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    Caroline Abulibda writes from Gaza ... to all of us September 1, 2006 www.axisoflogic.com/artman/publish/article_22892.shtml Caroline Abulibda wrote: I opened
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2006
      Caroline Abulibda writes from Gaza ... to all of us
      September 1, 2006

      Caroline Abulibda wrote:

      I opened my email with hope to find any email from anyone of you
      speaking about the situation in Palestine now, but I don't know what
      to say when I didn't find any , all what I can say is that I was not
      surprised because after 58 years of occupation we learned not to
      expect a lot even from friends, do you want to know latest news about
      Palestine: Israel bombing us every day since I came here which is
      might be strange for you because you know that Israel pulled out of
      Gaza almost one year ago but they still controlling the air and their
      fighting plans always fly and bomb.

      I want to tell you about many things happened here so maybe you can
      imagine what kind of a situation we are living in. one month ago a
      Palestinian family were spending the day on the beach they thought for
      a minutes that they like any human in this life they can go to the
      beach they were 8 people husband and wife and 6 children and after
      couple of hours the Israeli fighting ships bombed them why? I need an
      answer from anyone can answer , 7 died and now there is a lonely girl
      12 years old living in this bad world alone she was sleeping far
      little bet of her family and she wake up on a huge sound of bombing
      she stayed a minute she didn't understand any thing and then she
      started to run searching for her family and she found her mother and
      her 5 sisters and brothers died she found them just a peaces, while
      she was crying she felt some hope she didn't find her father so she
      started to run again screaming her voice was broking our heart calling
      her father and finally she find him ????????????????????????? I am
      putting to you her picture with her father and a picture for her
      youngest brother he was one year old.

      Since I came here the Israeli fighting plans and ships and the heavy
      tanks didn't stop bombing us and all the world were speaking about the
      Israeli pulling out of Gaza and make all the people think that we live
      in a free Gaza with peace atmosphere from Israel which is wrong, we
      didn't have a minute of peace since they pulled out as they were here,
      just that they take out the check points and that makes us feel better
      but they continued kill every day at least one or two Palestinian and
      all the media doesn't speak about it as that we are not a human, after
      the election comes and the people chose Hamas to be the government and
      since that time Hamas didn't do any thing against Israel but Israel
      and USA didn't like the idea of being hamas as the Palestinian
      government so they punished all the Palestinian people by ordering all
      the banks in the world not to transfer any money to us so now since 5
      months ago we didn't get paid our slayers and I want just to mansion
      that our salaries is not enough for one month and now we live without
      money since 5 month and no one talked about it.

      After bombing this family on the beach the Palestinian resistance
      started to throw a hand make rockets on Israel as a reaction of this
      crime so Israel spoke on all the international media as that this is
      the first thing happened since they pulled out and they make their
      bombing be all the day and night. So the event that I know that you
      all know come that the Palestinian resistance take an Israeli solder
      of course all of you know that but do you know that there is a 9000
      Palestinians in the Israeli prisons 2000 of them are children , and
      some of the women they delivered there babies in the prisons strapped?

      Since the resistance take that solder Israel reoccupied Gaza and they
      bombed the electricity company with all the electricity transes in
      Gaza it was so difficult for me to find an internet café have an
      electric generator so I can write to you this letter. Now we are three
      weeks without electricity and most of the time without water Israel
      killed since three weeks ago more than 200 Palestinians all civilians
      they killed yesterday 28 Palestinians just in 15 hours , they bombed
      five ministries including the foreign affairs ministry and actually
      the planning ministry that I work in it is in the same building with
      the foreign affairs ministry, Israel bombed them before yesterday.

      Israel reoccupied the borders between Gaza and Egypt and they close
      the border while there is 5000 Palestinians are stuck there 6 of them
      died tell now last one died was yesterday she is a girl sick of cancer
      and she was 27 years old. The hospitals in Gaza almost has no medicine
      there is many sections are closed because there is no treatments
      there. After all that the Arab countries tried to get a resolutions
      from the United Nation that Israel must stop its crimes against the
      Palestinians civilians but guess what the majority voted to the
      resolution and the UNITED STATES OF AMIRICA used the
      VETOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to stop the resolution.

