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Kurt Nimmo: Panic in Detroit

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    Panic in Detroit Kurt Nimmo Saturday August 05th 2006 http://kurtnimmo.com/?p=500 In Dearborn, Michigan, Arab demonstrators are holding up portraits of Sheik
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      Panic in Detroit
      Kurt Nimmo
      Saturday August 05th 2006

      In Dearborn, Michigan, Arab demonstrators are holding up portraits of
      Sheik Hassan Nasralla, "chanting his name and Hezbollah," according to
      the Detroit Free Press. "We find any support for murderous terrorist
      organizations like al-Qaida or Hezbollah very disappointing, if not
      disturbing," Eric Straus, chief of the counterterrorism unit at the
      U.S. attorney's office in Detroit, told the newspaper. "Our office's
      No. 1 priority is preventing another terrorist attack," reports the
      Associated Press.

      Of course, Hezbollah is not "al-Qaeda," the infamous CIA-ISI
      made-to-measure terror group. Hezbollah is a legitimate resistance
      group, completely legal under international law, minus its stupid
      rocketing of Israeli settlements. But then we shouldn't expect the
      U.S. attorney's office to admit this. It should come as no surprise
      Nasralla and Hezbollah would find support in Detroit's Arab community,
      or for that matter among Arabs and Muslims anywhere.

      Osama Siblani, publisher of The Arab American News of Dearborn and
      spokesman for the Council of Arab American Organizations, basically
      told Straus and the feds to take a hike. "Who should they chant for?
      George Bush, the one who's sending Israel bombs to kill their
      relatives, to kill more people?" Siblani said. "If they want to
      prosecute us, prosecute us. Let them get their buses, line them up and
      haul us out." As Siblani probably knows, there are not enough buses in
      Detroit or for that matter the whole of Michigan to bus all the Arabs
      and Muslims to those brand spanking new Halliburton constructed
      concentration camps.

      There are roughly 300,000 southeastern Michigan residents with roots
      in the Arab world, many of them with relatives in Lebanon. Straus and
      the feds will have their hands full if they believe they can stop the
      rising tide of anger and resentment on the part of Arabs, who witness
      daily the slaughter of the brothers and sisters in Lebanon, Palestine,
      and Iraq.

      It would seem the FBI is aching for a chance to take off the gloves
      and crack down on Hezbollah supporters, or rather those who see
      reality clearly: Hezbollah is a legitimate resistance movement and
      Israel is a criminal state guilty of aggression, as usual. "Because of
      the heightened difficulties surrounding U.S.-Iranian relations, the
      FBI has increased its focus on Hizbollah," FBI spokesman Paul Bresson
      told Reuters. "Those investigations relate particularly to the
      potential presence of Hizbollah members on U.S. soil." Bresson
      admitted there "is no specific or credible intelligence pointing to an
      imminent U.S. attack by Hizbollah," but this never stopped them in the
      past. In a pinch, the FBI can be counted to send in the agents

      Last week, the FBI sent out a "general warning" of possible "reprisal
      attacks from Hezbollah on Jewish and Israeli targets," no doubt
      without "credible intelligence," as evidenced by the admission "both
      the FBI and Jewish organization officials familiar with the warning
      stress that no specific threats against American Jewish targets have
      been detected," according to the New York Sun.

      "Analysts and government sources familiar with the threat assessment
      from Hezbollah say they fear the use of terrorism as a possible
      counter-attack if the group's main militia in southern Lebanon feels
      it would soon be defeated on the battlefield," the newspaper
      continues. "It would not be the first time that Hezbollah used a
      terrorist attack abroad in response to a military setback on its home

      "If I was an owner of a security services firm for an Israeli
      friendship society, or in charge of security at an Israeli embassy or
      Israeli business I would be very tense right now. Frankly, any high
      visibility internationally known Jewish business is potentially a
      target," added former chief of the FBI counterterrorism division in
      charge of Iran and Hezbollah, Kenneth Piernick.

