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James Petras: Mad Dogs

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    Mad Dogs Ravage Lebanon BY JAMES PETRAS July 30 - August 5, 2006 http://www.bulatlat.com/news/6-25/6-25-readerpetras.htm Israel must be like a mad dog, too
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      Mad Dogs Ravage Lebanon
      July 30 - August 5, 2006

      "Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother."(General
      Moshe Dayan, Former Israeli Defense Minister)

      "Army Chief Dan Halutz has given the order to the air force to destroy
      10 multi-story buildings in the Dahaya district (of Beirut) in
      response to every rocket fired at Haifa." (Israeli Army Radio, July

      "I think it's important that we not fall into the trap of moral
      equivalency here. What Hezbollah has done is kidnap Israeli soldiers
      and rain rockets and mortar shells on Israeli civilians. What Israel
      has done in response is act in self-defense." (US Ambassador to the
      United Nations John Bolton)

      "Israeli leaders could be charged with war crimes." (Louise Arbour,
      UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, July 2006)

      "The Third World War…has already started. What we're seeing today in
      the Middle East is a chapter of it." (Daniel Gillerman, Israeli
      Ambassador to the United Nations, July 2006)

      "Israel is the biggest threat to peace in the eyes of most Europeans."
      (Poll conducted by the European Union in early 2006)

      Kristalnacht, the 1939 Nazi assault on Jewish homes, stores and
      persons in "reprisal" for a Jew killing a German Embassy officer, was
      a garden party compared to the Jewish State's ongoing destruction of
      Lebanon. The Nazi "reprisal" led to the killing of several Jews and
      property damage in the millions of dollars. Israel's murder and
      destruction toll now includes over 400 Lebanese civilians dead,
      thousands maimed, 750,000 (some say 900,000) refugees, hundreds of
      destroyed apartment buildings, thousands of homes, schools, factories,
      aqueducts, water and sewage treatment facilities, churches and
      mosques, radio and television stations, all the major bridges and
      highways, the airports and ports – in fact anything and anybody
      standing, hiding or fleeing for safety.

      Israel's deliberate "total blockade" in addition to its carpet-bombing
      has created a humanitarian catastrophe for 2.5 million Lebanese,
      including the 750,000 refugees. According to the Financial Times,
      "The humanitarian situation has been made worse by an Israeli sea and
      air blockade and the targeting of roads and bridges that hinder the
      distribution of aid, both to the refugees and to the people who have
      stayed behind." (Financial Times July 25, 2006 p.3) Refugees tell of
      days of Israeli shelling, shortages of water and food, power outages
      and cut phone lines. Even more sinister many refugees "recount how
      they were first told by Israel to leave, only to be hit by Israeli
      shelling on the road to safety" (Financial Times ibid)

      All the major Jewish organizations in the US, Europe and Canada pledge
      fealty to the Israeli state and endorse its crimes against humanity as
      do all the mass media; they influence or control the US Congress,
      executive branch and trade union confederations in the US. The "Big
      Lie" of Israeli "reprisals" has been repeated so often in the media
      and in official circles that it is taken as an accepted fact. If we
      return to the "ancient history" of July 12, 2006, we discover that
      Hezbollah attacked an Israeli Army post on the border with Lebanon – a
      military target with no civilian significance. Immediately after this
      localized military incident, Prime Minister Olmert ordered massive
      bombing of Beirut and civilian targets throughout Lebanon. After
      Israel's carpet-bombing of civilians and civilian infrastructure
      throughout Lebanon, Hezbollah responded on July 14, 2006 by "declaring
      war" on Israel, namely bombing Israeli cities. On July 14, 2006 the
      Jewish Lobby propaganda and power machine went into action criticizing
      Bush over his concern for the Lebanese client regime, which the White
      House had so laboriously put in place (Forward July 14, 2006).

      Abraham Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League,
      sharply attacked Bush for asking Tel Aviv to show restraint and not
      undermine Lebanese Prime Minister Siniora. The Conference of the Major
      American Jewish Organizations put its 52 groups into action. Bush
      quickly backtracked and forgot about his Lebanese client. Israel and
      the "52 Groups" pushed the US to supply more five-ton bombs for its
      bombers to drop on a defenseless country without a functioning air
      force. The leading ideologues of the Jewish Lobby pushed for the US
      to bomb Iran and Syria, the "hand behind Hezbollah" – hoping to start
      Israeli Ambassador Gillerman's World War Three.

