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Anti-Jewish Sentiment On the Rise

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    Jews Interference Crosses the Line: People Start to Get Annoyed ADL, Zionist Policies Causing Rise In Anti-Jewish Sentiment By Leland Lehrman - leland.lehrman
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2006
      Jews' Interference Crosses the Line: People Start to Get Annoyed

      ADL, Zionist Policies Causing Rise In Anti-Jewish Sentiment
      By Leland Lehrman - leland.lehrman @ gmail.com

      I am an American citizen of Jewish heritage concerned about the
      methods and doctrines that the criminal leadership of the Jewish and
      Zionist hierarchy have promoted worldwide. I feel that Jewish
      Americans need to affirm loyalty to the Constitution of the United
      States of America as well as the Ten Commandments and the Golden
      Rule, rather than the racist attitudes of the Talmud and other Jewish

      My former intelligence friends are advising that I move quickly to
      publicize my situation in order to protect myself through publicity.

      The central assertion that the ADL makes is that I am "promoting the
      Protcols of Zion." On the face of it, that is incorrect, because, in
      fact, I am deploring the Protocols of Zion, which is without doubt, a
      template for world domination by a criminal elite. There is a debate
      about its authenticity, but it has not been proven a forgery by any
      means, and, sadly, it fits neatly into the context of Jewish
      Supremacist doctrine found the Old Testament, the Talmud and the
      Zohar. My understanding is that the only court ruling which found it
      to be a forgery, in Switzerland, was overturned on appeal by the high
      court of that land. ADL further asserts that by my "promotion of the
      Protocols of Zion" I am sponsoring anti-semitism of the Nazi variety.
      This too is libelous as I have always made clear, taking great pains
      to do so, that the Protocols do not legitimate racial or religious
      bias, but represent evidence in a criminal case that involves
      leadership and doctrinal matters.

      In my below defense, I present the essential case for the
      authenticity of the Protocols of Zion. Drawing from the works of
      Fraser, Shishmareff, Fahey, Dilling, Freedman, Makow, Brafmann and
      others, it can be easily demonstrated that the Protocols represent
      the coherent viewpoint of the Jewish Supremacists of the time. If
      there has been some interpolation (modifications over time
      incorporating evolving bias) in the Protocols, that would be natural
      for a historical document. There is evidence of interpolation in the
      Bible and most historical narratives that have been translated,
      copied and preserved by historians of varying intellectual
      prejudices. But nobody accuses biblical scholars of promoting a
      forgery because the Bible has some interpolations in it. It is not
      considered illicit behavior to read the Bible although it certainly
      contains racist statements and even insists in places that the Jewish
      people will ultimately rule over all other peoples.

      So, why is it that the Protocols are so much of an anathema?

      There are two reasons:

      One is because they have been misused in order to legitimate a policy
      of racial and religious genocide. In fact, this is all the more
      reason to determine what the true nature of the Protocols is. In the
      event they have had such a terrible impact on humankind and in
      particular, my people, I find it obvious that they should be studied
      carefully such that through understanding we can determine the proper
      solution to the problem.

      The other reason the Protocols are so anathema is because, sadly,
      they are most likely authentic, and therefore represent the most
      thorough indictment of Jewish Supremacism known to man. The shocking
      assertions, eerily accurate predictions and diabolical Macchiavellian
      politics espoused by the Protocols is so violently cataclysmic to the
      man of good intent's understanding of modern history as to virtually
      guarantee a political and historical awakening which will unavoidably
      lead to an understanding of the continuing problem of Jewish racism
      and supremacism. It will also demonstrate that Jewish Supremacism
      operates on at least an equal footing with Luciferian Freemasonry in
      the creation of that diabolical political nightmare euphemistically
      called the New World Order.

      This the ADL believes it cannot afford or tolerate, despite the fact
      that an honest protective strategy for the Jewish people depends on
      our willingness to confront the doctrines and criminal leadership
      which are the cause of our troubles. Again, I declare that it is time
      for Jewish American citizens of good intent to break with the ADL,
      the criminal spy organization AIPAC and its supremacist leadership
      and join in the condemnation of Zionist and neoconservative war plans
      in Iraq, Iran, Syria and thoughout the world. This alone will
      guarantee us immunity from any blind anti-semitic backlash that we
      might experience. It will also prevent the anti-semitic backlash in
      the first place.