      "It is not a secret we are dealing with true believers who have been
      recruited or placed around the world. Certainly one is not naïve
      enough to think they would not be in the United States. Every time
      that the situation heats up in the ground or in the air in the Middle
      East, the alerts and antenna go up," said Abraham Foxman, chairman of
      the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith.

      Of course, the "true believers" of Zionism are widely "recruited or
      placed around the world," including deep in the U.S. government, but
      when "the situation heats up in the ground or in the air in the Middle
      East," usually preceded by a few U.S. manufactured and provided
      missiles fired at Arab civilians by Israel's IOF, the "alerts and
      antenna go up" and the victims are blamed. It is a well oiled
      corporate media process and works nicely, thank you very much.

      Arabs, be they in Dearborn or Beirut, understand how the Zionist
      state, with heaping doses of material support and encouragement from
      its "friend," the United States, plays its deadly game. In Detroit, it
      is understood no number of buses will intimidate into silence those
      outraged by the Israeli death machine killing off their relatives and
      former neighbors.

      Meanwhile, polls indicate 67 percent of American "voters," when asked
      "if Israel was justified or unjustified in its actions in Lebanon,"
      believe Israel is doing the right thing, never mind the children of
      Qana or those dismembered and strewn elsewhere in Lebanon. "Despite a
      series of dramatic events over the past week—the bombing of a civilian
      apartment building in Qana, a brief ceasefire and an escalation of the
      ground war by the Israelis—the American public remains strong and
      stable in its views of the conflict," pollster Stan Greenberg told
      News Blaze. "Voters believe Israel is justified in its actions in
      Lebanon and believe the Israeli military is targeting strategically
      and not indiscriminately." Indeed, as should be obvious, killing
      babies and grandmothers is strategic for the Israelis.

      Meanwhile, in Detroit's Arab community, the "reality on the ground" is
      understood all too well.

      It will take a lot of buses, commandeered from Ohio and Indiana, to
      round up the malcontents.


      No more crocodile tears please
      Hasan Abu Nimah
      Wednesday, August 2, 2006

      We woke up Sunday to one more day of Israel's war on the civilian
      population of this region. It is the same war, the latest phase of
      which is against Lebanon, the same war that the "international
      community" has been handling with exceptional skill for more than half
      a century. All those Western liberals who now express "shock over
      Israel's "disproportionate" or "excessive" use of force should be less
      naive, or perhaps more honest.

      What are they shocked about exactly?

      Was the butchery of dozens of children in Qana the first massacre
      committed by Israel? Do they imagine it will be the last? Do they need
      to be reminded that the history of Israel is one long series of
      massacres, ever since the Zionist movement came to Palestine with the
      intent to remove its indigenous population and found a racist state in
      their place.

      Just to refresh the memory, "terrorism" was introduced to our region
      decades before Hizbollah and Hamas were founded, by that same Zionist
      movement. They first used the tactic of bombing marketplaces,
      government buildings, restaurants, railway stations and hotels -- in
      their war to "liberate" Palestine from its native people. They spared
      no means, no matter how cruel, in their campaign to force the British
      imperial authorities to leave so that a "Jewish state" could be
      established. The same Zionist terrorists whose pictures were posted
      all over the place as "wanted" criminals who bombed and murdered UN
      officials, British officers and soldiers as well as Arab and Jewish
      civilians, later put on ties and were called "man of peace" and "prime
      minister of Israel."

      In the months preceding and following the British departure, the
      Zionist plan necessitated committing massacres on a massive scale. In
      2004 the Israeli historian Benny Morris said: A "Jewish state would
      not have come into being without the uprooting of 700,000
      Palestinians. Therefore it was necessary to uproot them." "There are
      circumstances in history that justify ethnic cleansing," he added. Who
      can now possibly express genuine surprise that in a matter of two
      weeks Israel has expelled 700,000 Lebanese from their homes under the
      threat of death?