      The unanimity of the major Jewish organizations support for Israeli
      ethnocide extends to the "peace time" Israeli peace organizations and
      progressives like Amos Oz, who calls on Israel's peace organizations
      to close ranks behind the butchers of Beirut in the name of the
      "defense" of Israel.

      As Washington rushes a new supply of five-ton bombs and "precision
      missiles," there can be no doubt that the Israeli leaders' destruction
      of the civilian homes, apartments and infrastructure is a precisely
      calculated target (BBC News July 23, 2006). As precision-guided
      missiles are playing a key part in Israel's military strategy, it is
      clear that the repeated bombing of refugee caravans and ambulances on
      the highways, hospitals, mosques and the Muslim and Christian sectors
      of Beirut and other cities are an integral part of that strategy.

      Professor Juan Cole argues persuasively that the war on Lebanon was
      planned for at least a year, citing the presentations by senior
      Israeli army officers to Washington think-tanks, diplomats and
      journalists outlining the coming invasion (www.juancole.com July 23,

      The Israeli pretext of rescuing two captured soldiers is laughable
      given the instant massive offensive and the sustained destruction of
      all of Lebanon, including large areas of central and northern Lebanon
      where there are few if any Hezbollah.

      It ill behooves us to ignore the recent historical context for the
      Israeli bombing and wanton murder of Lebanese. For several years the
      Jewish Lobby has pressured the White House and Congress to disarm and
      destroy Hezbollah; to accomplish that goal it was necessary to change
      the correlation of forces in Lebanon by forcing the Syrians out –
      which was successfully accomplished through the assassination of a
      prominent Lebanese politician (Hariri) then pinning the murder on
      Syrian intelligence – though no proof was ever presented and perjured
      testimony, later retracted, was the sole evidence. Subsequent to
      Syria's departure, a Lebanese assassin in the pay of the Israeli
      secret service, Mossad, was captured by the anti-Syrian Lebanese
      police, and admitted to committing numerous bombing assassinations on
      Lebanese citizens targeted by the Israelis.

      With Syria out of Lebanon, Washington secured a one-sided UN
      resolution calling for the disarming of Hezbollah, without any
      military or territorial concession from Israel (such as the return of
      Israeli occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms) or the return of Lebanese or
      Hezbollah prisoners languishing in Israeli prisons for up to 10 years.
      That UN resolution, probably the only one Israel abides to for obvious
      reasons, subsequently provided part of the cover for Israel's invasion
      as they bombed Lebanon into a miserable state more like Afghanistan
      than a vibrant Mediterranean republic. Israel's strategy was
      transparent: it sought to isolate Hezbollah in the world, securing UN
      support via Washington and pressure from the Lobby on the Bush
      Administration, and to promote an internal conflict in Lebanon between
      Hezbollah and the Lebanese government, in which the US/UN would
      intervene in favor of its favored Beirut clients.

      Failing on both counts, Israel decided, in consultation with
      Washington, to launch a frontal murderous assault on Lebanon on the
      pretext of the captured soldiers and attacking Hezbollah. Washington
      saw in the Israeli military attack several favorable possibilities
      apart from destroying the anti-imperialist Hezbollah. One was to
      isolate and create a pretext to attack Syria and Iran if they exerted
      any efforts on behalf of the Lebanese. Secondly Washington saw the
      Israeli invasion as a means to distract the horrified world opinion
      away from the US genocidal occupation of Iraq. Thirdly the Bush
      administration sought to secure the Jewish Lobby's continued powerful
      media influence in support of the US occupation of Iraq when a
      majority of US citizens were increasingly hostile. Finally, in
      supplying Israel with weapons of mass destruction, like five-ton
      bombs, the Republicans and Democrats sought to secure campaign funding
      from their millionaire and billionaire Jewish political supporters.

      For Israel, the military attack was directed toward destroying all of
      Lebanon, converting it into an economic wasteland, with the idea that
      by ethnically cleansing the Lebanese civilians from southern Lebanon,
      they would have an easier time in declaring the country a "free-fire"
      zone – to be bombed at will killing any Hezbollah sympathizers,
      activists, social workers, medics and fighters. The strategy was to
      "empty the pond (southern Lebanon and south Beirut – perhaps 40% of
      the country's population) to catch the fish (Hezbollah)." (Hezbollah
      is a mass political and social movement with a mass base of 1.1
      million Lebanese). In the process, Israel seeks to create a client
      regime in Lebanon and to cut off the moral and material support, which
      Hezbollah gives to the democratically elected Hamas government in

      In the course of events, Israel's and the US's assumptions failed.
      Israel's massive terror bombing undermined the pro-US Beirut regime
      and turned the great majority of Lebanese in favor of Hezbollah. In
      the total absence of the Lebanese government, it was Hezbollah, which
      rushed victims to hospitals, provided food, evacuation convoys and a
      modicum of relief to all Lebanese – regardless of affiliation.
      Washington's precautions to the Israeli's to respect Lebanese
      civilians and civilian infrastructure were brazenly ignored by the
      Jewish state from the start, knowing full well that the Jewish Lobby
      in the US would ensure Washington's complicity in mass murder and the
      undermining of their own client regime.