      Given that speaking the truth about Jewish Supremacism is now
      considered anti-semitic, and given that Israel is now trying to
      extradite "holocaust deniers" to Israel or other places where they
      can be imprisoned, it is time to bring these issues out into the open
      and to give dissenting citizens of Jewish extraction the right to be
      heard and demonstrate that we too understand the problem of Jewish
      Supremacism and in no way support its warlike and police state
      policies. It is ironic that Zionist Russian mafia criminals are given
      safe haven in Israel which refuses to extradite them, yet Israel's
      new law demands the right to extradite "thought criminals."
      Apparently, truth is not considered to be a valid defense when
      discussing anti-semitism. Therefore, we are entering a twilight zone
      which requires the efforts of honest citizens or the truth may not
      survive these lies.

      Honest Jewish people who obey the law of the land and subscribe to
      the Golden Rule, the Ten Commandments or to natural moral law should
      have nothing to fear in these times. The ADL makes a mistake when it
      asserts that people are "not smart enough" to distinguish between
      racist doctrine and criminal leadership on the one hand and illogical
      racial bias on the other.

      In the tragic case of Germany, to be sure, this happened. However, as
      someone who lost family in both the holocaust and the Russian
      pogroms, I assert that were it not for the criminal leadership of the
      Jewish people in those times, it is unlikely that either the Russian
      pogroms or the Nazi holocaust would have had any popular support at all.

      It is my aim to prevent such tragedies again, but that does not mean
      I must therefore shield the criminal activities of Jewish elitists.
      Indeed it is only through assisting in their exposure and removal
      from power that one can be considered a proponent of justice. To
      shield criminals from inquiry and prosecution makes one an accessory
      after the fact - a collaborator.

      I will defend the Jewish people as a whole to the last, but it is
      time that we acknowledge the faults in our doctrine and leadership
      and expose the criminals who hide behind the more reprehensible among
      our scriptures. Indeed we should remove these writings from our Holy

      It is to this end, and in the interests of my children and family and
      the future of Mother Earth that I submit the below petition for
      audience and extended defense of the content of my radio show. It was
      originally written to address the Jewish Peace Group Tikkun, who was
      influenced to drop me as a sponsor by the ADL which has been
      misrepresenting my statements in confrontational meetings with my
      sponsors around town. Here is that defense:


      It is all so saddening, to see the supposed "Peace Movement" unable
      to discuss Jewish Supremacism. Tikkun should be taking the lead in
      exposing it from its historic Talmudic origins to its present
      neconservative and Likud Party basis. Supremacism is hateful, as it
      generates murderous policy and is anti-human. You know this, so why
      do you protest when I discuss it? The ADL is quick to denounce White
      Supremacism and Muslim Fundamentalism, but why do they deny the
      record of Jewish Supremacism? It is dangerous hypocrisy.

      As for the Protocols of Zion, despite the propaganda, learned by most
      Americans at a curiously young age, they have not been proven to be
      forgeries. The supposed proofs are of poor quality and are only
      considered proofs by those who willingly believe propaganda without
      doing any critical examination. Most people have never even read the
      Protocols, and therefore do not understand their significance.

      Of course, I deplore the use of the Protocols to legitimate the
      destruction of the Jewish people during WWII, however, that does not
      make them forgeries any more than the use of the Bible to legitimate
      the Crusades makes the Bible a forgery.

      It is also unfortunate that I must remind the ADL that Jewish bankers
      assisted in the development of the Third Reich - the Warburg family
      and their "American Jewish Committee" in particular. It is also known
      and accepted that Jewish Supremacists like Jacob Schiff and Max
      Warburg financed and engineered the Bolshevik Revolution and the
      subsequent destruction of Russia, a holocaust of even larger
      proportions than the Nazi holocaust. Leon Trotsky (Lev Bronstein) was
      often seen darting in and out of Jacob Schiff's New York mansion
      during the days prior to his dispatch to Russia aboard the
      Kristianafjord. Jacob Schiff's own grandson has asserted that his
      grandfather gave the Bolsheviks twenty million dollars in order to
      accomplish the Revolution. When will the Jewish people begin to
      acknowledge that their "leaders" had a causal responsibility for some
      of the Twentieth Century's disasters?

