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South Lebanon: Lost in Translation

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    ISRAEL CAUSES ECOLOGICAL DISASTER IN MEDITERRANEAN AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE - The Mediterranean is threatened by its worst ever environmental disaster after
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2006

      AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE - The Mediterranean is threatened by its worst
      ever environmental disaster after Israel's bombing of a power plant in
      Lebanon sent thousands of tons of fuel gushing into the sea, the
      environment minister charged on Saturday. "Up until now 10,000-15,000
      tons of heavy fuel oil have spilled out into the sea," after Israel's
      bombing of the power station in Jiyeh two weeks ago, Lebanese
      Environment Minister Yacub Sarraf told AFP. "It's without doubt the
      biggest environmental catastrophe that the Mediterranean has known and
      it risks having terrible consequences not only for our country but for
      all the countries of the eastern Mediterranean.". . . The spill is now
      affecting 70 kilometres (40 miles) of Lebanon's 220-kilometre-long
      (140 miles) coast, a third of its coastline. Beaches and rocks are
      covered in a black sludge which has reached the famous tourist town of
      Byblos, north of Beirut



      'Everything In My Life Is Destroyed, So I Will Fight Them'
      By Dahr Jamail

      "I am in Hezbollah because I care," the fighter, who agreed to the
      interview on condition of anonymity, told me. "I care about my people,
      my country, and defending them from the Zionist aggression." I jotted
      furiously in my note pad while sitting in the back seat of his car. We
      were parked not far from Dahaya, the district in southern Beirut which
      is being bombed by Israeli warplanes as we talk.

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      South Lebanon: Lost in Translation

      July 31, 2006 – The top Associated Press headline on July 12, 2006
      read `Hezbollah Captures 2 Israeli Soldiers'. This headline has
      served as the U.S. justification and Israeli rationalization for
      invading Lebanon once again. What has been lost in translation by the
      deceitful U.S. media conglomeration is the central fact that Hezbollah
      captured the Israeli soldiers on Lebanese soil. This is a colossal
      point that cannot be ignored unless you insist on being blind. The
      Israeli tank destroyed by Hezbollah on July 12, 2006, and the 2
      Israeli soldiers captured (not kidnapped), had trespassed into
      Lebanon's side of the border with Israel[1].

      The location in which the Israeli soldiers were captured is highly
      relevant to the current crisis in Lebanon. But rather than focusing
      on the provocation, the U.S. Congress ignored the fact that an Israeli
      tank illegally crossed into Lebanon, and instead, passed House
      Resolution 921 by a vote of 410-8, condemning the recent attacks
      against the State of Israel, holding terrorists and their
      state-sponsors accountable for such attacks, Israel's right to defend
      itself, and for other purposes.

      It is exactly this sort of insufferable duplicity coming out of
      Washington DC that has severely diminished the reputation of the
      United States of America around the world. Israel violated
      international law by crossing into Lebanon in a tank, and the U.S.
      Congress passes a resolution condemning the recent attacks against the
      State of Israel? It is assumed that the U.S. Congress was condemning
      the Hezbollah rockets being fired into Israel, but can the fools on
      the hill honestly use the Hezbollah rockets as their starting point
      when the actual sequence of events look something like this:

      * An Israeli tank crosses into southern Lebanon
      * Hezbollah attacks the tank and captures two Israeli soldiers
      * Israel sends more troops into southern Lebanon to retrieve the
      captured Israeli soldiers
      * Hezbollah fires rockets at the onslaught of Israeli forces and
      into northern Israel
      * Israel unleashes a bombardment of Lebanon

      Reuters reported on July 12, 2006 that Hezbollah said it had destroyed
      an Israeli tank that had entered Lebanon.[2] The Israeli army
      confirmed that two Israeli soldiers had been captured on the Lebanese
      frontier. Forbes published the Associated Press article, which
      reported that the militant group Hezbollah captured two Israeli
      soldiers during clashes Wednesday across the border in southern

      Americans curious to understand why this key piece of information has
      been glossed over or completely ignored in the United States need to
      look no further than the criminal outfit known as the America Israel
      Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). AIPAC is decidedly criminal because
      it operates tax-free as it repeatedly violates Federal Election
      Commission laws in the United States. (See AIPAC refused to open its
      financial records to FEC investigators) AIPAC is also suspected of
      treason. (See Iran: The Next War)

      On July 20, 2006 AIPAC issued a press release applauding passage of
      congressional resolutions backing Israel. Packed with misleading and
      false statements, the AIPAC press release said:

      "The House and Senate recognize that Israel has been forced to respond
      to unprovoked attacks and, like the United States and all sovereign
      nations, has the right and duty to defend its citizens. Congress has
      called for the immediate and unconditional release of the kidnapped
      Israeli soldiers and has backed Israel's efforts to deter further
      aggression by Hizbollah and Hamas."