      There was never any question that the White House facing a choice
      between defending a conservative, recently installed Lebanese regime
      or supporting Israel's total war, the Lobby and Tel Aviv would be
      supported – hands down.

      If the US miscalculated on Israel's "precision intervention," the
      Jewish State over-estimated their capacity to bomb Hezbollah into
      submission. The Israeli regime proceeded to launch a land war, which
      is extremely costly in the mountainous zones of South Lebanon. For
      the first time there were large-scale Israeli military casualties,
      which mounted; the dying was not only among innocent, unarmed Lebanese
      families killed by Israeli planes and helicopters. Hezbollah's action
      in attacking and capturing two Israeli soldiers was to come to the
      humanitarian aid of the besieged Palestinians of Gaza, suffering the
      hammer blows of Israel's invasion and daily assassinations. Neither
      Syria nor Iran had any influence on Hezbollah's decision to take
      Israeli pressure off the Palestinians. According to several Iran
      experts, "Iran has taken a pragmatic approach in its foreign policy
      and does not want to get into a serious confrontation with Israel,"
      (Financial Times July 18, 2006 p 3). Another expert argued "Iran was
      not looking for a crisis in Lebanon at a critical moment in the
      nuclear diplomacy," (FT ibid). An expert on Hezbollah pointed out "it
      was inconceivable that Iran had ordered Hezbollah to take Israeli
      soldiers prisoners. Hezbollah leaders are not the types to take
      orders from elsewhere," (FT ibid). In addition Israel was holding
      numerous Lebanese political prisoners, some for over a decade and
      Hezbollah sought to secure a prisoner exchange, as well as to free
      Lebanese territory still under Israeli occupation.

      Israel, by attacking Lebanon and focusing on Hezbollah, sought to
      further isolate the Palestinian government and to continue its policy
      of bombing its people into a "voluntary" exodus. During the first two
      weeks of the Lebanese bombing, Israel continued its assassination and
      bombing campaign in Gaza and the West Bank, killing and maiming scores
      of civilians, children and resistance fighters. Perversely, Israel by
      raising the death (nearly 500), destruction (an estimated $2 billion
      dollars) and forced exodus of at least 750,000 civilians in Lebanon,
      has effectively distracted the philo-Israel mass media focus from the
      daily murder and injury of dozens of Palestinians. Mass media
      coverage of Israeli genocide in Lebanon is at its worst: the
      television media - CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and National Public Radio and
      the respectable press not only repeat the Israeli propaganda about
      'precision-guided missiles…destroying Hezbollah bunkers," but focus on
      the handful of Israeli deaths and injuries as opposed to the thousands
      of Lebanese civilian deaths and injuries and the million who are
      homeless, without electricity or water and subject to 5-ton bombs
      looking for 'bunkers' but locating multi-storied apartment blocks.
      "At least one third of Lebanese casualties are children," according to
      the UN's Jan Egeland after a field inspection. Less than one-tenth
      are Hezbollah fighters. Faced with massive civilian bombings, US
      Secretary of State Rice referred to it as "the birth pangs" of a new
      order just as her predecessors in the Third Reich justified the
      bombing of London during World War Two.

      On July 24, 2006 the Daily Alert, the news sheet of the Presidents of
      Major American Jewish Organizations published and re-published
      articles written by apologists for Israel's bloody invasion. Not a
      single criticism of the flight of at least 750,000 refugees, not a
      word of the destruction of apartments, not even a passing mention of
      the murder of over 100 children. Quotes from President Bush opposing
      a ceasefire, of ultra rightist "Israel Firster" Ambassador Bolton (US
      Ambassador to the UN) defending Israel's terror bombing arguing that
      the destruction of Lebanon is less consequential than the few small
      rockets falling in Israel with deaths but not effect on the
      infrastructure…Op-Ed articles in the Washington Post, Los Angeles
      Times, Wall Street Journal, and New Republic support Israel's
      bloodbath. Editorials in the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and
      Miami Herald closely follow the Lobby's lines.

