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Mazin Qumsiyeh: Friedman and Neveen

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    Friedman and Neveen Mazin Qumsiyeh - qumsi001 @ hotmail.com Because I have a trhousand stories to tell you if I had time and energy, I must unfortunatelyl also
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2006
      Friedman and Neveen
      Mazin Qumsiyeh - qumsi001 @ hotmail.com

      Because I have a trhousand stories to tell you if I had time and
      energy, I must unfortunatelyl also limit myself to those most telling.
      In the past two days, there are certain things difficult to talk about.

      To me the abduction of two women, both in their 20s, in this area of
      Beit Sahour/Bethlehem in the last two nights by the Israeli occupation
      foprces was one such story. Five military jeeps packed with soldiers
      surrounded the home of one girl who is a neighbor to my sister.
      Neveen was taken about 1 AM just after the Italy-Germany game (perhaps
      the soldiers had to finish watching?). Her grieving family was told
      nothing other than their daughter is wanted.

      Last night, I heard shooting of machine guns. Many told me it is not
      unusual after midnight. I could not sleep. The next morning I learn
      that another women was taken around that time. I also learn that a
      man was asked to strip and he did to his underwear and when he refused
      to remove his underwear, they shot him dead.

      I also heard a story about a hungry Palestinian who brought a knife to
      the checkpoint and was arrested. His family said taht he wanted to be
      jailed to get access to food. But that is an anomaly. Israel now has
      nbearly 9000 political prisoners.

      I also read in Haaretz that six Palestinians were killed in Gaza in
      what some called reoccupation after they stated that Israel redeployed
      its troops to the periphery of Gaza

      Hearing US spokespersons like Condaleeza Rice gives little hope that
      the US can have any foreign policy that is not dictated by Zionist
      lobbies; in other words rational foreign policies are not forthcoming
      (see U.S. Seen Backing Israeli Moves To Topple Hamas By Ori Nir in the
      Forward http://www.forward.com/articles/8063 )

      Then I heard squeeky Zionist wheel Thomas Friedman bewail the war
      criminal occupying soldier being held by Palestinian resistance
      fighter say thee following nonsense in his column today:

      "The Palestinians could have a state on the West Bank, Gaza and East
      Jerusalem tomorrow, if they and the Arab League clearly recognized
      Israel, normalized relations and renounced violence. Anyone who says
      otherwise doesn't know Israel today. But those driving Palestinian
      politics seem determined to destroy Israel in its territory - even if
      it means destroying themselves in their own territory. Species that
      behave that way in the rain forest become extinct."

      I decided against saying anything about this to anyone I meet today
      lest I lose my cool (imagine a statement like this from an apologist
      for South African Apartheid!). I did discuss with some media folks
      here the need to fix the catastrophic situation with regards to media
      coverage. Solutions are not easy to come by (see for example, Crisis
      in US Media Coverage of Gaza By Patrick O'Connor The Electronic
      Intifada http://electronicintifada.net/v2/article4910.shtml )

      Yesterday, I had visited Suleiman, a childhood friend whose house is
      surrounded by the apartheid fence on three sides. We looked out on
      all sides to see the destruction wrought by the ever growing cancer of
      the colony of Har Homa. Caterpillar bulldozers paid for by our taxes
      in America were hard at work clearing more Palestinain lands uin the
      area (north of Bethlehem). In fact most agricultural lands was
      already taken. Natural areas were decimated. After destroying most
      of teh forest on AbuGhneim mountain, now the nearby natural areas were
      being burned clearing brush and leveling the area to build more
      massive concrete structures that irritate the eyes and teh heart.
      Suleiman's relatives ended up on the so called "Israeli side" of the
      wall and must have permits to live in their own homes and cannot visit
      or move to the other side.

      The illegal colony that saw the beginning of its construction in 1997
      on Jabal Abu Ghneim is now a large Jewish-only section of an ever
      enlarging urbanization and development of Jerusalem for the benefit of
      Jewish settlers and the harm of its natives. Palestinian Christians
      and Muslims in Jerusalem are squeezed out and those in suburbs like
      Bethlehem are walled out of the urban center. Jewish hotels and
      infrastructures are being built to take care of the economic
      colonization that is being planned to replace the military occupation
      after finishing teh colonization of the best lands.

      Palestinian workers who used to work for $20-30 per day are now
      unemploeyed and the few who are employed make $2-3 per day. Meanwhile,
      many settlers make $40-50,000 per year and have lush swimming pools
      brimming with Palestinian water. Lush gardens while agriculture was
      decimated among the native Palestinians. I have never seen hungry
      Children in Bethlehem before, I saw them today. Nothing prepared me
      for how bad things have gotten since my last visit just over a year
      ago. I am now sure that unless we, citizens of the world finally
      break through to our obstinate governments, we are headed for
      worsening of an already terrible situation.



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