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Saudis Launder Billions for Bush

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    ALL FOR THE DOLLAR: WHILE LEBANON BURNS, SAUDIS LAUNDER BILLIONS FOR BUSH by Ahmed Amr http://www.revisionisthistory.org/news.html Behind Condi Rice s
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 6, 2006
      by Ahmed Amr

      Behind Condi Rice's cult-like smile, lurks a crazed neo-con fanatic
      immersed in apocalyptic fantasies. It remains to be seen just how many
      Lebanese mothers will lose their babies while she entertains her
      demonic hallucinations...Not to be outdone, the demented war criminal
      who pollutes the corridors of the White House has vetoed UN cease-fire
      resolutions and derailed an Italian effort to end the hostilities in

      To assure the success of his war-mongering obstructionist policies,
      Bush dispatched Paul Wolfowitz to the gathering in Rome. Just to rub
      it in, the architect of the Iraqi war was all smiles as he pressed a
      handshake on the visibly distraught Lebanese Prime Minister.

      As Karl Rove will tell you, the path to victory in November depends on
      rallying the Armageddon-worshipping, end of time Protestants who drool
      every time a Palestinian or Lebanese family is blown to smithereens.
      In their estimate, every crisis in the Middle East brings us one step
      closer to the rupture. Pray for the end of times and pass the

      Given their dismal poll numbers, Bush and the Republicans can hardly
      afford to alienate Israel's amen corner at the New York Times. Neither
      can the Democrats afford to lose the affections of militant Likudnik
      operatives at CNN and FOX. Until the polls close in November, both
      parties will be competing to determine who can best lick the boots of
      Ehud Olmert.

      In America, Israel is a domestic affair. The ethnic Zionist lobby gets
      what it wants or sets off brigades of media hyenas to eat the raw
      flesh of any politician who displays squeamishness about wasting Arab
      lives. Witness the 'anti-war' Howard Dean accusing anyone opposing
      Israeli war crimes of 'anti-semitism.' He can't have forgotten that he
      lost his White House bid when he called for a more 'even-handed'
      foreign policy in the Middle East. As chairman of the Democrat
      leadership, he seems to be applying the valuable lesson learned on his
      ill-fated campaign – don't mess with the Israeli lobby ninety days
      before a mid-term election.

      Some Arab-Americans still entertain silly notions about changing the
      minds of their congressmen by explaining the other side of the story.
      Fat chance. One hundred Senators gave unequivocal support to Israel.
      Under normal circumstances, you can't line up that many Senators to
      support their own children. True enough, you can always find the
      occasional Senator willing to express concern about war crimes
      committed by US marines. But when it comes to Israel, they all
      studiously avert their eyes from the deliberate targeting of civilians
      and the systematic destruction of vital infrastructure.

      The Israelis can nuke the entire Middle East and still have the
      audacity to bill the American government for the cost of the
      operation. Any dissenting Senator can and will be taken to the shed
      for re-education sessions – but not before getting a campaign
      crippling lashing from Israel's spiritual brethren who toil in the
      mass media monopolies.

      Every member of our parliament of whores has innocent Palestinian and
      Lebanese blood on their hands. By giving their unconditional blessings
      to the mayhem in Lebanon, the Senate was just making the obvious point
      that no Arab child is safe while the U.S. Congress is in session.

      Of the many actors responsible for this blood bath, the Israelis are
      perhaps the easiest to understand. They never had a need for fig
      leaves to begin with. As far as Tel Aviv is concerned, this is just an
      exercise in low intensity warfare. The Israelis simply do whatever
      they can get away with.

      Without ever bothering to charge them, Israel can hold thousands of
      Palestinian and Lebanese civilians prisoner. But if the other side
      decides to detain a few soldiers, Lebanon and Gaza can be incinerated.
      In exercising the 'right to defend itself', Israel reserves the
      privilege to indiscriminately carpet bomb South Lebanon with guided
      missiles and cluster bombs. And America gets to replenish Israel's

      The newest Israeli rule is that all the fighting, killing, abductions
      and mass destruction can only take place in designated 'Arab' areas.
      The Israeli army can murder, maim and terrorize anyone on the other
      side of the Green Line or the Blue Line. In fact, they can cross any
      red line they want and commit any war crime that satiates their
      appetite for brutalizing their subjects. And to engrave that rule in
      stone, Tel Aviv has secured a permanent American license to use
      collective punishment measures up to and extending to starvation and
      the systematic destruction of vital infrastructure. Any resistance to
      Israeli unilateral measures is considered the work of terrorists. Any

      As for the United Nations and 'Coffin' Annan, they have become nothing
      more than an annex of the State Department. Following in the footsteps
      of his son, Annan is not the kind of man to refuse a lucrative offer –
      like killing the investigation of how his first born looted Iraqi oil
      revenues. He has presided over the gutting of the world organization
      to the point where the UN is now merely another tool of convenience in
      the arsenal of the Bush administration.