      As someone with Russian Jewish heritage who also believes in the
      Golden Rule, I believe that true responsibility comes from
      acknowledging our "leaders" causal role as part of a self-analysis
      and confessional road to forgiveness. Why does the ADL and Tikkun
      insist on the blamelessness and victimhood of the Jewish people when
      the historical record so obviously records that their "leaders" were
      guilty at the highest levels? Why do we protect our "Jewish leaders"
      and accuse the "German people" as a whole in perpetuity? Isn't
      collective guilt something we abhor? Why do we feel we have to deny
      truth in order to be "peaceful?" It's just so sad, so irresponsible,
      so untruthful and cowardly. Peace comes through responsibility, not

      I find myself amazed at the institutional and childish refusal of the
      "Jewish Peace Movement" to critically self examine and to speak out
      against the Talmudic and Old Testament injunctions legitimizing
      racist activities.

      It is not I who is hateful, but certain Talmudic and Old Testament
      doctrines - and those who live by their racist and murderous dictates
      - who are hateful.

      Though, sadly, I fear few will actually examine the documentary
      evidence I will now provide, I will provide it anyway such that you
      can see that I have in fact done the research on this topic. I would
      be pleased to discuss this topic with anyone of you, but the current
      strategy of intimidation is not a legitimate form of discussion.

      Before I close, let me just tell you that the ADL of B'Nai B'Rith has
      already succesfully insisted that I stop discussing the problem of
      Jewish Supremacism and the Protocols of Zion on the radio, despite
      the fact that it is completely relevant to the problem of Israeli
      spying on America, Israeli influence on American Foreign Policy and
      Israeli sponsored wars in the Middle East which are resulting in
      widespread carnage among Americans and of course Iraqis and Arabs.

      It appears to be the position of Tikkun that we don't want discussion
      of Jewish Supremacism because we don't want another holocaust in
      America. I understand that point of view, but I feel like this
      position actually results in a more dangerous situation for American
      Jews because by not speaking out forcefully against the Jewish
      Supremacists in America and Israel who are promoting these disastrous
      Middle Eastern Wars, we will appear to be sanctioning their activities.

      Cindy Sheehan was right when she said that the war in Iraq was being
      fought in large part for Israel. Although she has denied saying this,
      and is probably now in fear of her own words for the same reason I am
      now being persecuted here in Santa Fe, Slate has demonstrated that
      she did in fact write those words, they are documented in two
      separate locations on the web, from two different sources. Senator
      Fritz Hollings said the same thing about Israeli responsibility for
      the War in Iraq after he retired.

      Victor Ostrovsky, Mossad defector described how Saddam was Mossad's
      main target starting as far back as the '80s. Sure the oil companies
      are going along with it, but the lead role in the propaganda for the
      War in Iraq was taken by Doug Feith and the Office of Special Plans
      who fabricated the intelligence that led us to war. Doug Feith is
      well known as a right-wing Likud Party operative and lawyer for the
      Israeli Jewish settlers and yet you dare to criticize me for
      discussing his obvious motivation? Do you value truth? Do you really
      value peace? Do you recognize the role truth plays in the creation of
      peace? No Justice, No Peace is the old saying. Justice in this case
      requires acknowledgment of just who the perpetrators of the criminal
      war in Iraq are and what motivates them.

      It is ridiculous to suggest that because of Doug Feith's creation of
      the fabricated WMD intelligence, American Jews should suffer, but if
      American Jews with political ability do not take a leading role in
      exposing this sordid story, we may justifiably end up as suspected

      The motto of the Mossad is "By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Make War."
      The Lavon Affair proved that Israeli black operations includes
      targeting Americans with intent to frame Arabs. When Irgun bombed the
      Hotel King David, they were dressed as Arabs. Wayne Madsen, former
      Naval intelligence analyst assigned to NSA has exposed the Mossad
      involvement in September 11th in detail. See if you can refute any of
      his evidence or analysis here:


      Most people in Washington know the truth of Israel's causative role
      in Iraq, but they won't speak out for fear of AIPAC. Many American
      Jews know that this is true, but are scared of the implications. I
      can understand that, but it doesn't make denial any less dangerous or
      inadequate as a response. Consider the response of this Jewish
      American who exposed AIPAC in 1992:

      "In 1992, AIPAC member Harry Katz phoned the President of AIPAC,
      David Steiner, to offer contributions. Steiner proceeded to make
      several claims, including [that he was] negotiating with then-
      candidate Bill Clinton over who would be Secretary of State, and had
      already "cut a deal" with Baker for more aid to Israel.