      "Congress recognizes the destabilizing role the governments of Syria
      and Iran have played in the region. The resolutions condemn those
      governments for their continued support of terrorist organizations and
      call upon the President to bring the full force of U.S. financial,
      diplomatic and economic sanctions against these state sponsors of

      And there it is – Syria and Iran. By the way the U.S. media has been
      playing this story, you'd think that Syria and Iran had invaded
      Israel, rather than Israel invading Lebanon. Oh, how the pro-Zionist
      neo con does love deception! The fact is that the armed conflict in
      southern Lebanon today is actually about the ruling elites'
      imperialistic and insatiable appetite for war, and its desperate and
      uncontrollable lust for invading Iran, if not both Iran and Syria.
      Hezbollah and the captured Israeli soldiers are mere distractions
      meant to hide from the American people, the covert strategies and
      operations already underway to facilitate the invasion of Iran.

      The only missing piece at this point is selling the invasion of Iran
      to the American people. Knowing that they most likely cannot get away
      with another false flag terror-style event like 9/11 again because
      nearly half the population of the United States now suspects that the
      twin towers collapsed as the result of something other than what the
      government claims, the neo con has decided to tap into America's blind
      and distorted perception of the Zionist state.

      Another fact is that that AIPAC doesn't applaud the U.S. Congress.
      AIPAC controls Congress. Few indeed are the members of the U.S.
      Congress that would dare say anything that might suggest the truth –
      that Israel is as much of the problem in the Middle East as any other
      nation in the region. Please understand; AIPAC has the power to
      destroy the reputation of our elected officials through distortion and
      deception. America needs to take away that power because it's just
      not fair to the people of this nation or the world. AIPAC makes or
      breaks a politician. Consequently, the U.S. Congress is, for the most
      part, made up of vote getters instead of statesmen. The State of the
      Union reflects this fact, and so does the vote count on House
      Resolution 921.

      I mean really! Only 8 members of a 435-member body saw fit to hold
      back on a resolution based on erroneous information? Only 8 members
      of the House of Representatives represent districts in which the will
      of the people is calling for a more even-handed approach towards
      Israel and the Middle East? It doesn't seem possible, does it? Call
      it what you will, but the Muckraker Report calls the power AIPAC
      wields – occupation of the U.S. Congress and U.S. foreign policy,
      extortion of our elected officials, and treason against the United

      What the U.S. Congress needs to become again is an assembly that is
      Zionist neutral. Until the American people break out of the confines
      of pro-Israel / anti-Israel or pro-Zionist / anti-Zionist racist
      classifications and demonstrate neutrality towards the State of
      Israel, our wealth and blood will continue to be spilt on behalf of a
      state that is as culpable as the rest in the Middle East of crimes
      against nature and humanity. After all, Apartheid is Apartheid,
      whether in South Africa or Gaza. To stand for one having condemned
      the other makes the U.S. government hypocrites or hostages of Zionism.
      Neither is in the best interest of the American people.

      Write your elected officials today and tell them you want them to be
      Zionist neutral and even-handed in the Arab-Israeli conflict that has,
      for all practical purposes, existed since the Zionist state forcefully
      emerged in Palestine on May 15, 1948.