      There is hundreds of sad and miserable stores I can write to you but I
      will write to you the last thing that Israel thought that there is a
      wanted person from Hamas visiting house, they bombed the house three
      floors, killing a family 9 people father and mother and 7 children,
      Israel bombed the house by the f16 fighting plan with a rocket 1000
      bounds, and all what happened next day that an Israeli media
      conference says that they failed to assassinate that person as that
      those 9 people were nothing. Do you ever heard the crossing sound line
      from a fighting plan please read or ask about it because Israel do
      that more than 10 times a day upon Gaza and mostly at night from 1 am
      till 5 am . My baby is waking up all the night screaming from that
      voice it is the most awful voice you can ever hear.

      My friends peace is not a word it is an action but if peace in this
      world means weak and injustice we don't want it peace means justice.
      For me I believe if there is some people could steals others land and
      life and occupied them for more than 58 years and all what they say is
      lies so they can do every dirty thing, including killing children. but
      the question is until when all the world will keep watching us dieing
      every day without moving, I am living in a lie world when the big
      countries say that this is a good country it means that they are bad
      and when they said those people are terrorists that mean they are good
      people and they resist the occupation, if I am living in a world
      consider Israel a good country so I am soo happy that the same world
      conceder me a bad person because I am Palestinian.

      Israel is not a country they occupied our land they steal our life and
      now I believe 100 % that any lie most end and the day light most come
      and we will resist this bloody gorillas with all our efforts. If the
      world will stand watching us die we will not stand watching our
      children die. But I am sooooooo sorry that the peaceful people in this
      world also just watching others die and keep all that silence. if you
      think that we are sooo cheap people believe me we are not because we
      are humans and our children are our treasure.

      Now Israel are doing the same in Lebanon they bombed the electricity
      and they are bombing civilians, my heart with you Mechella and believe
      me in all that sadness we live in, we think about all the Lebanese
      people because we know that you relived from this war long time ago
      but don't worry we have a famous poetry in Arabic say " if the people
      one day want to live, the destiny most response, and the night most
      end, and the curb most broken.

      The most awful thing in the world to see your child suffer and you
      can't do any thing I see my baby and all the Palestinians children are
      suffered and we can't do any thing I think mothers and fathers from
      you will understand and most of you will understand when you become a
      mother or father, but I don't wish to any one of you to experience
      what is the meaning of being under occupation.

      Believe me people Palestine is Palestine and we will get it back one
      day, and now really and honestly we don't care what is the first world
      countries say just try to be honest and maybe then you can see the
      reality. Take care,



      Genocide in Gaza
      Ilan Pappe
      2 September 2006
      The Electronic Intifada

      Relatives of Salameh Abu Edwan mourn during his funeral in Rafah
      refugee camp, southern Gaza Strip, 29 August 2006. (MaanImages/Hatem Omar)

      A genocide is taking place in Gaza. This morning, 2 September, another
      three citizens of Gaza were killed and a whole family wounded in Beit
      Hanoun. This is the morning reap, before the end of day many more will
      be massacred. An average of eight Palestinian die daily in the Israeli
      attacks on the Strip. Most of them are children. Hundreds are maimed,
      wounded and paralyzed.

      The Israeli leadership is at lost of what to do with the Gaza Strip.
      It has vague ideas about the West Bank. The current government assumes
      that the West Bank, unlike the Strip, in an open space, at least on
      its eastern side. Hence if Israel, under the ingathering program of
      the government, annexes the parts it covets – half of the West Bank –
      and cleanse it from its native population, the other half would
      naturally lean towards Jordan, at least for a while and would not
      concern Israel. This is a fallacy, but nonetheless it won the
      enthusiastic vote of most of the Jews in the country. Such an
      arrangement can not work in the Gaza enclave – Egypt unlike Jordan has
      succeeded in persuading the Israelis, already in 1948, that the Gaza
      Strip for them is a liability and will never form part of Egypt. So a
      million and half Palestinians are stuck inside Israel – although
      geographically the Strip is located on the margins of the state,
      psychologically it lies in its midst.

      The inhuman living conditions in the most dense area in the world, and
      one of the poorest human spaces in the northern hemisphere, disables
      the people who live it to reconcile with the imprisonment Israel had
      imposed on them ever since 1967. They were relative better period
      where movement to the West Bank and into Israel for work was allowed,
      but these better times are gone. Harsher realities are in place ever
      since 1987. Some access to the outside world was allowed as long as
      there were Jewish settlers in the Strip, but once they were removed
      the Strip was hermetically closed. Ironically, most Israelis,
      according to recent polls, look at Gaza as an independent Palestinian
      state that Israel has graciously allowed to emerge. The leadership,
      and particularly the army, see it as a prison with the most dangerous
      community of inmates, which has to be eliminated one way or another.