      Unknown to Steiner, Katz taped the phone call and gave the recording
      to the media, worried that AIPAC's influence had grown to dangerous

      Following the release of transcripts of the phone conversation, David
      Steiner was forced to resign the Presidency of AIPAC."


      Now that is courage, and responsibility as well.

      We are more likely to end up with a resurgence of anti-semitism
      worldwide if we do not speak out against the Jewish Supremacists in
      Israel and America who are promoting World War IV. Yes there are
      other guilty parties, but we cannot blame the Christian and Muslim
      Fundamentalists, the Skull and Bones hierarchy, the "corporatocracy"
      and the sundry other culprits and fail to mention Jewish Supremacism.
      If we try and silence all those who notice its blatant fingerprints,
      we will be guilty along with the perpetrators. As someone of Jewish
      heritage, whose extended family suffered in both the pogroms and the
      Holocaust, I declare that it is the responsibility of "peaceful" Jews
      of good conscience everywhere to join Norman Finkelstein, Henry
      Makow, Benjamin Freedman, Israel Shahak, Jacob Brafmann, Neturei
      Karta and other Jewish leaders in denouncing Zionism, Jewish
      Supremacism and the racist doctrines of the Zohar, Talmud and Old

      Ultimately, scripture must be revised as our understanding of God
      changes. It is now time for us to acknowledge that scripture which
      calls one race or religion "Chosen" to the exclusion of all other
      people needs to be revised.

      Here is a link to the text of the Protocols:


      Here a link presenting the essential points of the Protocols in
      review format:


      Here is a link to one of the documents showing the Protocols to be
      possibly genuine and consistent with a long history of Jewish
      Supremacist doctrine:


      Here is another, by Ivan Fraser:


      As an example of Jewish Supremacy in the Bible, here is Ivan Fraser's
      comment on Deuteronomy:

      "Deuteronomy [Chapter 7] reveals the racist, hateful, bloodthirsty
      and malevolent consciousness of these men who dominated "the Chosen
      People" and reveals the consciousness of the "God" which they
      worshipped: 'seven nations greater and mightier than thou [are to be
      delivered into the Judahite's hands], and: Thou shalt utterly destroy
      them; thou shalt make no covenant with them... ye shall destroy their
      altars, and break down their images, and cut down their groves, and
      burn their graven images with fire... for thou art a holy people unto
      the Lord thy God; the Lord thy God hath chosen thee to be a special
      people unto Himself, above all people that are on the face of the
      earth... Thou shalt be blessed above all people... And thou shalt
      consume all the people which the Lord thy God shall deliver thee;
      thine eyes shall have no pity upon them... And he shall deliver their
      kings into thine hand, and thou shalt destroy their name from under
      heaven; there shall no man be able to stand before thee, until thou
      have destroyed them... Thou shalt surely smite the inhabitants of
      that city with the edge of the sword, destroying it utterly, and all
      that is therein... etc. Furthermore... Thou shalt not lend upon usury
      to thy brother... unto a stranger [non-Jew] thou mayest lend upon
      usury... And all the people of the earth shall see that thou art
      called by the Name of the Lord; and they shall be afraid of thee...
      thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow. And the
      Lord will make thee the head, and not the tail; and thou shalt be
      above only, and thou shalt not be beneath... etc."

      It was the above document by Ivan Fraser that first opened my eyes to
      the well-kept secret of Jewish Supremacism.

