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Lawsuit vs. Zionist Lobby Moves Forward

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    Zionist Lobby on the Defensive Islamic Society of Boston suit moves forward YVONNE ABRAHAM September 30, 2006
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2006
      Zionist Lobby on the Defensive

      Islamic Society of Boston suit moves forward
      September 30, 2006

      A judge ruled yesterday that a lawsuit brought by the Islamic Society
      of Boston asserting that news media outlets and other individuals had
      conspired to publish false and defamatory information about mosque
      leaders could go forward.

      The Islamic Society sued a group of individuals and entities including
      the Boston Herald, WFXT-TV (Channel 25), a pro-Israel group The David
      Project, and terrorism specialist Steven Emerson asserting that they
      coordinated a campaign falsely linking mosque officials to Islamic
      extremism and terrorist groups in television and newspaper stories.

      The plaintiffs say that the connections were fabricated and that the
      stories have interfered with their right to the free exercise of their
      religion. They also said the stories stalled development of their
      planned Roxbury mosque, drying up donations to the project.

      The house of worship, which was planned as the largest mosque in New
      England, now sits partially completed at Roxbury Crossing.

      The defendants reject the conspiracy and defamation claims, and argued
      that the case should be dismissed before its merits were considered,
      in part because the stories were protected under the First Amendment.
      Superior Court Judge Janet L. Sanders rejected that argument and
      decided that the plaintiffs' claims should be heard in court.


      Islamic Society subpoenas WTTK in defamation suit
      Comment by Joachim Martillo - thorsprovoni @ aol.com

      The Boston Herald article below is particularly noteworthy for the
      important information that has been left out.

      All Americans must be concerned with an emerging pattern of attempts
      to silence discussion both of collective ethnic Ashkenazi behavior in
      English-speaking countries and also of Zionist colonizer behavior in
      Stolen and Occupied Palestine. This pattern is not new. Eastern
      European ethnic Ashkenazi communities were characterized by a culture
      that strictly controlled deviance and divergent opinions among members
      until well into the 19th century. Moreover in Eastern and Central
      Europe ethnic Ashkenazim have a long history of resorting to slander,
      libel, harassment by frivolous law suits and other coercive tactics to
      silence external critics of ethnic Ashkenazi behavior.[1]

      Alan Dershowitz used an underhanded campaign of smear and insinuation
      in an attempt to block the publication of Norman Finkelstein's latest
      book entitled Beyond Chutzpah, On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the
      Abuse of History. Charles Jacobs and the David Project have put
      together a smear campaign (Columbia Unbecoming) against Joseph Massad
      and other professors and preceptors at Columbia. There appears to have
      been a smear campaign at Princeton against Rashid Khalidi to prevent
      an offer of a professorship. We have also seen simultaneous attacks
      on Israelis and ex-Israelis sympathetic to Palestinians. The targets
      seem to include Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir, Jeff Halper, Avi Shlaim
      and Ilan Pappe. Sympathetic non-Jews like Susan Blackwell have also
      been on the radar screen. In Boston, Fox and the Boston Herald waged a
      long running smear campaign against Yousuf Abou al-Laban and other
      members of the Islamic Society of Boston (ISB). Charles Jacobs andÂ
      the JCRC (Jewish Community Relations Council) Israel Action Center
      have been involved just as they have also been involved in the
      campaign against Somerville Divestment and in bribing Somerville Mayor
      Curtatone with a free trip to Israel (in part sponsored by the
      American Jewish Congress-Council for World Jewry).

      Dr. Abou al-Laban and the ISB fought back by bringing complaints of
      defamation and interference with constitutional rights against various
      individuals and groups within the organized Boston Jewish community.
      In the course of discovery evidence was found indicating that these
      individuals and groups were colluding with Fox and the Herald on the
      coverage of the ISB and the ISB's dispute with these individuals and
      groups. Many journalists consider such behavior unethical. In this
      case such collaboration may approach criminal conspiracy, and the
      issue has become part of ongoing litigation, but the history of such
      apparent collusion makes it perfectly reasonable for the ISB to seek
      materials that talk show host Michael Graham used to support his
      remarks in his broadcast.

      One has to wonder whether Laura Crimaldi actually read the affidavits,
      complaints and counter-complaints in the lawsuits that surround the
      Roxbury Mosque or whether there has been a conscious decision on the
      part of the Herald once again to mislead its readership about the
      motives behind the attack on the Roxbury Mosque project and on secret
      collusive role that the Herald has apparently played in the conflict.


      [1] The behavior of ethnic Ashkenazim in the cattle and meat industry
      in the Eastern Areas of the German Empire provided a particularly
      nasty example of such collective pressure tactics against non-Jews
      (and sometimes Jews of other ethnicities) that tried to get a share of
      the market. Ashkenazim used vertical, horizontal and middle market
      collusion and restraint of trade to bankrupt non-Ashkenazim in the
      industry, and, when all else failed, they maliciously used the courts.
      To be fair, I have to note that such behavior is common among
      practically all ethnic groups in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. -WVNS


      Islamic Society subpoenas WTTK in defamation suit
      By Laura Crimaldi
      Sunday, August 27, 2006

      The group building a vast Islamic mosque and social center in Roxbury
      has subpoenaed a local radio talk station after one of its prominent
      hosts, Michael Graham, discussed the project on the air.

      A lawyer for the Islamic Society of Boston said the subpoena is part
      of routine evidence gathering for its defamation case against The
      Boston Herald, WFXT-TV (Fox 25) and advocacy groups that have
      questioned the mosque, including the David Project, a Jewish group.

      Some civil liberties lawyers who reviewed the subpoena, however,
      expressed concern that it goes too far and could chill free expression.

      ISB attorney Howard Cooper said "the appearance for the lawyer of the
      David Project on the Graham show is directly relevant to the issues
      before the court in the pending litigation, and this is why a subpoena
      has been issued simply asking for copies of the broadcast."

      But after reviewing the subpoena, attorney Harvey Silverglate, a
      Cambridge civil liberties specialist, described it as
      “extraordinary.” He noted that it also asks for materials used by
      Graham to support his remarks about the ISB, documents related to
      David Project lawyer Jeffrey Robbins’ appearance on the show and
      communications between Graham and other defendants or attorneys
      involved in the ISB defamation suit.

      "Courts have to take seriously their obligation, their duty to protect
      the First Amendment, because civil litigation can be overwhelming and
      can really easily turn into harassment," Silverglate said.

      During the mid-August broadcasts on WTTK-FM (96.9), Robbins and Graham
      discussed the ISB and a controversial Muslim scholar, Yusuf
      al-Qaradawi, and other issues.

      Phil Redo, Greater Media/Boston general manager, said the station will
      hand over audiotapes of the broadcasts, but not in time for a deadline
      of tomorrow set by ISB.

      Regarding the other materials, "We don't have any of those of
      things," Redo said.

      Cooper said the subpoena is a "simple matter" of gathering evidence
      for his lawsuit.

      North Carolina attorney W. Andrew Copenhaver, who is not involved in
      the defamation suit, said if he was defending WTTK in this matter he
      would argue the subpoena is a "fishing expedition."
      "They are trying to curtail legitimate public discussion on this
      matter," said Copenhaver, who was referring to legal strategy. "They
      are going to try to punish people for talking about them."

      Graham was fired from Washington radio station WMAL-AM last year after
      he refused to soften his on-air description of Islam as "a terrorist



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