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U.S. Government Staged Al-Qaeda Videos

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    U.S. Government Caught Red-Handed Releasing Staged Al-Qaeda Videos Immediate Congressional investigation demanded, media oversight of clear and deliberate
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2006
      U.S. Government Caught Red-Handed Releasing Staged Al-Qaeda Videos

      Immediate Congressional investigation demanded, media oversight of
      clear and deliberate psychological warfare against American population

      Paul Joseph Watson
      October 5 2006

      Revelations that the US government had been in possession of footage
      released on Sunday depicting alleged Al-Qaeda hijackers and Osama Bin
      Laden since 2001 and evidence that the footage itself was filmed by
      security agencies, went unquestioned by the media - who blindly towed
      the official line that the tape was released by Al-Qaeda. This is
      smoking gun proof that the U.S. government is staging the release of
      alleged Al-Qaeda tapes and it demands an immediate Congressional

      Segments of the video that were interspersed with footage of the
      "laughing hijackers," Jarrah and Atta, showing Bin Laden giving a
      speech to an audience in Afghanistan on January 8 2000, were culled
      from what terror experts describe as surveillance footage taken by a
      "security agency."

      This explains the lack of a soundtrack in the video and the fact that
      the tape does not focus solely on Bin Laden but pans around and shows
      the attendees in the audience.

      Furthermore, film of the Bin Laden speech, reported by the dominant
      media as new footage, was previously broadcast in the UK docudramaThe
      Road to Guantanamo, which was first seen on British television nearly
      seven months ago in March.

      News reports over the weekend contained the admission that the U.S.
      government had been in possession of the footage since 2002, while
      others said it was found when the United States invaded Afghanistan in
      2001, and yet it was still bizarrely reported that the tape, bearing
      all the hallmarks of having been filmed and edited by undercover US
      intelligence and having admittedly been in US possession for five
      years, was released over the weekend by Al-Qaeda.

      Either Al-Qaeda has been given access to US intelligence surveillance
      tapes of its own organization or the tape was released by the US
      intelligence apparatus. The evidence provides no other explanation.

      The fact that the same footage was used in The Road to Guantanamo is
      startling because the context of the clip in which it is seen portrays
      British and American intelligence agents showing doctored footage to
      detainees, whereby their likeness has been edited in with CGI to the
      Bin laden rally scene, using it to intimidate them into confessing to
      being Al-Qaeda members.

      The latest video tape hoax is only the most recent of a dirty laundry
      list of past examples where old, re-hashed, or outright faked footage
      of Bin Laden and his followers was mysteriously obtained and released
      at the most politically expedient time. These examples are all
      referenced in our original investigation.

      Recall that the Pentagon's stated intention to artificially magnify
      Musab Al-Zarqawi's role in Iraq was followed by the release of a video
      tape of Al-Zarqawi threatening the infidels.

      The target of this leaked propaganda campaign to boost Al-Qaeda's
      profile was said to be the "U.S. home audience," and included planting
      fake stories in newspapers - one of which was later splashed on the
      front page of the New York Times.

      The agenda dovetails with the necessity of the torture program - there
      are very few real terror cells in existence outside of the puppet
      mastery of the U.S. and British intelligence apparatus. To maintain a
      state of fear and obedience amongst the target "home audience," there
      need to be regular "two minutes of hate" intervals and the artificial
      creation of supposed terrorist networks and plots.

      The tapes are also a desperate attempt to prop up the official version
      of 9/11 as its credibility crumbles globally and a firestorm of
      awakening to the fact that the attack was an inside job rages.

      I encourage everyone to fully imbue themselves of our original
      investigation and make it a viral story across the Internet. Click
      here to get the original story and lobby for mainstream media to pay

      We need to demand higher standards from our media starting with a
      proper investigation as to who the true source of this tape was and an
      immediate skepticism towards all such future alleged "Al-Qaeda" video
      tape releases.

      A press that lazily dismisses the origins of these tapes as a
      side-issue is playing a central role in disseminating unchecked war
      propaganda and violating every code of journalistic ethical conduct.

      The U.S. government's role in obtaining and carefully stage-managing
      the dissemination of these tapes, many of them old footage re-released
      over and over again, is now without a doubt manifestly obvious and
      demands immediate Congressional investigation as part of a wider probe
      into the admitted fake news scandal that has characterized the Bush
      White House as the most duplicitous and manipulative administration in
      history and befits a regime that is engaging in psychological warfare
      against the American people.



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