      Here is another document, perhaps even more capable in its exposition
      of the case for the authenticity of the Protocols:


      While many of the authors of these documents are Christian, there are
      several Jewish people who know of and publish articles related to the
      Protocols. Dr. Henry Makow is one such. Here is one of his excellent
      articles on the topic:


      Benjamin Freedman, prominent Jewish defector made a speech about the
      Zionist effect on World War I and II. It is an eye-opening insider
      account, to say the least:


      And if all that wasn't enough, this online book by Elizabeth Diling
      will provide more than enough food for thought for several years
      research and general introspection:


      My relatives suffered too for the sins of the banker-priests and
      fanatics who masquerade as Jewish leaders. There is no moral monopoly
      on truth. I have a different strategy for Jewish redemption and self-
      protection than the ADL does. The ADL's attitude considers
      intimidation a legitimate form of debate. It is not.

      Thanks to some courageous non-Zionist Jewish rabbis we have the below
      record of Zionist collaboration with Nazism and the Holocaust. The
      racist and sacrificial politics of Zionism come right out and bite
      you in this quotation and provide all the justification Jewish people
      need to publicly denounce the Zionist leadership and its supremacist
      ideology. My people were sacrificed too, in Russian pogroms and
      German concentration camps. I have the right to speak on this matter.
      I have the right to examine and to accurately reveal history, and the
      responsibility to do so.


      Excerpt from Sefer Min Hametzar by Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl ZT"L
      Dean of Nitra Yeshiva and author of min hametzar

      The following is an excerpt from Sefer Min Hametzar (p-92) by Rabbi
      Michael Ber Weismandel OB"M. The excerpt is a literal translation of
      the letter the Jewish Rescue Committee in Czechoslovakia received
      from the Zionist "Jewish" Agency Executive Officers in Switzerland.
      This was in reply to the call of the Jewish Rescue Committee for
      help, with Documentary evidence furnished, concerning the fate of
      millions of Jewish people in Nazi occupied Europe.

      "We are writing to remind you of the one factor of which you must
      never lose sight: that ultimately, the Allies will win the war. After
      their victory, territorial boundaries will be reshaped, as they were
      after the First World War. Then, the way will be clear for our
      purpose. At this time, with the war drawing to a close, we must do
      everything in our power to change Eretz Yisroel into Medinat Yisrael
      and many steps have already been taken in this regard. Therefore, we
      must turn a deaf ear to the pleas end cries emanating from Eastern
      Europe. Remember this: all the allies have suffered many losses, and
      if we also do not offer many human sacrifices, how can we gain the
      right to sit at the conference table when the territorial boundaries
      are reshaped?

      Accordingly, it is foolhardy and brazen for us to negotiate in terms
      of money or supplies in exchange for Jewish lives. How dare we ask of
      the allied powers to barter money for lives whilst they are
      sustaining heavy casualties daily? So, insofar as the masses are
      concerned: RAK B'DAM TIHJE LAKU HAAREZ, (Eretz Yisroel will be ours
      only by paying with blood), but as far as our immediate circle is
      concerned, ATEM TAJLU. The messenger bearing this letter will supply
      you with funds for this purpose."

      After I accustomed myself to the peculiar writing, I trembled when I
      realized the import of RAK B'DAM TIHJE LANU HAAREZ. But many weeks
      passed, and I was still confounded by the meaning of ATEM TAJLU.
      Until one day, it struck me. ATEM TAJIU meant "You escape", for the
      word "tiyul" (walking trip) was used by them as a euphemistic code
      for "escape". They meant to say - you fifteen or twenty "party
      members", escape from Czechoslovakia and save your hides. The price
      of Eretz Yisroel is the blood of the men and women, hoary sages, and
      babes in arms, - but not YOUR blood! Let us not spoil this plan by
      giving the Axis powers money to save Jewish lives. But for you,
      comrades, I have enclosed carfare for your escape. What a nightmare!
      The Zionist agent "diplomat" comes to Czechoslovakia and says 'Now is
      a very critical time. But comparatively speaking, it is not at all
      critical for you trapped Jews. For there is an emergency of far
      greater proportions; namely, BINYAN HA-ARETZ (the prize of Modinat
      Yisrael). Shed your blood cheerfully, for your blood is cheap. But
      for your blood, the Land (of Israel) will be ours!"

