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Oil, Dollar Hegemony & Islam

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    Professor Francis Boyle s speech at the Global Peace Forum, Malaysia, with Dr. Mahathir listening Oil, Dollar Hegemony and Islam Francis Boyle The Palestine
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2006
      Professor Francis Boyle's speech at the Global Peace Forum, Malaysia,
      with Dr. Mahathir listening

      Oil, Dollar Hegemony and Islam
      Francis Boyle
      The Palestine Chronicle
      Wed, 05 Jul 2006

      A transcript of Professor Francis Boyle's speech at the recent Perdana
      Global Peace Forum in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Speaking on the
      neo-conservatives' middle-east agenda, the Professor gave sobering
      predictions on a likely scenario for the Middle East and for Muslims
      all around the world.

      Perdana Global Peace Forum
      Special Session 2006
      June 22nd, 2006
      Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

      Speech by Prof. Francis A. Boyle

      Assalamu'alaikum. Dr. Mahathir, Mrs. Mahathir, distinguished
      Excellencies, ladies and gentlemen. Little has changed in the
      imperialist tendencies of American foreign policy since the founding
      of the United States of America in seventeen eighty-nine. The
      fledgling United States opened the nineteenth century by stealing the
      continent of North America from the Indians, while in the process
      ethnically cleansing them and then finally deporting the pitiful few
      survivors by means of death marches (a la Bataan) to Bantustans, which
      in America we call reservations, as in instance of America's manifest
      destiny to rule the world.

      Then, the imperial government of the United States opened the
      twentieth century by stealing a colonial empire from Spain - in Cuba,
      Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines, then inflicting a
      near-genocidal war against the Filipino people. While at the same
      time, purporting to annex, the kingdom of Hawaii and subjecting the
      native Hawaiian people to near-genocidal conditions from which they
      still suffer today- all in the name of securing America's so-called
      place in the sun.

      And today at the dawn of the twenty first century, the world witnesses
      the effort by the imperial government of the United States of America
      to steal a hydrocarbon empire from the Muslim states and peoples,
      surrounding central Asia and the Persian Gulf under the pretext of
      fighting a war against international terrorism or eliminating weapons
      of mass destruction or promoting democracy which is total nonsense.

      For the past two hundred and sixteen years, the imperialist foreign
      policy of the United States of America since its foundation, has been
      predicated upon racism, aggression, genocide, ethnic cleansing, crimes
      against humanity, war crimes and outright genocide. At the dawn of the
      third millennium of humankindâ?Ts parlous existence, nothing has
      changed about the operational dynamics of American imperial policy.
      And we see this today in Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and what appears
      to be an illegal attack upon Iran.

      Now the topic today is the Middle East Agenda: Oil, Dollar Hegemony
      and Islam. So, I'm only going to limit my comments to that subject. We
      have to begin the story with the Arab oil embargo in nineteen
      seventy-three. As you know in nineteen sixty-seven, Israel launched an
      illegal and preventive war against the surrounding Arab states, stole
      the land and ethnically cleansed the people. But eventually Egypt
      offered a Peace Treaty to Israel which Israel rejected and the
      Egyptians and the Arab states decided then to use force to recover
      their lands.

      Israel almost collapsed, the United States and Europe came to their
      support by providing weapons and in reaction the Arab states imposed
      an oil embargo on the United States and Europe, and brought their
      economies to their knees. Whereupon, the then U.S Secretary of State,
      Henry Kissinger threatened them and said, this will never happen
      again, and if you do, we will prevent it. And it was not just a
      threat. The United States government then at that time, planned,
      prepared and conspired, to steal the oil of the Persian Gulf. They did
      not have the military capability to do this at that time, to carry out
      the Kissinger threat, which was also then repeated by the Ford
      administration, and the Carter administration under Harold Brown and

      So they put into planning an interventionary force, designed expressly
      for the purpose of stealing Arab oil fields, and that was called the
      rapid deployment force. And it took ten years of training, planning,
      positioning, and supply to build that interventionary force of that
      capability and eventually it was called the U.S. Central Command. The
      purpose of the U.S. Central Command is to steal and control and
      dominate the oil and gas resources of the Persian Gulf and Central
      Asia. And that's exactly what the U.S. Central Command proceeded to do
      in the Bush Sr. war against Iraq, their first military expedition.