      [1] Asia Times, It's war by any other name, Sami Moubayed, July 15,
      2006, http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Middle_East/HG15Ak02.html,
      [Accessed July 29, 2006]

      [2] Reuters, Israel calls Hizbollah capture of soldiers act of war,
      Alaa Shahine, July 12, 2006,
      [Accessed July 30, 2006]

      [3] Forbes, Associated Press, Hezbollah Captures 2 Israeli Soldiers,
      Joseph Panossian, July 12, 2006,
      [Accessed July 30, 2006]

      Freelance writer / author, Ed Haas, is the editor and columnist for
      the Muckraker Report. Get smart. Read the Muckraker Report.
      [http://teamliberty.net] To learn more about Ed's current and
      previous work, visit Crafting Prose. [http://craftingprose.com]


      Irish refused bombs sent to Prestwick airport
      The Scotsman
      Sun. July 30, 2006

      BOMBS destined to be used by Israel are
      being flown via Scotland only because the
      Irish government refused to allow them to
      land on its soil.

      Scotland on Sunday can reveal that after
      the conflict in Lebanon began three
      weeks ago, Ireland turned down a United
      States request for planes carrying 600lb
      so-called bunker busters to refuel at
      Shannon airport in Co Clare.

      As a result, cargo planes carrying the
      bombs, which the Israeli army is using
      in its offensive against the Hezbollah,
      are being flown via Prestwick airport
      in Ayrshire.

      The use of Prestwick triggered a furious
      diplomatic row last week after it emerged
      that the US had broken aviation rules by
      failing to notify Britain about the flights.

      That row is intensifying this weekend as
      two further American planes carrying
      'hazardous' material to Tel Aviv land at
      the airport.

      In another controversial development,
      Scotland on Sunday has learned that
      Prestwick is negotiating to allow
      planeloads of US military personnel
      on their way to Iraq to stop there.

      A well-placed source close to the
      negotiations said it was bidding to take
      flights away from Shannon, which is
      currently used as a stopover for the bulk
      of the 900 American soldiers who travel
      from the US to the Middle East every

      The American airlines which transport
      the troops through Shannon are
      understood to be reviewing their use of
      the airport, following protests in Ireland
      which have resulted in some of the planes
      being vandalised. The source said: "It
      could soon be the case that the Irish will
      say that they don't want these flights and,
      as a consequence, then we will look to
      get them."

      The latest revelations are set to crush
      hopes among British diplomats that the
      row over Prestwick would die down
      following President George Bush's
      apology to Prime Minister Tony Blair
      on Friday.

      One Irish official said that the bombs
      would never have been allowed on
      Irish soil.

      The source said: "There is absolutely no
      way that we would allow munitions or
      weapons to be shipped through Shannon
      to a location where there is an actual war
      going on. We would not allow it. It is
      correct that we allow the US to
      transport troops to Shannon, but sending
      bombs to Israel is another matter and
      completely out of the question for us."

      Opposition critics last night seized on the
      situation. Scottish National Party leader
      Alex Salmond said: "It is highly significant
      that Shannon put its foot down and drew
      back from allowing the transport of bunker
      busters, which could become the tinder
      to escalate dramatically the Middle East

      He added: "It is absolutely appalling that
      we should allow Prestwick to become a
      stopover to death and destruction."

      Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies
      Campbell said the fact that more flights
      were now landing in Scotland was
      "adding insult to injury".

      He said: "What price the president's apology now?

      The British government should be pursuing
      an active policy of denying weapons of any
      kind to anyone in the Middle East who may
      be assisting the conflict in any way."

      However, speaking from America, Blair
      defended the use of Prestwick: "We
      should just apply the rules in the
      appropriate way, which is what we are
      doing. What happens at Prestwick airport
      is not going to determine whether we get
      a ceasefire in the Lebanon.

      "If what people are saying is that we
      should impose an arms embargo on Israel,
      or indeed on the US, I think that would
      be very curious indeed."

      A spokesman for the Civil Aviation
      Authority confirmed the authorities had
      approved an 'exemption' allowing the
      two new flights to land at Prestwick. The
      first, a Boeing 747 from Texas, landed at
      about 1pm yesterday for refuelling. A
      second flight is due to arrive today.

      Residents and politicians in Ayrshire have
      voiced anger at the flights. The airport has
      been used by the US as a refuelling point
      for flights involved in the controversial
      'extraordinary rendition' of terror suspects
      to countries where they are alleged to have
      been tortured.

      A demonstration has been planned for
      today at Prestwick by anti-war campaigners.

      Sources at Prestwick say that if the airport
      took on even more US military flights, it
      could employ a further 80 people in the



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