      Finally, no expose of Zionism and Jewish Supremacism would be
      complete without reference to Lenni Brenner's amazing book, 51
      Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis. Here is a revealing
      book review by William Hughes, read it and weep:

      "51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration With The Nazis Edited by Lenni
      Brenner, Fort Lee, NJ (Barricade Books, 2002) A Review by William
      Hughes of Lenni Brenner's book, "51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration
      with the Nazis"

      History can be deceptive. It's fair to say that some of the
      sensational never-published-before documents, in this book, will
      shock those who have accepted Zionism and its supposed history, at
      face value, as a political movement that was the hope of the Jews.
      Lenni Brenner, the intrepid author of "Zionism in the Age of
      Dictators," reveals disturbing new evidence in his latest effort,
      that suggest just the opposite. In fact, he makes a compelling case
      that the Zionist record was "dishonorable." You can consider this
      excellent tome as a worthy sequel to his first expose' on the myopic
      Zionist zealots of that bygone era.

      For openers, Brenner showed how the Zionists had a long history of
      shameless cooperation with the Nazis, especially after the dictator
      Adolph Hitler had came to power in 1933. The Zionists were also in
      bed, to some extent, with the other members of what later became
      known as WWII's "Axis of Evil," that included Benito Mussolini's
      Italy, and Tojo Hideki's Japan. For example, on March 29,1936,
      Zionists praised Il Duce, and his regime, at the opening of a
      maritime school, funded by the Fascist government, at Civitavecchia.
      This is where a Zionist youth group, the "Betar," trained its sailors
      for the future Revisionist state. The speakers ignored the fact that
      on Oct. 3, 1935, Italian troops had invaded Abyssinia.

      On another front, the "Third Congress of the Jewish Community of the
      Far East," was held in Jan., 1940, in Harbin, Manchuria, then reeling
      under a brutal military occupation by the Japanese imperial forces.
      At that time, too, Tokyo was already aligned with Hitler and Italy's
      Mussolini, in the notorious Anti-Comintern Pact. Also, keep in mind,
      that the Japanese's murderous "Rape of Nanking," had occurred in
      Dec., 1937, and the "Crystal Night" incident on Nov. 9, 1938.
      Nevertheless, the Zionist confab went out of its way to legitimize
      the Japanese occupation by certifying it as a guarantor of the
      "equality of all citizens," in that beleaguered land.

      The Zionist also had a trade plan with the Berlin government by which
      German Jews could redeem their property in Nazi goods exported to
      then British-occupied Palestine. And to top it all off, the infamous
      SS-Hptscharf. Adolf Eichmann, had visited Palestine, in October,
      1937, as the guest of the Zionists. He also met, in Egypt, with
      Feivel Polkes, a Zionist operative, whom Eichmann described as a
      "leading Haganah functionary." The chain-smoking Polkes was also on
      the Nazis' payroll "as an informer."

      Brenner isn't the first writer to address the mostly taboo subject of
      how the Zionist leadership cooperated with the Nazis. Rolf Hilberg's
      seminal "The Destruction of European Jews"; Hannah Arendt's "Eichmann
      in Jerusalem"; Ben Hecht's "Perfidy"; Edwin Black's "The Transfer
      Agreement"; Francis R. Nicosia's "The Third Reich and the Palestine
      Question"; Rudolf Vrba and Alan Bestic's "I Cannot Forgive"; and
      Rafael Medoff's "The Deadening Silence: American Jews and the
      Holocaust," also dared, with varying public success.

      After the Holocaust began in 1942, Eichmann dealt regularly with Dr.
      Rudolf Kastner, a Hungarian Jew, whom he considered a "fanatical
      Zionist." Kastner was later assassinated in Israel as a Nazi
      collaborator. At issue then, however, was the bargaining over the
      eventual fate of Hungary's Jews, who were slated for liquidation in
      the Nazi-run death camps. Eichmann said this about Kastner, the
      Zionist representative, "I believe that [he] would have sacrificed a
      thousand or a hundred thousand of his blood to achieve his political
      goal. He was not interested in old Jews or those who had become
      assimilated into Hungarian society. 'You can have the others,' he
      would say, 'but let me have this group here.' And because Kastner
      rendered us a great service by helping keep the deportation camps
      peaceful. I would let his groups escape."

      Readers, too, will be surprised to learn, that after the Nuremberg
      Anti-Jewish Race Laws were enacted in Sept., 1935, that there were
      only two flags that were permitted to be displayed in all of Nazi
      Germany. One was Hitler's favorite, the Swastika. The other was the
      blue and white banner of Zionism. The Zionists were also allowed to
      publish their own newspaper. The reasons for this Reich-sponsored
      favoritism was, according to the author: The Zionists and the Nazis
      had a common interest, making German Jews emigrate to Palestine.

