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American Soldiers Commit Rape in Iraq

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    Mafkarat al-Islam: eyewitness testimony about US rape, murder of Iraqi family in al-Mahmudiyah in March. exerpted from the Iraqi Resistance Report Saturday, 1
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2006
      Mafkarat al-Islam: eyewitness testimony about US rape, murder of Iraqi
      family in al-Mahmudiyah in March.

      exerpted from the Iraqi Resistance Report
      Saturday, 1 July 2006

      In a dispatch posted at 11:55pm Makkah time Saturday
      night, Mafkarat al-Islam submitted its correspondents'
      in-depth report on the rape and murder case in March
      that the American military have now been compelled to

      Mafkarat al-Islam noted that the number of rapes of
      Iraqi women committed by US occupation troops is
      already legion and continues to climb. Many women
      have been victimized within Abu Ghurayb and the other
      prisons; while many others have fallen prey to the
      rapists in American uniform who prowl the large prison
      that is occupied Iraq.

      But there is one case of rape that has come to the
      surface in recent days, which stands out for a
      savagery and brutality that goes beyond all bounds.

      On an afternoon in March 2006, a force of 10 to 15
      American troops raided the home of Qasim Hamzah Rashid
      al-Janabi, who was born in 1970 and who worked as a
      guard at a state-owned potato storehouse. Al-Janabi
      lived with his wife, Fakhriyah Taha Muhsin, and their
      four children – `Abir (born 1991), Hadil (born 1999),
      Muhammad (1998), and Ahmad (1996).

      The Americans took Qasim, his wife, and their daughter
      Hadil and put them in one room of their house. The
      boys Ahmad and Muhammad were at school since the time
      the Americans invaded the home was about 2pm. The
      Americans shot Qasim, his wife, and their daughter in
      that room. They pumped four bullets into Qasim's head
      and five bullets in to Fakhriyah's abdomen and lower
      abdomen. Hadil was shot in the head and shoulder.

      After that, the Americans took `Abir into the next
      room and surrounded her in one corner of the house.
      There they stripped her, and then the 10 Americans
      took turns raping her. They then struck her on the
      head with a sharp instrument – according to the
      forensic medical report – knocking her unconscious –
      and smothered her with a cushion until she was dead.
      Then they set fire to her body.

      The neighbor of the martyred family told the
      correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam:

      "At 2pm a force of Americans raided the home of the
      martyr Qasim, God rest his soul. They surrounded him
      and I heard the sound of gunfire. Then the gunfire
      fell silent. An hour later I saw clouds of smoke
      rising from the room and then the occupation troops
      came quickly out of the house. They surrounded the
      area together with Shi`i `Iraqi National Guard'
      forces, and they told us that terrorists from
      al-Qa`idah had entered the house and killed them all.
      They wouldn't let any of us into the house. But I
      told one of the `National Guard' soldiers that I was
      their neighbor and that I wanted to see them so that I
      could tell al-Hajj Abu al-Qasim the news about his son
      and his son's family, so one of the soldiers agreed to
      let me enter.

      "So I went into the house and found in the first room
      the late Qasim and his wife and Hadil. Their bodies
      were swimming in blood. Their blood had spewed out of
      their bodies with such force that it had flowed out
      from under the door of the room. I turned them over
      but there was no response; their lives were already

      The neighbor continued his account: "Then I went into
      `Abir's room. Fire was coming out of her. Her head
      and her chest were on fire. She had been put in a
      pitiful position; they had lifted her white gown to
      her neck and torn her bra. Blood was flowing from
      between her legs even though she had died a quarter of
      an hour earlier, and in spite of the intensity of the
      fire in the room. She had died, may God rest her
      soul. I knew her from the first instant. I knew she
      had been raped since she had been turned on her face
      and the lower part of her body was raised while her
      hands and feet had been tied. By God, I couldn't
      control myself and broke into tears over her, but I
      quickly extinguished the fire burning from her head
      and chest. The fire had burned up her breasts, the
      hair on her head, and the flesh on her face. I
      covered her privates with a piece of cloth, God rest
      her soul. And at that moment, I thought to myself
      that if I go out talking and threatening, that they
      would arrest me, so I took control of myself and
      resolved to leave the house calmly so that I could be
      a witness to tell the story of this tragedy.

      "After three hours the [American] occupation troops
      surrounded the house and told the people of the area
      that the family had been killed by terrorists because
      they were Shi`ah. Nobody in town believed that story
      because Abu `Abir was known as one of the best people
      of the city, one of the noblest, and no Shi`i, but a
      Sunni monotheist. Everyone doubted their story and so
      after the sunset prayers the occupation troops took
      the four bodies away to the American base. Then the
      next day they handed them over to the al-Mahmudiyah
      government hospital and told the hospital
      administration that terrorists had killed the family.
      That morning I went with relatives of the deceased to
      the hospital. We received the bodies and buried them,
      may God have mercy on them."

      The neighbor went on: "Then we decided that we must
      not be silent so we asked the mujahideen to respond as
      quickly as possible. They responded with 30 attacks
      on the occupation in two days, bringing down more than
      40 American soldiers. But our blood was still not
      cooled, so we decided to go to al-`Arabiyah satellite
      TV to tell them the story since it is a station that
      broadcasts in Iraq. But al-`Arabiyah paid no
      attention to us and said we were liars. They told us
      that their policy was to rely on official
      announcements issued by the American army, and that
      they were not able to get into a story over which they
      had no power. This was told to us by the al-`Arabiyah
      correspondent Ahmad as-Salih. So we went to local
      newspapers and they slammed the doors in our faces
      because we are Sunnis and the rape victim was a Sunni
      girl. But the Resistance fighters told us that God
      does not allow the blood of any Muslim to be lost, and
      they told us to patiently persevere and we would see
      such a punishment for the blood of `Abir and her
      family, for the violation of the honor of our sister,
      a punishment that would make people's hair stand on

      "I personally wasn't surprised that Umm `Abir [`Abir's
      mother] came to me on 9 March 2006 and asked that
      `Abir be allowed to spend the night with my daughters.
      She was afraid because of the way the occupation
      troops looked at her when she went out to feed the
      cows. I agreed to that because there was an
      occupation forces' command post just 15 meters from
      Qasim's house, God rest his soul. But frankly I
      thought it unlikely that anything would happen to the
      girl because she was only something like 16 and she
      was just a little girl. But I agreed and she spent
      one night at our place and then went back to her home
      in the morning. We had no idea that the occupation
      troops would carry out heir crime in broad daylight."

      The neighbor concluded: "The occupation troops came
      last Friday – that is, one day before the Mafkarat
      al-Islam correspondent visited the scene of the crime
      – and asked the people of the area to exhume the body
      of `Abir to conduct tests on it. And they also asked
      me to provide eyewitness testimony and I will go
      anywhere to make sure that justice is served."

      Mafkarat al-Islam was the first news agency to
      disclose the crime committed by US troops on that
      March day in al-Mahmudiyah.



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