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Hezbollah: Model for Manliness

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    Hezbollah: Model for Manliness Joanna Francis http://www.crescentandcross.com/index.php?page=articles&author=joanna_francis&subpage1=model_for_manliness As I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 26, 2006
      Hezbollah: Model for Manliness
      Joanna Francis

      As I watch the genocidal war crimes being committed against the
      Lebanese people, I'm struck by the images that come across my
      television screen. I see women and children badly burned by the
      illegal chemical weapons our tax dollars provide to the Israelis for
      the incineration of their enemies; bridges, homes and roadways bombed
      into oblivion; hundreds of thousands of internal refugees; and death
      and misery palpable from halfway around the world.

      But I must confess that what strikes me the most profoundly is the
      sight of young Lebanese men marching proudly, as they trample an
      Israeli flag underfoot. Hezbollah. Many of them don't even look old
      enough to shave, and yet, they are truly men. The rest of the world
      hems and haws at the carnage the Jews have wrought on the once modern
      and beautiful country of Lebanon. But the average (so-called
      Christian) American merely echoes the mantra of his Jewish masters as
      he has been trained to do all his life. Americans confidently state
      that the Khazar Jews have a right to "defend their country" and that
      Hezbollah are terrorists, militants, and now, insurgents. What they
      fail to mention is that those Khazar Jews have about as much right to
      Palestine or Lebanon as the Chinese have to France, i.e., none. They
      are simply Jewish squatters on Arab land. And the Arabs intend to
      evict them. That is not terror. That is justice. And that is manly.
      So, Mr. Brave Christian Weekend-Warrior, call Hezbollah terrorists if
      you will, but one thing you cannot call them is: cowardly. They are
      the only people brave enough to stand up to the Jew and spit back in
      his face. They are willing to fight to the death for their homeland,
      their honor, their religion, and their women. Yes, I said "their
      women." You see, unlike you, they will not let the Jewish
      pornographers and abortionists defile their culture and turn their
      women into whores. You have been brainwashed into believing that
      Muslim women hate their plight of being protected from sexual
      predators, getting married young, becoming mothers, being treated with
      respect and dignity, being taken care of in their old age by their
      children, and living like innocent, strong, beautiful women. To your
      surprise, they do not seem to miss the beer-guzzling, Playboy reading,
      commitment-phobic, narcissistic men-children who turn their women over
      to the Jewish enemy. Their men are truly manning the frontlines, as
      you strain your back to bow as low as possible before your Jew
      masters, in true lackey fashion. They own you, because you have sold
      yourselves (and us) out to them. You, Mr. Macho, have become their bitch.

      You are the unworthy sons of the great Christian men who built Western
      Civilization. They kept the evil Khazar monsters locked up in cages
      where they belong; only to see their descendants unleash those beasts
      at a later time.How they must be turning over in their graves. Today,
      Christian men will only fight against other Christians (World Wars I
      and II) or against brave, honorable Muslims, at the behest of the Jew.
      Now, the Crusaders' descendants are the beasts in cages, only allowed
      out long enough to pimp for their Jewish masters, and buy the latest
      edition of "Girls Gone Wild."

      Those "girls gone wild" are your sisters and daughters, yet you
      contribute to their exploitation for your own dirty, secret pleasure.
      You have abdicated your role as men and defenders of the Faith. You
      have allowed yourselves to be emasculated by a bunch of ugly, Jewish
      feminists. You did not fight for our honor. It is truly stunning how
      quickly you ceded Western Civilization, deciding that if you can't
      beat them, you'll join them. And so you gleefully set about exploiting
      our vulnerability, using us like unpaid prostitutes, too weak and
      selfish to accept your responsibility as head of a family. As a
      Christian, I do not believe in polygamy, but I can't help but admire
      the kind of man who can take care of four wives, and all their
      offspring; while American men put their one wife to work and then
      expect her to cook, clean, feed your insatiable ego, and then have to
      compete with your childish, Jew-inspired fantasies in bed at night.
      So admit that you are powerless before the Khazar, step aside, and let
      "your women" do the fighting. I have only my pen with which to fight,
      but at least I'm not afraid to wield it, full blast, aimed right at my
      enemy. Criticize me if you will, but I will pull no punches, use
      euphemisms, or grovel before my enemies. I have lost too much to them.
      I will not be their bitch. Unlike you, with your sycophantic pen, when
      you dare even broach the subject at all, regarding who has usurped the
      great heritage our ancestors created. You make me ashamed to be an
      American woman. Muslim women need feel no such shame. Their men would
      die (and are dying) rather than hand their daughters and sisters over
      to the Jew to be defiled and degraded. Their honor is safe in the
      hands of their Muslim mujahadeen. That is manly.

      And don't tell me that Jesus Christ was a pacifist and that you are
      only turning the other cheek. Christ was not the effete, kumbaya,
      Berkenstock sandal wearing, proto-hippie that the liberals would have
      us believe. He wanted us to love one another but He also believed in
      justice. Render unto Caesar, and all that. He confronted the Pharisees
      face to face with words that you could only fantasize about using, and
      wouldn't dare utter, even though we live in the last country in the
      West where it's legal to confront the Pharisees. Yet you cower before
      them, justifying their incineration of Lebanese babies, while you pay
      the Jew to murder the babies you create with us. You bow before the
      Israeli flag, a foreign flag, while the young men of Hezbollah march
      on top of it. Don't hide behind Christianity. It is not for wimps and
      cowards. Let us not forget the image of Christ turning over the tables
      of the money changers and whipping them out of the temple! That was

      So the next time you turn on the Zionist controlled television news
      and see images of dead and wounded women and children in Lebanon, just
      remember: their men are fighting for them against a far superior
      military force, thanks to us. But they are not cowering in fear. And I
      wouldn't be surprised if they were to steal victory after all of this
      is over (if it ever is). Because all they have to do is survive and
      they have won. The Israelis have to eliminate Hezbollah to win, and
      that is unlikely. You can't beat a force that is fighting for their
      families and for their homeland – in their own homeland. The home team
      always has the advantage. Truly, a moral victory is already assured
      for Hezbollah. Regardless of the outcome, they win just for having
      withstood so much firepower, and still being able to launch their
      hapless little Katusha rockets back over the fence. Yes, that is
      manly. Maybe you American Christian men could learn something from
      them about fighting for honor, family and homeland. Maybe you could
      try to emulate Hezbollah. They might teach you a lesson or two in
      manliness. And if you're nice, they might even lend you some

      Joannafrancis2005 @ yahoo.com



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