      As early as June 21, 1933, the German Zionist Federation was sending
      a secret memorandum to the Nazis, which said, in part:

      "It is our opinion that an answer to the Jewish question truly
      satisfying to the national state [German Reich] can be brought about
      only with the collaboration of the Jewish movement that aims as a
      social, cultural and moral renewal of Jewry- -indeed, that such a
      national renewal must first create the decisive social and spiritual
      premises for all solutions..."

      Incredibly, Avraham Stern, the leader of the notorious "Stern Gang,"
      late in 1940, made a written proposal to Hitler, by which the Jewish
      militias in Palestine, would fight on "Germany's side," in the war
      against England, in exchange for the Nazis help in resolving the
      "Jewish Question" in Europe, and their assistance in creating an
      "historic Jewish state." By this date, German troops had already
      marched into Prague, invaded Poland, and had built the first
      concentration camp at Auschwitz. The deranged Stern had further
      bragged about how the Zionist organizations were "closely related to
      the totalitarian movements of Europe in [their] ideology and
      structure." Stern's obscene proposal was found in the German embassy,
      in Turkey, after WWII.

      Finally, I think Brenner was right, when he wrote, "This book
      presents 51 historic documents to indict Zionism for repeated
      attempts to collaborate with Adolf Hitler. The evidence, not I, will
      convince you of the truth of this issue...Exposing the Zionist role
      in the [Nazi] era is part of the scrutiny of the past, required of

      All of the above becomes even more important today in light of the
      critical fact that it helps to subject Zionist Israel to the
      examination called for by its crimes, past and present."


      Teresa Watanabe
      Los Angeles Times

      The Zionist Organization of America asked for an investigation Tuesday
      into allegations that the Los Angeles County Human Relations
      Commission violated state open meeting laws when it selected a local
      Muslim leader for its annual humanitarian award.

      Stephen Saltzman, executive director of the Zionist organization's
      Southern California office, said the commission failed to post in
      advance proper details of two July meetings at which the issue was
      discussed, as required by the state open meeting law known as the
      Brown Act. As a result, he argued, the decision to grant the award to
      Maher Hathout, chairman of the Islamic Center of Southern California,
      was "null and void."

      The organization asked for the investigation in a letter Tuesday to
      Board of Supervisors Chairman Mike Antonovich.

      "The Brown Act gave the public the right to know and to participate in
      the decision-making process," Saltzman said. "We intend to pursue this
      until we're satisfied."

      Similar complaints were made by StandWithUs, a pro-Israel
      organization, and others to the supervisors at their meeting Tuesday.

      County Counsel Ray Fortner's office is reviewing the allegations,
      according to a board source.

      Commission President Adrian Dove said there was "no substance" to the
      allegations. He and another commissioner, the Rev. Zedar E. Broadous,
      said proper notifications had been issued before both meetings.

      The selection of Hathout as the first Muslim to win the award has
      sparked intense controversy over whether his criticism of Israel,
      statements supportive of Hezbollah, and other political views should
      disqualify him for the award. The commission is set to vote Monday on
      whether to reaffirm or rescind the award.

      But Saltzman and others said the commission's July 10 meeting notice
      failed to include any agenda item notifying the public that
      nominations for the award would be taken, discussed and voted on.

      The meeting notice posted on the commission website said that
      "suggested nominations for all offices would be discussed" and a slate
      of nominations for commission offices would be created.

      That day, Salam Al-Marayati of the Muslim Public Affairs Council met
      with the commission and nominated Hathout for the award, according to
      commission Executive Director Robin Toma. He said Hathout was approved
      by six of the eight members present.

      The commission subsequently posted on its website a July 17 meeting
      agenda that included the item "awardee." But then it posted a notice
      that the meeting had been "canceled due to a lack of quorum."

      In fact, the commission held a meeting that day and voted eight to
      none to affirm Hathout, according to Toma.

      He declined to comment on the allegations, saying his commission was
      still reviewing the matter.

      teresa.watanabe @ latimes.com



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