      And as we know, that war exterminated probably two hundred thousand
      Iraqis. Half of them innocent civilians. Simply wiped out in a bombing
      campaign and a military expedition of unprecedented dimensions. But
      remember, it took fifteen years for the Pentagon and three different
      administrations both Republicans and Democrats to get the capability
      to do this. And then, when that genocide or conflict was over, what
      happened? The United States carved Iraq up into three pieces with
      their air force, the so-called no-fly zones, a zone for the Kurds in
      the North, a zone for the Shi'ah in the South, and the Sunni in the
      middle. Why? To destroy Iraq as an effectively viable state.

      In his book, Clash of Civilizations, Huntington from Harvard who
      advised the Pentagon and advised the state department pointed out that
      the only Arab state with the capability to lead the Arab world and
      challenge the United States and Israel was Iraq. And so Iraq had to be
      destroyed, to maintain the domination of the United States and its
      proxy, Israel. And remember after nineteen seventy-three, whatever it
      was before then, Israel is nothing more than a catspaw of the United
      States. They do what America tells them to do. Otherwise Israel is
      nothing more than a failed state.

      In addition then, to destroying Iraq as a state, carving it up into
      three pieces, was the decision to debilitate and destroy the Iraqi
      people. And so they continued the genocidal economic sanctions on the
      people of Iraq, that my colleagues, Denis Halliday, Hans Von Sponeck,
      so courageously resisted and finally resigned as a matter of
      principle, calling them by what they really were, genocide. The United
      States and Britain maliciously and criminally imposed genocidal
      sanctions on the people of Iraq, that killed approximately 1.5 million
      Iraqis, all of whom were innocent civilians.

      And when U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright was asked about
      the five hundred thousand dead children, she said that she thought the
      price was worth it. Now, I could have taken that statement to the
      International Court of Justice, and filed it against the United States
      as evidence of genocidal intent against the people of Iraq in
      violation of the 1948 Genocide Convention. And indeed I offered to do
      so to the then President of Iraq, but for whatever reasons he decided
      not to take these claims to the International Court of Justice.

      And now, as you see, he is on trial in a total kangaroo court
      proceeding in Baghdad that is completely controlled and dominated by
      the United States government. So, 1.5 million Iraqis died as the
      result of these genocidal sanctions. And then came September 11. And
      we know for a fact that the Bush Jr. administration knew that a major
      terrorist attack was going to be launched on the United States. And
      they let it happen anyway deliberately and on purpose. Why? They
      wanted a pretext for war. And not just one war but for a long war
      which they are talking about today.

      Indeed, from my research the war plans drawn up by the Pentagon for
      the war against Afghanistan were formulated as early as 1997. Enormous
      military forces fielded by that same U.S. Central Command, were
      already in and around and surrounding the Persian Gulf and the Indian
      Ocean before September 11. This war had been planned against
      Afghanistan. And armed, equipped, supplied, trained and war-gamed and
      ready to go. They just needed the pretext and that was September 11.
      Why? The United States wanted access to the oil and natural gas of
      Central Asia.

      That had been a Pentagon objective since at least before the collapse
      of the Soviet Union in nineteen ninety-one. And the 9-11 attack gave
      them the pretext to make this major grab for the oil and gas of
      Central Asia. And they are there today with their bases, with their
      troops, in the surrounding countries in Central Asia. And of course in
      the process, obliterated, we don't even have an estimate of the
      Muslims in Afghanistan who were killed in the air bombardment, twenty,
      twenty five thousand, maybe more, and tens of thousands of others
      starved to death and still suffering today.

      But that, as we know from all the records was only the first step in
      the process. They wanted to finish the job in Iraq. And so immediately
      after September 11, Bush ordered Rumsfeld to update and operationalize
      the plans for attacking and invading Iraq. It had nothing at all to do
      with weapons of mass destruction. We in the peace movement in America
      had been saying that all along. The United Nations had determined
      there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. These were lies
      designed to scaremonger the American people and Congress into
      supporting an illegal war of aggression, a Nuremberg crime against
      peace, against Iraq. And they told whatever lies and broke what
      international laws they had to break in order to attack Iraq.

