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Iran Joins Asian Defense Alliance

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    Iran in talks to join alliance against Zionist Axis From Oliver August in Beijing: The Times 17 June, 2006 MAHMOUD Ahmadinejad, the Iranian President, held
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      Iran in talks to join alliance against Zionist Axis
      From Oliver August in Beijing:
      The Times
      17 June, 2006

      MAHMOUD Ahmadinejad, the Iranian President, held talks with Chinese
      and Russian leaders at a summit meeting yesterday to build up a
      security grouping in opposition to the US and Nato. Mr Ahmadinejad was
      invited to address a meeting of the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation
      (SCO), a China-sponsored proto-alliance that aims to strengthen
      defence links across Central Asia.

      In an implicit reference to the US and its pressure on Iran to end its
      nuclear weapons programme, he said that the SCO could "ward off the
      threats of domineering powers to use their force against and interfere
      in the affairs of other states". The summit was also attended by the
      leaders of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Mongolia, India and four Central
      Asian former Soviet republics. A joint declaration signed by those
      attending appeared to back the Iranian President. "Differences in
      cultural traditions, political and social systems, values and models
      of development formed in the course of history should not be taken as
      pretexts to interfere in other countries' internal affairs," the
      joint declaration said.

      The SCO was founded by China, Russia and the Central Asian republics
      ten years ago to fight terrorism, religious extremism and separatism
      in the region. In recent years, however, its militaries have expanded
      links to include joint exercises. Iran is said to be seeking full SCO
      membership, as is Pakistan. The participation of Iran has caused
      consternation in Washington. "It strikes me as strange that one would
      want to bring into an organisation that says it is against terrorism.
      ...one of the leading terrorist nations in the world - Iran," said
      Donald Rumsfeld, the US Defence Secretary. China and its official
      media have played down suggestions that the SCO could become a rival
      to the US and Nato. "For China, this is one of the most important
      diplomatic activities of the year," said a Foreign Ministry
      spokesman, adding that it would produce a series of agreements on
      security and economic co-operation. The Russian press has been much
      more outspoken. "The main ideological message of this summit is
      growing anti-Americanism," the Kommersant daily said.


      Chinese firm denies involvement in Iran's missile program

      BEIJING, June 16 (Xinhua) -- China's sole commercial satellite launch
      service provider China Great Wall Industry Corp. (CGWIC) said on
      Friday it strongly opposes the move by the United States to freeze its
      assets in the U.S. on groundless allegation that it provided support
      to Iran's missile program. "On June 13, 2006, the U.S. Department of
      the Treasury designated the CGWIC in the list of entities whose assets
      in the U.S.A. are blocked on account of so called CGWIC's provision of
      support to Iran's missile program," said the company in a statement
      made available to Xinhua late Friday. "The CGWIC hereby expresses
      strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to this action," the
      company said.

      "The CGWIC has never rendered assistance to any country for any weapon
      of mass destruction program," the company said in the statement. "The
      CGWIC is engaged in business for the peaceful application of space
      technology. the CGWIC strictly abides by the relevant domestic and
      international laws, and all commitments made by the Chinese Government
      towards the international community while conducting launch services,
      international trade and international transportation," said the
      Chinese company. The company said "It is simply unreasonable that the
      US Government alleged the CGWIC engaging in proliferation activities
      and imposed sanction, pursuant to its domestic laws, on the CGWIC, a
      company working for the well-being of the people."

      "The true purpose of such an action is known to all," the company
      said. " By applying its domestic laws, the U.S. Government seriously
      interfered in the normal business activities of the Chinese company
      engaged in peaceful cause, which resulted in severe damage to CGWIC's
      reputation and economic interests. The CGWIC strongly demands that the
      U.S. Government make correction to its wrong action, remove the CGWIC
      from the assets to be blocked list and compensate all CGWIC losses,"
      said the company. "In addition, the CGWIC reserves the rights to hold
      the U.S. Government accountable for its responsibilities by taking
      various measures including legal means," according to the statement.

      The CGWIC is a responsible and credible state-owned company in China
      with its business scope focusing on international commercial launch
      services and the import and export of aerospace products, said the
      company. During the past decades, The CGWIC has conducted 24
      international commercial launch missions and six piggyback missions,
      launching 30 satellites. Commercial satellites successfully launched
      by the CGWIC cover more than 100 countries and regions in Asia,
      Europe, America and Australia, providing telecommunications services
      to 75 percent of the world population. Nine out of 12 geo-stationary
      satellites successfully launched provide direct services to Asia,
      according to the company. China was a new comer on the international
      commercial satellite launch market with its Long March rocket carrier
      about two decades ago.

      China's cheap and reliable launch service made the company a strong
      competitor on the world market. But Chinese space experts said the
      company suffered serious setback on the international market during
      the past decade as its overseas launch service almost came to a halt
      due to intervention by the United States. Some people in the United
      States is not happy to see a China with a strong space sector, said
      the experts. Despite blockade of high technology by some countries,
      China has managed to become the third country in the world to send its
      astronauts to the space in the past few years using home-made rocket
      and spacecraft.


      Iran writes to UN condemning Zionist regime's crimes

      UNITED NATIONS, New York (IRNA) -- Iran's permanent representative to
      the UN, Mohammad-Javad Zarif, in a letter sent on Friday to UN
      Secretary-General Kofi Annan and the Danish President of the UN
      Security Council Ellen Margrethe Loj, condemned the crimes of the
      Zionist regime and called for UN leadership in confronting these
      crimes. The UN Security Council presidency for the month of June is
      held by Denmark. In his letter, Zarif rejected remarks by the Zionist
      regime's representative in the UN, alleging Iranian support for
      terrorism, as "unfounded."

      The Zionist regime's representative in the UN, in an earlier letter to
      Annan, briefly discussed recent developments in the Occupied
      Territories and the Hezbollah in Lebanon, and named Iran and Syria as
      supporters of terrorism. "Such allegations by the Zionist regime
      against other states are but another example of the regime's
      deliberate moves to divert the attention of the international
      community from the regime's terrorist measures, war crimes and
      atrocities in these territories which have endangered regional peace
      and security. "It is clear that none of the deceptive measures taken
      by the Zionist regime can hide the fact that its entire history is a
      chronicle of terrorist, illegal and inhuman measures it has taken
      against international law," Zarif said. "It is ironical that the
      Zionist regime, which defies and obstinately refuses to observe the
      principles of the UN Charter and other international regulations,
      including UN Security Council resolutions, hypocritically calls on
      other states to observe these resolutions," Zarif added.



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