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Appeasement Fails in the Middle East

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    Appeasement Fails in the Middle East by Tom Mysiewicz - tgmy7 @ hotmail.com Mention appeasement and one is almost invariably reminded of British Prime
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 13, 2006
      Appeasement Fails in the Middle East
      by Tom Mysiewicz - tgmy7 @ hotmail.com>

      Mention appeasement and one is almost invariably reminded of
      British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and French Premier Edouard
      Daladier. Their 1938 "Munich Agreement" with Germany, gave Hitler
      control of the Sudetenland, a region that had been given to
      Czechoslovakia but whose large ethnic German population was allegedly
      being abused by the Czechs. (And the handling of the current "Israeli
      Soldier Crisis" bears some resemblance to the media blitz by Germany
      over mistreatment of the Sudeten Germans.)

      We are often told that Chamberlain, rather than averting war,
      simply encouraged Hitler to be more bold and take the rest of
      Czechoslovakia back--less than a year after Munich.

      Looking at the current state of affairs in the Middle East, I am
      afraid the world community has taken the very same approach with
      Zionism and Israel, and the result could also be another war. At the
      very least, it means the Palestinian crisis will not have a real and
      permanent solution, which will lead to global instability. What's
      more dangerous than the Second War is that Israel, with as many as 300
      nuclear weapons and one of the most powerful military machines on
      Earth, has the potential to seize the Mid East oilfields and/or
      curtail oil shipments and bring the world economy to its knees. With
      control of powerful media outlets and Zionist operatives in many major
      governments, such as the cabinet of the U.S. President, politicians
      are terrified to even address this issue, much less do anything
      about it.

      The sad thing about the present world appeasement policy is that
      the Palestinians are forced to bear the brunt of it. For instance,
      they are frequently called on to "recognize the right of Israel to exist".

      Now, Israel is an occupying power. The world community asks
      the occupied, the victims, to accept unconditionally the right of its
      oppressor and occupier to exist. Otherwise, if they are bad and do
      not do so, as in the case of Hamas, they may have all funds cut off
      and be allowed to starve.

      The oppressed people, the Palestinians, are further required by
      the world community to swear off violence--regardless of any
      provocation by the occupying power. The occupier/oppressor--Israel--is
      not required to renounce any form of action, including economic
      warfare (witholding tax revenues, freezing assets and blowing up power
      plants), violence, kidnapping, assassination and threatened
      assassination. (And many of the actions of the occupying power would
      be tried as war crimes, which is what they are, were the policy of the
      world community anything but appeasement.)

      The oppressed people--the Palestinians--are not allowed to make
      any unilateral annexations of territory. They cannot even really
      govern territory they supposedly are given, because it can be
      reoccupied at any moment. But the world community only makes weak
      verbal protests when a large, fortified wall is constructed by the
      occupying power (Israel) that annexes large areas supposedly the
      subject of negotiation. And, when the occupying power's leader Ehud
      Olmert recently announced he was going to draw the border of any
      future Palestinian state, the world community had little to say (and
      President Bush even praised him.)

      Appeasement has not worked and the world community has brought
      into the idea that Jewish lives are more valuable than those of the
      Palestinians and that any violent action by any Palestinian is a crime
      by all Palestinians and the government of the Palestinians. For
      instance, a Jewish individual attacked a mosque and killed numerous
      Moslems some years back. Was the Israeli occupier's government
      responsible? (Yes.) Were all Jews responsible? No one even asked the
      question. Contrast this with the recent kidnapping of an Israeli
      soldier, a legitimate military target, after numerous assassinations
      by Israel and the killing of a family on a Gaza beach by Israeli shelling.

      Rather than blocking consideration of Israeli actions by the
      U.N. Security Council (expect to see Mr.. Bolton use this gambit when
      Iran, Syria and Lebanon are attacked) the U.S. should be at the
      forefront of it--considering that former U.S. President Jimmy Carter
      was one of the architects of the Mid East peace plan. All countries
      should impose economic sanctions on the Israeli government until it
      ceases its illegal action against Gaza and Palestine and, further,
      Israel should be required by the world community to rebuild civilian
      infrastructure and funds for this purpose should be frozen.

      The Palestinians, for their part, should give up on the current
      sham "peace process". If they cannot freely elect a government of
      their own and control their own territory, there is nothing to
      negotiate about. Perhaps they should adopt the one-state solution
      proposed by Israel Shamir and demand a voice in the Israeli government
      and the vote. Because, with the failure of appeasement, that's who is
      going to be controlling them in any case.



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