      There is also nothing new about Israel's full-scale assault on
      Lebanon's civilian infrastructure. For decades after the expulsion of
      the Palestinians, refugee camps and infrastructure were constantly
      bombed in Lebanon and Jordan. Has any Israeli yet stood trial for the
      massacres of defenceless Palestinian refugees at the Sabra and
      Shatilla camps in 1982 by Israeli-armed and trained Lebanese militias
      under the overall authority of Ariel Sharon, or has the world
      forgotten the deeds carried out by that "statesman"? Is there really
      any difference between those deeds and the full-scale assault refugees
      in Gaza have been subjected to -- bombed and murdered from the air 24
      hours a day since Israel's fraudulent "withdrawal"?

      If Israel has got away with all its crimes with full impunity, and if
      every crime has been covered by the ritual confirmation of "Israel's
      right to defend itself," then why the crocodile tears? And why should
      anyone claim shock and surprise other than out of the fear of
      complicity being discovered? Last week a United Nations observation
      post was deliberately, yes deliberately as all evidence points that
      way, bombed in southern Lebanon by Israeli planes and four UN
      observers were killed. The Israeli government had received no less
      than 10 warnings and requests from the UN headquarters not to bomb the
      UN complex. Even though Israel gave assurances that UN positions would
      be spared, it targeted the compound with a laser-guided bomb. The
      lives of all those peacekeeping soldiers were not worthy of more than
      expressions of regret from the Security Council president. No
      independent UN investigation of the crime was permitted by Israel, and
      therefore there was no investigation.

      The images of Qana, shown extensively on Al Jazeera, but heavily
      censored by Western outlets (the BBC preferred to show scenes of
      Lebanese demonstrators "attacking trees" outside the UN headquarters
      in Beirut), will be added to the long shameful history of Western
      complicity with Israeli crimes. It is unlikely that the victims of
      Israeli attack will ever have the satisfaction of seeing Ehud Olmert,
      Amir Peretz, Dan Halutz, Shimon Peres and all their accomplices
      brought before a war crimes court.

      Even if this were to happen, we should be clear that it is not Israel
      alone that should stand accused, but those in the "international
      community" who arm and fund it and grant it the licence to carry out
      these crimes.

      The unnatural and unjust project of establishing an ethnic minority
      state in a region whose history is characterised by diversity, against
      the wishes of the vast majority of people forced to live under its
      tyranny, can only produce massacres. This settler state and its "most
      moral army in the world" fights against children, civilians, convoys
      of refugees, ambulances, roads, bridges, power plants, schools,
      civilian border crossings, civilian airports, flour warehouses,
      apartment complexes, civilian ports, lighthouses and much more; yet
      claims it is in a battle for survival.

      Israel, which has wrought so much destruction on its victims, is
      requesting more time to commit further massacres. That is all Israel
      knows how to do. It has the means and the international support.
      Indeed Israel has destroyed every bridge in Lebanon and Gaza to
      isolate people and places. But in the process it has destroyed every
      bridge that any form of peace in the future will be able to use to
      connect the warrior state with its neighbours. Israel has spared no
      hand that was extended to it seeking peace and reconciliation --
      chopping it with utmost ferocity. The war continues to rage and
      innocent lives continue to be lost.

      The Security Council is trying to forge a package, which involves a
      "sustainable ceasefire", a euphemism for a symptomatic arrangement
      which would guarantee Israel by diplomacy what it failed to achieve by

      Even if the US does not veto a resolution demanding an immediate
      ceasefire, we know that such a resolution would join the piles of
      others ignored by Israel as it continues its rampage. Those who claim
      that they "support" Israel by covering up its crimes should know this:
      By their deeds they have destroyed, and encouraged Israel to destroy,
      the chance that this blood-soaked state will ever be accepted by the
      peoples of this region. They have contributed to decades more of war,
      violence and conflict, not just here but perhaps all over the region
      and perhaps the world. Shouldn't they at least spare us their
      expressions of "shock" when the awful consequences of what Israel has
      sown are reaped.



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