      To their credit, some European nations – notably France and Italy –
      have used their limited influence to bring the hostilities in Lebanon
      to an end. But, the Bush administration had no problem circumventing
      these efforts. For an American politician, Israel is more important
      than the entire continent of Europe.

      Moving on to Egypt - a country that no longer matters. Does it really
      make a difference that 99% of Egyptians are against the war in Iraq
      and the fire bombing of South Lebanon? The Egyptian government granted
      a tacit endorsement of Israeli aggression against Lebanon. Both Hamas
      and Hezbollah are seen as extensions of the Muslim Brotherhood – the
      only real domestic opposition to the Mubarak regime. As they say in
      this corner of the planet, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

      As always, the real Arab elephant in the room is the House of El Saud
      and its allies in the surrounding oil sheikdoms. Why exactly did the
      influential Gulf monarchs decide to cast their lot with Tel Aviv? Here
      we are at peak oil. Petro dollars are flowing by the tens of billions
      into Gulf coffers. And Saudi Arabia drops its last fig leaf and
      demonstrates to one and all that it has struck an alliance of
      convenience with Israel and given the Israeli war machine a green
      light to ravage Arabs in Lebanon and Gaza.

      On the face of it, it doesn't make much sense. The one Arab country
      that has the leverage to shelter the region from American-financed
      Israeli mass murder decides to publicly turn on its own people. And
      King Abdallah has announced that he will pick up the bill for some of
      the damage inflicted by the Israeli bombings. Israelis bomb. Saudis
      pay. Such a deal. Unfortunately, for all their wealth, the Saudis have
      yet to perfect a way to bring back the dead or reattach missing
      Lebanese limbs. For the Saudis, the Lebanese and Palestinians are
      'throw away' people. All this nonsense about Arab solidarity is merely
      a circus act to shore up the legitimacy of the kleptocrats in the Gulf.

      We may never know the precise nature of the secret Saudi agreements
      with the United States and Israel. In this case, the Saudis probably
      signed on to fight a proxy war with Iran – which is seen as the
      sponsor of Hezbollah. The Saudis are experts at proxy wars – having
      supported and financed Saddam's war against Iran – a conflict that
      lasted eight long years and cost a million lives on both sides. They
      participated with gusto in the systematic decimation of the secular
      Arab national movement. It's no secret that the Saudi monarchy was
      elated at the outcome of the six-day war – hoping it would bring down
      Nasser's regime. And the Kingdom's role in the first and second Gulf
      war is a matter of public record.

      Still, it's worth taking a guess as to why the oil monarchies went
      public with their support for Israel's plan to bomb Lebanon into
      rubble. Perhaps the Bush administration promised to dampen the
      influence of Iranian-backed militias in Iraq. Can it be a mere
      coincidence that Washington is suddenly increasing its troop levels in
      Baghdad and taking on Moqtada Sadr's militias? Did the Saudis strike a
      bargain to increase Israeli influence in Lebanon in exchange for a
      decrease of Iranian influence in Iraq?

      Any proxy war against the government in Tehran always finds ready
      support on the Arab side of the Gulf. As administration insiders have
      already hinted, 'the new Middle East' will revolve around Saudi
      leadership of the Arab camp with a supporting cast that includes Egypt
      and Jordan.

      It's doesn't seem to matter that the Saudi regime is not exactly a
      brilliant model of democratic evolution in the region. It matters even
      less that Israeli guns are now battering the two most democratic
      governments in the Arab Middle East – the popularly-elected leaders of
      Lebanon and the Palestinian authority. All Bush's talk of democracy is
      nothing but a marketing campaign for domestic American consumption.
      The Arab intellectuals taken in by this neo-con ruse need to start
      taking commonsense supplements on a regular basis.