      The entire massive Jewish and pro-Israel propaganda machine has
      covered the US media with messages of unconditional support for
      Israeli murder, denials of Lebanese suffering and justification of
      wanton destruction, presented as an act of heroic defense… by the "mad
      dogs" (Moshe Dayan) of Israel. The voices of Americans horrified by
      Israeli atrocities or who just feel sympathy for its victims goes
      unheeded, or worse, are attacked and ridiculed, (the veteran
      octogenarian White House correspondent, Helen Thomas, of Lebanese
      ethnic origin, was taunted as the "voice of Hezbollah" by the
      President's Press Secretary Tony Snow). The US peace movement,
      prohibited by its Jewish progressives from voicing outrage at Israel,
      let alone the Lobby, is moribund. Once again, Israel gets away with
      murder; its overseas political transmission belts dominate the mass
      media. The US Congress kneels to the Lobby's dictates. The entire
      White House Staff act as messengers for the Israeli Foreign Office:

      "You need two weeks for more bombing? Oh, don't fear, there will be
      no time limit…Yes sir, we'll channel the EU, UN and World opinion –
      there'll be no 'cease fire' we'll tell'em!"

      "Destroying an entire country as reprisal for 2 Israeli prisoners …we
      believe that Israel has a right to defend herself."

      The US submission and complicity in the Gaza ethnocide and now the
      destruction of Lebanon without internal debate in Congress, in the
      mass media, or even in the so-called "peace movements," speaks loudly
      and clearly to the stranglehold of Israeli power within the United
      States and to the enormous and continuing damage to our basic
      democratic freedoms. To stand against totalitarian terror and US
      complicity should be a common reflexive act of decency. Today under
      the Lobby's all-pervasive domain it is an act of courage, even though
      it may reach only a few tens of thousands through the alternative media.

      Israel's idea of a "ceasefire" parroted by the Israel Lobby and
      regurgitated by the US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice to Lebanese
      leaders is first to allow Israel to continue the carpet-bombing of
      Lebanon with the newly shipped 5-ton American bombs, thus rejecting
      Lebanon's Prime Minister's pleas for an immediate ceasefire (FT July
      25, 2006). Once Israel has totally devastated the country, Washington
      will propose an "international force" (of Israel's choosing) along
      with the Lebanese Army to occupy Southern Lebanon (currently under
      Israeli occupation with the remnant of the battered unarmed UN peace
      keepers).The "international force" is then supposed to proceed to the
      total disarming and forced removal of all Hezbollah fighters and their
      half-million supporters in the South. At that point Israel would
      consider a ceasefire. Apparently Israel's mad-dog disease is
      contagious and has affected the few remaining grey cells in the White
      House. According to the New York Times, there are no commitments for
      the proposed "international force": "The US has ruled out its
      soldiers participating, NATO says it is overstretched, Britain feels
      its troops are overcommitted and Germany says it is willing to
      participate only if Hezbollah agrees." (NYTimes July 24, 2006).
      Secondly since the Israeli scorched-earth policy, and Hezbollah's
      tough resistance, few if any Lebanese soldiers will take up arms to
      implement Israel's conditions, as even the conservative Lebanese
      leaders reject a foreign occupation. Thirdly and most important,
      Hezbollah is prepared for and capable of engaging in a prolonged
      popular guerrilla war of resistance, such as Israel has never faced
      before, in terms of organization, morale and military capability.
      According to Jane's Defense Weekly, analyst Nicholas Blandford,
      "(Hezbollah) are well armed, well-motivated combat veterans from the
      1990's. It's the old Mao Tsetung guerrilla strategy of retreating
      when the enemy advances and advancing when the enemy retreats.

      According to another expert on Hezbollah: "They operate in small
      isolated cells. One cell does not know what the other cell is
      doing…This decentralized structure is part of the group's military
      potency" (Saad-Ghoreyeb cited in Aljazeera July 25, 2006).
      Hezbollah's military force, as large as 7,500 fighters, has like the
      Vietnamese earlier been preparing underground tunnels across South
      Lebanon and has built an advanced well-stocked armory. Unlike
      previous Arab armies, which were heavily infiltrated and which fought
      'standing wars' under highly centralized commands, Hezbollah works in
      small, decentralized groups, which move quickly and have taken
      effective measures against Israeli informers. Hezbollah is waiting for
      a full-scale ground invasion to fight a guerrilla war in the mountains
      and on their terrain. According to Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan
      Nasrallah, "When the Israelis enter, they must pay dearly in terms of
      their tanks, officers and soldiers." (Al Jazeera July 25, 2006)
      Israel is clearly not going to win a "seven-day war." Even in the
      first 10 days, Alon Ben-David, a Janes Defense Weekly correspondent
      wrote that the Israeli military has suffered "considerable casualties"
      in its push north into Lebanon.