      And today the estimate, again we don't know. Perhaps two hundred
      thousand people in Iraq had been killed outright by the United States,
      Britain, its allies, Australia in Iraq. And again, most of them
      civilians. Clearly if you add up what United States government has
      done to Iraq from August of 1990, when it imposed the genocidal
      economic embargo until today. The United States and Britain have
      inflicted outright genocide on the Muslim and Christian people of Iraq
      and they are predominately Muslim as we know.

      Now comes the third step in the Pentagon's pre-existing plan, to
      control and dominate the oil and gas resources of the Persian Gulf and
      Central Asia. It's sounds a bit like the plan that Hitler and the
      Nazis had in the 1930ââ,¬Âs. Does it not? First go into Austria,
      then go into Czechoslovakia, then go into Poland. So first
      Afghanistan, then Iraq, and now Iran. And so now Iran is going to be
      the next victim of these outright criminals unless you and I can stop

      Right now there are three aircraft carrier task forces in the Persian
      Gulf. And whenever they had put three aircraft carrier task forces
      over there, it's always to prepare for an attack. And according to
      Seymour Hersch, the award winning journalist, it will probably be an
      aerial bombardment, along the lines of what they did to Yugoslavia in
      1999. As you remember there, seventy-eight days of aerial bombardment
      by the United States and NATO with no authorization from the Security
      Council. Clearly illegal. Killing again, we don't know the exact
      number outright, four to five thousand innocent civilians. And
      targeting civilian infrastructure, all up and down, from which the
      people still suffer today. The use of depleted uranium ammunitions,
      outbreaks of cancer are documented today.

      So this is what, is being planned right now as we speak; an attack
      upon Iran. Using jet fighter aircraft, fighter bombers, on these three
      aircraft carrier task forces, using cruise missiles on submarines and
      of course Israel will be involved and have a role to play, doing
      exactly what the Americans tell them to do. In addition, it appears
      that if they attack Iran, they will also attack Syria. Yesterday, if
      you heard President Bush's press conference in Vienna, he threatened
      Syria, right? There's no other word for it. He threatened Syria. These
      Neo-Conservatives want to take out Syria as a favor to Israel.
      Remember, many of these Neo-Conservatives are affiliated personally
      and professionally with the Likhud Party in Israel and Ariel Sharon,
      the butcher of Beirut, the man who exterminated twenty thousand Arabs
      in Lebanon, most of them, not all of them were Muslims. And in
      addition, slaughtered two thousand completely innocent Palestinian
      women, children and old men at Sabra and Shatila. Ariel Sharon, the
      man who went to Haram Al-Sharif, the third holiest site in Islam,
      where Muhammad, (Peace Be Upon Him) ascended into heaven, and
      desecrated the Haram on September 28th, 2000, and deliberately
      provoked the start of the Al-Aqsa Intifada and has inflicted death and
      destruction on the Palestinian people since then. Close to thirty
      seven hundred Palestinians since then alone have been
      killedââ,¬Â¦.most of them shot down like dogs in the street, and what
      has the Muslim world done about this?

      My Palestinian friends tell me that they are worried that the
      government of Malaysia might recognize Israel and establish diplomatic
      relations with Israel. I certainly hope this is not true. We must
      treat the criminal apartheid regime in Israel, the same way the world
      treated the criminal apartheid regime in South Africa. If the United
      States attacks Iran, they will probably attack Syria with the Israeli
      air force and they will attack Lebanon to take out the Islamic
      resistance movement in southern Lebanon - Hezbollah that defended the
      legitimate rights of Lebanon and the Lebanese people and expelled the
      invading longstanding occupying Israeli army that had the full support
      of the United States government for over twenty years.

      So they could attack Iran, Syria, Southern Lebanon and inflict yet
      another round of ethnic cleansing on the suffering Palestinian people.
      Remember Sharon and Likhud believe that Jordan is Palestine. And they
      want to drive as many Palestinians as possible out of their homes and
      into Jordan.