      To harness this moment of clarity, it is essential to understand that
      America's invasion of Iraq needs to be divorced from the Likudnik
      fantasies of reshuffling the Levant to suit Israel's expansionist
      whims. At the end of the day, America's military entanglements in the
      Gulf are a service performed for the richest families in the history
      of the world. Far from supporting democracy, the grunts in Iraq are
      there as a mercenary expedition to protect the absolute monarchs who
      act as custodians of the oil plantations. When it comes to wagging the
      tail of the American dog, Saudi Arabia and the Israelis get equal
      opportunity access.

      Saudi Arabia and their Gulf allies are major partners in
      American-Israeli ventures. Most astute observers know that King
      Abdallah can permanently end all foreign military adventures in the
      region without firing a single shot. Every last American soldier would
      be home for Christmas if the oil sheikdoms stopped taking dollars in
      exchange for their oil. No oil cut off is required. If the Arabs just
      stopped accepting American currency – the dramatic effect on world
      economies would lead to major realignments that neutralized American
      influence in the region. The economic rationale for the American
      Empire would dissipate into thin air. Washington would pressure Israel
      to implement resolution 242 in the same manner that it is squeezing
      Lebanon to implement resolution 1559.

      Of course, King Abdallah and his ruling clan are fully aware of this.
      While they feign impotence, they retain immense leverage over
      developments in the region. It's not about their lack of ability to
      influence events in Lebanon. Rather, it is because the Saudis have
      other priorities – like smuggling oil revenues denominated in
      petro-dollars to American and European capital markets.

      The business of the House of Saud is money laundering on an epic
      scale.The business of America is currency exporting. Together, the
      Saudis and Americans impose the dollar as an international currency
      that accounts for eighty per cent of all international transactions.
      This allows the United States the luxury of running huge trade
      deficits by obliging other countries to maintain huge reserves of the
      only currency the Saudis accept in exchange for their black gold – the
      American dollar.

      The Saudi support for the devastating Israeli assaults on Lebanon and
      Gaza is nothing more than a political transaction to maintain their
      lucrative money-laundering franchise. Lebanese and Palestinian
      civilians need to understand that this is not personal. It's just the
      way the Saudis do business.

      For years, Saudi sponsored media outlets have propagated an image of a
      benevolent regime that defends the faithful against foreign crusaders.
      Most recently, the Saudis regime took a high profile role in
      confronting the insolent Danish publication that insulted the prophet.
      They went so far as to recall their ambassador. But here we are – a
      few short months later – and the Saudis are making nice with the
      American-financed Israeli campaign to dismantle Lebanon and enforce
      the "Condi/Weisglass" accord – the secret agreement that will allow
      Olmert's government to annex half of the West Bank.

      The key to Arab salvation is in passive resistance to American-Israeli
      designs on the region. Unfortunately, that key is locked away in the
      House of Saud. All Arab intellectuals need to harness their efforts to
      open a public debate to help explain why the Saudis are feigning
      impotence while Lebanon and Gaza are being mercilessly torched.

      To effect a full disclosure of Saudi rationales for supporting the
      invasion of Iraq and Lebanon, we need to understand and propagate the
      nature of the American imperial project in the Gulf and the full
      extent of the Saudi money-laundering racket.

      Once the average citizen in the Middle East and the US understands
      that this is a war to protect the almighty dollar – we can call on
      people of good will around the world to dump that blood soaked
      currency. The onus will then fall on the House of Saud to explain why
      they will not participate in a straightforward dollar boycott to
      defend their 'Arab brothers.'

      Of course, Arab intellectuals can always revert to their old habits of
      taking inventory of how many innocent women and children are being
      slaughtered. They can continue to document the vicious destruction of
      infrastructure and make a fuss about collective punishment and
      American double standards. There will still be those Arab-Americans
      who will continue to bang their heads on the wall and waste endless
      efforts in letter-writing campaigns to convince a single senator that
      Palestinians and Lebanese are part of the human race.

      Forget all that. George Bush doesn't care about Arabs – unless they
      have deep Saudi pockets. It's a waste of time to appeal to
      non-existent American compassion. And it's a pipe dream to expect a
      sudden moral awakening among the policy makers in Washington. You can
      parcel post a dismembered Lebanese or Palestinian child to the homes
      of every Senator in Washington and still be met with a blank stare.

      One of the qualifications for career advancement at the State
      Department is to demonstrate complete indifference to the death and
      mutilation of innocent Arabs. That's just the way America is, and
      Arabs – especially Arab-Americans – should stop deluding themselves
      about what makes Washington tick.

      So, what to do now that all the fig leaves have fallen? Gather them
      and burn them with the dollar.



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