      Thanks to the power of the US-Jewish Lobby and the reach of its
      international affiliates, the US government secured the agreement of
      the world's powers meeting in Rome on July 26, 2006 to give Israel's
      'mad dogs' free rein to continue their genocidal policies in Lebanon
      and Gaza, a vote hailed by the mouthpiece (Daily Alert July 27, 2006)
      of the Presidents of the Major Jewish Organizations. Given the
      Lobby's supremos efforts to stifle dissent from genocide special
      importance is the fact that the Rome vote took place less than 24
      hours after Israel deliberately murdered (decapitated) four UN peace
      keepers through direct targeting of their camp and after having
      received over a dozen frantic phone calls from the beleaguered
      international peace keepers before, during and after the Israeli
      missile and tank shelling attack (BBC News July 25, 2006). Even the
      US toady, UN Secretary General Kofi Annam couldn't accept the Israeli
      claims of error. His statement that the Israelis deliberately
      attacked the unarmed UN observers in their clearly marked outpost
      provoked fits of indignation in Israel and among Israel Firsters in
      the US. Needless to say, the US Jewish Lobby automatically backed
      Israel's slaughter of the UN peacekeepers and published Israeli
      Ambassador to the US Dan Ayalon's demand that Secretary General Annam
      "apologize" for his "baseless" charges. (Daily Alert July 26, 2006)
      In the meantime, the respectable press, led by the ultra-Zionist
      Washington Post continued to provide exclusive editorial and news
      space for the apologists of Israeli genocide in Lebanon. David
      Rivkin, Jr. and Lee A. Casey argued that the mass terror bombing of
      Lebanon (and by the same logic Gaza) are "within (Israel's) right" and
      provide the most convoluted pseudo-legal arguments that would have
      made Goebbels blush. (Washington Post July 25, 2006) Needless to say,
      we are told that both authors served in the Reagan Justice Department,
      apparently cutting their teeth sanitizing the Central American killing

      Israel's crimes and the impunity granted to it by the "Rome meeting"
      is seen as a license to commit every outrageous crime forbidden in the
      UN Charter under the rubric of "Crimes against Humanity." The British
      Guardian reported on July 25, 2006, "The ambulance headlights were on,
      the blue light overhead was flashing and another light illuminated the
      Red Cross flag when the first Israeli missile hit, shearing off the
      right leg of the man on the stretcher. As he lay screaming beneath
      fire and smoke, patients and ambulance workers scrambled for safety,
      crawling over grass in the dark. Then another missile hit the second
      ambulance." (Guardian July 25, 2006)

      As the world's attention turned to the genocide in Lebanon, the
      Israeli military machine continued to slaughter Palestinian children
      and civilians…(Reuters July 26, 2006) reported that 19 Palestinians,
      over half civilians, including 3 children under 4, were killed and 60
      people wounded. The toll of Palestinian dead and wound in the Jewish
      state's month-long assault rose to over a thousand.

      The official Israeli peaceniks have joined the war party, as have most
      of their followers. A poll published by Israel's Maariv daily
      newspaper states that 82% back the continued offensive and 95% say
      Israel's action is justified. (BBC News July 27, 2006). Since Israel
      is generally considered a democracy limited to its Jewish citizens, we
      can safely state that the overwhelming majority of Israeli Jews are
      willing accomplices to Israeli crimes against humanity. (Did
      Goldhagen ever find a consensus of 95% of Germans in favor of Nazi
      ethnic cleansing?) Likewise, in the United States and Europe, the
      great majority of Zionist organizations and their activists are
      extremely active in securing US support for Israeli genocide. The
      hidden horror and the voices of dissent of many US citizens are
      stifled by the overbearing dominance of the Jewish Lobby's monopoly of
      the mass media. It is as if the Lobby-promoted invasion of Iraq was a
      dry run for US backing for Israeli invasions in the Middle East, aimed
      at provoking major wars with Iran and Syria. This is a prospect
      actively promoted by most Neo-conservative Jewish ideologues like
      William Kristol of the Daily Standard.



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