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Steve Hammons: Mind Wars

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    Mind wars: Americans, global community are targets of deception on Iraq, threats to peace Steve Hammons http://www.teamliberty.net/id305.html September 29,
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 7, 2006
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      Mind wars: Americans, global community are targets of deception on
      Iraq, threats to peace
      Steve Hammons

      September 29, 2006 -- The people of Iraq, the Middle East, Europe, and
      around the world may have something very important in common with

      According to some published reports, we have all been the targets of
      deceptive information operations and psychological operations by
      elements in the current U.S. administration and certain groups
      associated with it.

      The latest indication of attempts to improve the "public relations"
      about the current administration, and the invasion and occupation of
      Iraq, is that yet another multimillion-dollar PR effort has been
      funded and launched.

      This program includes the use of The Lincoln Group, according to news
      reports published Sept. 26. The Lincoln Group has been one of many
      contractors that have come under scrutiny for earning huge profits
      while providing questionable services.

      In late August, news accounts described a new $20 million program to
      monitor media reports in not only the Middle East, but also within the
      U.S. This program is probably only a fraction of taxpayer money spent
      on these kinds of activities at home and overseas.

      Whether implemented by private contractors or military and
      intelligence professionals, the usefulness of information operations
      and effective communications is not the issue.

      Appropriate efforts of these kinds can be very helpful in
      accomplishing legitimate goals as well as creating goodwill and
      effective public diplomacy for the U.S. and Americans.

      These kinds of activities can also benefit the entire international
      community and the human race, if used in an honest and ethical way and
      for worthwhile goals.

      Like military force, information operations and effective
      communications can be used for positive purposes, or for goals that
      are not necessarily worthwhile or morally good.


      What appears to have severely damaged the credibility of the current
      U.S. administration at home and globally is that many or most of their
      information operations seem to have been deceptive and have presented
      inaccurate and untrue information.

      Inaccurate intelligence and psychological manipulation have reportedly
      been components of planned efforts to justify the invasion and
      occupation of Iraq as well as other domestic and foreign policy

      This is part of what concerns and angers Americans and people around
      the world.

      And this is part of what has so damaged the reputation and honor of
      the U.S. and the American people in the eyes of the world, and in our
      own eyes.

      Propaganda and false information from the current administration seem
      to have begun during the time frame of the 9/11 attacks. Then, the
      well-documented "cherry-picking" of often inaccurate intelligence and
      outright lies were put forth to justify the invasion and occupation of

      The untruths and half-truths from the administration seem to have
      continued to the present day.

      This apparently has become obvious to most Americans and most people
      around the world, according to many national and international polling


      In a previous information operation program implemented by The Lincoln
      Group in Iraq, news and opinion articles were planted in Iraqi
      newspapers. The articles, which were represented as being written by
      Iraqi journalists, were actually created by U.S. military information
      operations personnel.

      The new contract for The Lincoln Group will reportedly monitor media
      outlets, both English and Arabic-speaking. They will also create
      speeches, talking points and similar communications products for U.S.
      military operations in Iraq.

      What is of interest to many Americans is that the same kind of
      information and psychological operations used in Iraq and in target
      populations around the globe have also been implemented within the
      U.S., targeting American citizens.

      Reports surfaced over the last couple of years about American media
      personalities and others being covertly paid significant sums of money
      by the current administration while writing articles and creating
      media presentations that favored administration goals.

      Every day we see certain TV networks and publications attempting to
      convince Americans and others around the world that administration
      actions have been and are appropriate, intelligent and morally correct.

      These efforts include trying to convince us that the invasion and
      occupation of Iraq was a good idea, and that staying on the same path
      is an equally good plan.

      They tell us that suspending the Geneva Conventions is appropriate and
      that actions that were previously universally considered war crimes
      should now be practiced by U.S. military and intelligence professionals.

      We are told that the precious Constitutional rights, legal rights and
      human rights Americans have fought and died for are now to be modified
      or suspended indefinitely.

      As polls seem to indicate, many Americans don't believe them.


      But with hundreds of millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to spend on
      spin and propaganda, these persuasion and manipulation efforts have a
      measure of success with some people.

      However, despite what some elitists, media talking heads and
      Washington think tank propagandists think, most of the American people
      are not that stupid.

      Deceptions by the administration and their associates have repeatedly
      been uncovered by brave patriots in the military, the intelligence
      community, defense-related businesses, the media, from within the
      administration itself and elsewhere.

      At this point in time, it is probably reasonable to conclude that no
      amount of public relations gimmicks, information operations or
      psychological operations can persuade the majority of Americans and
      people around the world to fully support the administration or their
      "stay the course" plan for Iraq.

      An attack on Iran by the current administration would likewise
      probably not be supported by the majority of Americans.

      The perceptions of millions of intelligent people at home and abroad
      seem to be that people in the current U.S. administration do not tell
      the truth, cannot be trusted, are dangerous to world peace and have
      seriously damaged the honor of the American people and our nation.

      This is why we should all remember that the American people and the
      current U.S. administration are not the same things.

      Americans know this. Most of our friends and even our current
      adversaries around the world also know it.

      And as the eyes of the international community are upon us in coming
      days, Americans may prove that we still retain our honor, human
      decency, liberty and moral integrity as well as our strength.

      We may show the global community, and ourselves, that Americans can
      regain an intelligent and beneficial direction as a society and
      nation, admit and correct our mistakes, ensure that justice prevails
      and work with the rest of the human race to create a better world for
      our children and grandchildren.



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