      The conventional Israeli policies of ethnic cleansing employed
      successfully in 1948 against half of Palestine's population, and
      against hundred of thousand of Palestinians in the West Bank are not
      useful here. You can slowly transfer Palestinians out of the West
      Bank, and particular out of the Greater Jerusalem area, but you can
      not do it in the Gaza Strip - once you sealed it as a maximum-security
      prison camp.

      As with the ethnic cleansing operations, the genocidal policy is not
      formulated in a vacuum. Ever since 1948, the Israeli army and
      government needed a pretext to commence such policies. The takeover of
      Palestine in 1948 produced the inevitable local resistance that in
      turn allowed the implementation of an ethnic cleansing policy,
      preplanned already in the 1930. Twenty years of Israeli occupation of
      the West Bank produced eventually some sort of Palestinian resistance.
      This belated anti-occupation struggle unleashed a new cleansing policy
      that still is implemented today in the West Bank. The Gaza
      imprisonment in the summer of 2005, which was paraded as an Israeli
      generous withdrawal, produced the Hamas and Islamic Jiahd missile
      attack and one abduction case. Even before the abduction of Giald
      Shalit, the Israeli army bombarded indiscriminately the Strip. Ever
      since the abduction, the massive killing increased and became
      systematic. A daily business of slaying Palestinians, mainly children
      is now reported in the internal pages of the local press, quite often
      in microscopic fonts.

      The chief culprits are the Israeli pilots who have a field day now
      that one of them is the General Chief of Staff. In the 1982 Lebanon
      war, the Israeli airforce issued orders to its pilots to abort mission
      if within 500 square meters of their target they spotted innocent
      civilians. Not that these orders were kept, but the pretense for
      internal moral consumption was there. It is called in the Israeli
      airforce, the 'Lebanon Procedure' [Nohal Levanon]. When the pilots
      asked a year ago if the 'Lebanon procedure' is in tact for Gaza, the
      answer was no. The same answer was given to the pilots in the second
      Lebanon war.

      The Lebanon war provided the fog for a while, covering the war crimes
      in the Gaza Strip. But the policies rage on even after the conclusion
      of the cease-fire up in the north. It seems that the frustrated and
      defeated Israeli army is even more determined to enlarge the killing
      fields in the Gaza Strip. There are no politicians who are able or
      willing to stop the generals. A daily killing of up to 10 civilians is
      going to leave few thousands dead each year. This is of course
      different from genociding a million people in one campaign – the only
      inhibition Israel is willing to undertake in the name of the Holocaust
      memory. But if you double the killing you raise the number to horrific
      proportions and more importantly you may force a mass eviction in the
      end of the day outside the Strip – either in the name of human aid,
      international intervention or the people's own desire to escape the
      inferno. But if the Palestinian steadfastness is going to be the
      response, and there no reason to doubt that this will the Gazan
      reaction then the massive killing would continue and increase.

      Much depends on the international reaction. When Israel was absolved
      from any responsibility or accountably for the ethnic cleansing in
      1948, it turned this policy into a legitimate tool for its national
      security agenda. If the present escalation and adaptation of genocidal
      policies would be tolerated by the world, it would expand and used
      even more drastically.

      Nothing apart from pressure in the from of sanctions, boycott and
      divestment will stop the murdering of innocent civilians in the Gaza
      Strip. There is nothing we here in Israel can do against it. Brave
      pilots refused to partake in the operations, two journalists – out of
      150 – do not cease to write about it, but this is it. In the name of
      the holocaust memory let us hope the world would not allow the
      genocide of Gaza to continue.

      Ilan Pappe is senior lecturer in the University of Haifa Department of
      political Science and Chair of the Emil Touma Institute for
      Palestinian Studies in Haifa. His books include among others The
      Making of the Arab-Israeli Conflict (London and New York 1992), The
      Israel/Palestine Question (London and New York 1999), A History of
      Modern Palestine (Cambridge 2003), The Modern Middle East (London and
      New York 2005) and forthcoming, Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine (2006)



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