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Australia Rejects Sick Refugee Child

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    DIMA set to deport sick 9-year-old boy to Christmas Island prison Australia set to deport sick 9-year-old Afghan boy Monday, 31 July 2006
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2006
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      DIMA set to "deport" sick 9-year-old boy to Christmas Island prison

      Australia set to "deport" sick 9-year-old Afghan boy
      Monday, 31 July 2006

      "Acting squarely against explicit doctors' advice at the Brisbane
      Children's Hospital who told officials to not relocate the boy and his
      family to any remote detention facility, a nine-year-old Afghan boy
      who in recent weeks underwent an operation to remove his spleen, is
      set to be removed from the current arrangement of living in 'community
      detention' in Brisbane to the remote facility on Christmas Island," WA
      Rights group Project SafeCom said this morning.

      The family arrived in Australia via the Torres Strait islands two
      months ago and sought asylum upon arrival, the factor of their sick
      son reportedly being one of the main factors behind the family's
      urgency to reach Australia. Soon afterwards the boy was being
      diagnosed and underwent an operation to remove his spleen in a
      Brisbane hospital.

      "This is a blatant example of the DIMA clearly not having learnt from
      experience," spokesman Jack H Smit said. "We already clearly know that
      asylum seekers who are medically vulnerable, are placed in danger by
      being in remote detention facilities. We know how Fatima Erfani, a
      young mother of three, died in Perth from a massive brain aneurysm
      after delays and cover-ups where detention guards on Christmas Island
      'fed her' panadols to get Ms Erfani out of their hair and out of the
      medical office in the detention centre, all this while she was already
      in grave danger."

      "We already know how the case of the 14-year old boy Shahin Agdar, who
      while being left untreated in the Port Hedland detention centre, lost
      the sight in one eye permanently, and nearly also the sight in his
      other eye."

      "It seems clear, that the Department of Immigration once again is
      digging in its heels - as we have also seen recently with the
      detention of a Japanese honors and PhD student in Villawood."

      "The Department of Immigration is once again resorting to secretive
      methods, to methods of whisking away the rights of asylum seekers, and
      the rights of child asylum seekers. The Department remains happy to be
      in breach of the Convention for the Rights of the Child and of several
      other Conventions Australia has ratified."




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