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Gilad Atzmon: Why Is It So...?

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    Why Is It So...? Gilad Atzmon Monday, August 28, 2006 http://peacepalestine.blogspot.com/2006/08/gilad-atzmon-why-is-it-so-hard-for.html - Why is it so hard
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2006
      Why Is It So...?
      Gilad Atzmon
      Monday, August 28, 2006

      - Why is it so hard for an Israeli to admit that an Arab combatant is
      just slightly better?
      (illustration by Ben Heine)

      It is now clear that as much as the Israeli Army doesn't know how to
      win a war, the Israeli people do not know how to lose one. Already at
      the late stages of the recent wave of hostility in Lebanon the
      Israelis were desperately searching for a scapegoat, someone to blame,
      someone who would take personal responsibility for the humiliating
      Israeli collective defeat.

      It didn't take long before the Israelis turned en mass against Dan
      Halutz, their IDF Chief of Staff. They accused him of being an
      `arrogant pilot', for being `detached from reality' and for `not
      preparing the Army to win a war'. Dan Halutz, no doubt a qualified war
      criminal as well as an Israeli stock exchange inside trader, dismissed
      his critics. Yet, as one may expect, Halutz wouldn't stand up and
      admit in public that the leader of a miniscule Arab paramilitary
      force, the legendary Hassan Nasrallah was just slightly better than
      himself in wining a battle and concluding a war. In fact, Nasrallah
      was just better than every Israeli general in using his force, in
      manoeuvring his fighting units, in strategic moves and tactical
      decisions. Halutz and his staff generals wouldn't admit it because
      being Israeli soldiers, a product of Jewish nationalism and crude
      racism, they are all supremacist to the bone.

      While in a meeting with reservist commanders last week Halutz learned
      about an IDF commander who refused to rescue combatants just because
      "they were not under his direct command". He learned as well about
      another Israeli commander who managed to evade the battlefield in the
      midst of the fight. The commander was found hours later hiding inside
      a tank. Yes, the Israelis are far from being heroes, their
      paratroopers do not shoot from the hip as much as their tank
      commanders do not expose their upper body while the battle goes on.
      They all prefer to hide behind their glorious Merkava tank's armour.
      However, they all fail to admit that the Hezbollah are just exactly
      the opposite. The Hezbollah warriors do shoot from the hip and they
      don't have armoured vehicles to hide in. Yet, the Israelis would
      prefer blaming themselves rather than simply admitting that an Arab
      fighter happens to be just slightly better.

      These days, an extensive Israeli reservist rebellion is emerging in
      Israel. The humiliated IDF fighters are somehow very unhappy. They
      felt unprepared for the war. Their weapons were faulty, so they say,
      they lacked the necessary gear, the `catering services' failed to
      serve their food exactly when they expected it. If this isn't enough,
      they insist as well that intelligence was misleading and orders where
      confusing. Like the archetypal Jewish mother, the newly born Hebraic
      Samson is a venerable effeminate character who would prefer to endorse
      the role of the victim. I believe that when the Israelis engage in
      self-criticism they tend to regard themselves as a collective of
      outspoken liberal beings. But in fact, they all lie to themselves. By
      putting themselves down they save themselves from confessing the clear
      fact that at least in this round the `Arabs' were just far better.

      The reservist rebels call for the immediate resignation of Olmert,
      Peretz and Halutz. Peretz so they say, is just a small `Union leader',
      he lacks the capacity to command the army of a hostile state that
      insists upon putting world peace at a constant threat. They may be
      right. Peretz isn't a natural talent. Indeed he was quick to join the
      never ending list of Israeli war criminals, he gave the Israeli Army
      the green light to bring `Lebanon to its knees', to kill so many
      civilians, to destroy a country's civil infrastructure. Yet Peretz was
      not a tactical or strategic visionary. He was good enough to spread
      death in the region but he himself didn't understand what all this
      loss was there to serve. Unlike Peretz, who became a mass murderer
      just a few days into the war for absolutely no reason, Sheikh
      Nasrallah has managed to defeat Israel without bringing the state to
      its knees, without killing many civilians. Nasrallah won a war without
      being a mass murderer. And the question to be asked is whether the
      time is ripe for the Israelis to admit that a Lebanese Shiite leader
      is far more advanced both intellectually and morally than their own
      leaders. May I tell you, this is not going to happen. The Israelis are
      racist to the bone. Even now after being defeated by a bold patriotic
      group of warriors, they are still convinced that they are fighting a
      fanatical bunch of sub-humans.

      And what about Olmert, the man who was voted to implement a sickening
      judeocentric unilateral peace agenda and managed to bring his country
      into a miserable war less than four months later? Would he admit in
      public or even to himself that it was Assad, Ahmadinejad and Nasrallah
      who smashed the Israeli power of deterrence without causing any damage
      to the infrastructures? They did it without killing many civilians at
      all, just with light weaponry and conventional rockets, without
      American planes and Merkava tanks. They did it without hundreds of
      nuclear bombs. Will the Israelis admit that Assad, Ahmadinejad and
      Nasrallah are just slightly more clever than their own miserable
      leadership whom they `democratically elected'?

      I say no, I say never! Israel is a racist national state. It is
      supremacist to the bone. The Israelis are not capable of regarding
      their neighbours as equal human beings. This is exactly why Israel has
      never been and never will be a partner for peace. In order to make
      peace you must first respect your foe.



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