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Yamin Zakaria: Who are the cowards?

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  • ummyakoub
    Where are the 9/11 apologetics? Reminiscent of the Nazi s, the unarmed civilians are being massacred almost daily for expressing their freedom of opinion in
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2003
      Where are the 9/11 apologetics?

      Reminiscent of the Nazi's, the unarmed civilians are being massacred
      almost daily for expressing their "freedom" of opinion in the post-
      Saddam era against the presence and conduct of the US forces. It was
      natural for the civilians to demonstrate since they were led to
      believe that they were being "liberated" by the "Al-Lied" forces. The
      pro-war camp amongst us should now understand that when the US means
      a "free" Iraq, it has a hidden clause attached to it, "free as long
      as the values and interests of the US are upheld". Hence it
      is "freedom and peace" by the barrel of the US guns and bombs. Will
      the "objective" mass media now create another excuse, which somehow
      puts Saddam (even though he may be dead) as the reason for these
      massacres? Will the "Journalists" of CNN, Zionist-Sky and Zionist-Fox
      take note that, if targeting US civilians is an act of terrorism,
      then so is the targeting the civilians in Baghdad, West Bank or

      As for those 9/11 apologetics that incessantly ostracised the
      Muslims/Arabs should understand that targeting US civilians has some
      kind of justification, since they are doing the same thing in far
      greater magnitude as a nation all over the world, prior and post
      9/11. Could they raise their heads and show the same level of
      enthusiasm at ostracising the US government for these carnage, or
      will they simply keep quiet hoping for another Iftar (Ramadan)
      invitation with the murders and war-criminals at the US and UK

      Likewise it incenses the mind, when we see some of our eccentrics
      endlessly make noise about the maltreatment of minorities in the
      Arab/Muslim countries, whilst forgetting how our minorities are
      treated. Like the 9/11 apologists, they lost their voice and
      enthusiasm during the slaughter in Gujarat, Bombay and Soorat. Such
      examples have no equivalence in our lands and history. In fact the
      comfort that these minorities enjoy in the Gulf/Middle-East is far
      greater then what our own community receives, despite the fact that
      we share the same religious/cultural values with the elite Arabs of
      the region.

      Yamin Zakaria
      UK, London

      Liberators and the Liberated

      Where are the jubilant liberated people of Iraq? Should they not be
      showering Donald Rumsfeld with flowers as an expression of their
      gratitude? More to the point why Donald Rumsfeld chose only to
      address his own troops in their barracks rather then the Iraqi masses
      openly. As the Bathist regime collapsed, the support for
      the "liberators" should have increased. On the contrary the ordinary
      Iraqi's along with the general masses in the Arab/Islamic world
      continue to view the US forces as oppressors rather then as
      liberators, with Imperialistic and a pro-Zionist agenda.

      Even the British, keeping in line with its long tradition of "divide
      and rule", tried to incite (Liberate) the Shia's to rebel from the
      very beginning. To the contrary the same "liberated" Shia's are
      demanding the withdrawal of the foreign troops. This facade is very
      clear now; it was built upon the twin towers of non-existent WMD
      (Weapons of Mass Destruction) and the forceful "liberation" by the
      guns and bombs of the US military. Out of desperation even the
      powerful mass media (CNN, Zionist-Fox, Zionist-Sky etc) tried to
      manipulate the gathering at Karbala to vindicate the invaders as
      liberators of the Shia's. Yet during the era of Khomeni, the medias
      portrayal of the Shia's were along the lines of a fanatical sect of
      Islam, deviated from the mainstream moderate Sunnis. It even got to
      the point when they highlighted Udday's (Saddam's son) obsession with
      drugs, pornography and fast cars. Surely the media should have been
      jubilant on this point, since it demonstrated that Udday was not an
      Islamic fundamentalist but more akin to that of a western liberated
      individual. How the presentation of facts can be altered for the
      manipulation of the masses! Isn't it time that we eliminate
      the "commentaries" of these "Journalists" from our minds.

      Yamin Zakaria
      UK, London


      Who are the cowards?

      The recent martyrdom operation, led the White House condemning it as
      an act of "cowardice". A coward is the one who runs way from the
      battlefield in fear of his life, rather then sacrificing himself.
      Such sacrifice is the exact opposite of cowardice. Perhaps the White
      House assess "cowardice" by referring to the actions of its
      own "chicken-hawks" who have avoided the various drafts for the past
      wars, then calling for war against defenceless nations, demonstrating
      their bravado whilst insulated in their bunkers!

      Donald Rumsfeld congratulating his armed forces to hide their
      disgrace, who are nothing but cowards. They resorted to flattening an
      area with high altitude bombings (B52), and Cruise missiles, with
      total disregard for civilian casualties. Now that their soldiers are
      shooting unarmed civilians, are these the examples of bravery the
      White House is referring to? Surely this is the height of cowardice!
      Similarly the betrayal from the Iraqi Bath party or its Republican
      Guard elite forces seems to be emerging through the "fog of war". If
      they did not have the courage or intention to fight the invaders,
      then why the charade? Why the defenceless civilians were allowed to
      face the most well equipped army in the world? Would it not have been
      better to simply let Saddam along with his Bath party to go into
      exile, which surely would have prevented the carnage!

      It is the ordinary Iraqi civilians that have been the real brave
      souls in this war. Their courageous defiance to resist the occupiers
      and outright rejection of the degenerate Jerry-Springer US culture
      has been the real source of humiliation for these neo-Mongol
      invaders. Failure of the Bathist ideology and Arab nationalism is
      self-evident and there is a growing power vacuum in the Iraq, not in
      terms of WHOM but WHAT will govern there.

      Yamin Zakaria
      UK, London



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