DeLay, Dick Cunningham, Denny Hastert, Mark Foley, the whole crew that
      proclaim their morals before their constituents and then slither
      behind closed doors to commit their sins.

      The Israeli people have yet to show similar signs of an awakening. But
      the mask has been torn off and fear of exposure, of loss of the
      Zionist cause, of loss of Judaism's cohesiveness hangs in the balance.
      The clarion voices of Uri Davis, Uri Avnery, Gideon Levy, Ilan Pappe,
      in the midst of the battlefield, calls the Jews for peace to rise once
      again so that justice can be done to the Palestinians.

      Whatever crew of new representatives the American voters put in office
      this November must not become the lackeys of AIPAC and march to the
      drum of Kadima. 39% of Americans know the danger of this linkage with
      evil, with a nation driven by zealots and merciless men. They know the
      destructive power of yoking this nation to one that is racist and
      driven by an ideology of destruction, oblivious to international law
      and human rights. It's the people who must demand that those they put
      in office serve them, not themselves, that they protect our Bill of
      Rights, not dismantle it, that they respect and uphold the values
      collectively agreed upon in 1948 in the Universal Declaration of Human
      Rights, not join with forces who have demonstrated their desire to
      ethnically cleanse a people of their land to enlarge their own.

      Ultimately, it's the voice of the people in the U.S. that must join
      forces with the voices of the international community as represented
      in the General Assembly and force Israel and the U.S. government to
      acquiesce to justice in favor of genocide.

      The American moralist, Nathaniel Hawthorne, in the first half of the
      19th century, captured the plight of the innocent Young Goodman Brown
      as he was led deep into the black forest to witness man's inhumanity
      to man, and, while still young, came home a wiser but bitter man. What
      he witnessed was the hypocrisy of those who proclaim their goodness
      while they inflict their wickedness, a curse perhaps that inflicts all
      of human kind and for that reason he lived out the rest of his life in
      gloom and horror. We too can witness the wickedness that one people
      inflict on another if we will but open our eyes, see what the TV
      cameras saw when the veil was lifted in Lebanon, understand the
      inconceivable wrath that envelopes the Palestinians, done with the
      blessing of this Bush government in our name, and cry out to the Lord
      that his soul be avenged on such a nation as this, that justice be
      done and genocide cease for that alone holds in our time the promise
      of peace.



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