      So if the United States as reported by Hersh and other reliable
      sources, goes ahead and attack Iran, we could see warfare erupt all
      the way from Egypt to the border with India. This whole area convulsed
      in warfare. And who will be the primary victims of this war? Muslims.
      The United States could not care less about Muslim life. Look at the
      deionization and victimization of Muslims that we have seen inflicted
      by the United States and its surrogate, Israel. Look at Guantanamo,
      where six hundred Muslim men have been treated like dogs in a kennel.
      Pretty much the way the Nazis treated the Jews. Look at Abu Ghraib and
      the sadism and sexual exploitation and perversion of Muslims by their
      American captors. And the same thing has been done in Baghram in
      Afghanistan. And when Professor Sharif Bassiouni, the UN special
      rapporteur filed the report with the Security Council against US
      practices in Afghanistan, the Americans had Kofi Annan fire him. Just
      as they had Kofi Annan fire Mary Robinson, the UN high commissioner
      for human rights, when she protested what was going on down in

      The United States could not care less about Muslim life. And the same
      is true for the genocidal apartheid regime in Israel. They would be
      happy to use nuclear weapons against Iran. They would be happy to
      break the taboo of Hiroshima and Nagasaki against Muslims in Iran. It
      would create no problem at all for them. Indeed, I went to school with
      these Neo-Conservatives at the University of Chicago. Wolfowitz was
      there, Challabi, Khalilzad, Schulsky, all the rest of them. I went
      through the exact same program. Their mentor, Professor Leo Strauss.
      And who was his teacher in Germany and his sponsor? Professor Carl
      Schmitt who went on to become the most notorious Nazi law Professor of
      his day, justifying every atrocity that the Nazis inflicted on
      everyone. We must understand that these Neo-Conservatives are in fact
      Neo-Nazis. They have espoused the Nazi doctrine of Schmitt and Strauss
      and Machiavelli and Nietzsche, the 'superman'. They are the supermen,
      and the Muslims are the scum of the earth.

      Now, I do not believe the United States will initially start bombing
      Iran with nuclear weapons. But if things get out of control they are
      fully prepared to use tactical nuclear weapons. And here in our
      materials, you have the Pentagonââ,¬â"¢s Joint Publication 3-12,
      which you can get on the internetââ,¬Â¦. just do a Google search and
      read it. And you will see there dated fifteenth March 2005; nuclear,
      tactical nuclear weapons have been fully integrated into United States
      conventional forces. So if Iran were to defend itself, human wave
      attacks, whatever, they will be happy to use nuclear weapons, tactical
      nuclear weapons against Iran. Remember, these Neo-Nazis, Neo-Cons want
      to break the taboo of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They want to use
      tactical nuclear weapons, to be able to say to the rest of the world,
      you do what we tell you to do or else look what we did to the

      It's a very serious situation. And this could even get further out of
      control. Remember that before Bush invaded Iraq, President Putin of
      Russia said that if he invades Iraq he could set off World War Three.
      Well, I interpreted that as an implicit threat. Even the famous
      American news broadcaster Walter Cronkite said that if Bush invaded
      Iraq he could set off World War Three. Two weeks ago we had the
      meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization; China, Russia and
      Iran. So again, if Bush were to attack Iran, he very well could set
      off a Third World War, a nuclear war. And that is where you come in.
      Dr. Mahathir has had the vision to call for this conference to alert
      the entire world to the existential dangers presented by a US attack
      on Iran that could readily become nuclear, regional and global. And I
      am calling upon you to do whatever you can in cooperation with Dr.
      Mahathir and the Perdana Global Peace Foundation to head this off.
      Allah has given each and everyone of you skills that can be used in
      this endeavour. I can't tell you what they are, but you yourself know
      what they are. And you must go to Dr. Mahathir. You must go to the
      Perdana Peace Foundation and say, "This is what I can do. These are my
      talents. These are my professional qualifications. These are my
      skills. This is my cheque book. Let me help. Let me prevent, let me
      help prevent a nuclear war, a possible final, cataclysmic Third World

      Thank you, shukran.

      -Francis A. Boyle, Professor of Law, University of Illinois, is author
      of Foundations of World Order, Duke University Press, The Criminality
      of Nuclear Deterrence, and Palestine, Palestinians and International
      Law, by Clarity Press. He can be reached at: FBOYLE@...



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