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The Owners of War

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    The Owners of War By Judith Moriarty noahshouse @ adelphia.net 6-12-6 This morning, listening to C-Span, I was sickened at the inhumane remarks made by callers
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2006
      The Owners of War
      By Judith Moriarty
      noahshouse @ adelphia.net

      This morning, listening to C-Span, I was sickened at the inhumane
      remarks made by callers from across the country (both parties). I
      would estimate that 90% of the people had no problem with the recent
      massacre of civilians in Haditha. It was apparent, listening to their
      comments that few had bothered to read the initial accounts of this
      massacre. There was the usual lionizing of the military ­ fighting for
      peace, justice and the American way.

      Haditha: A roadside bomb went off at 7:15 a.m. as local families were
      preparing for the day. They had the bad luck of living adjacent to
      this incident which killed a Marine. Immediately afterwards, Marines
      stormed the house directly across from the attack, shooting as they
      approached ­ though there was no gunfire from any of the homes.
      A video shot by a local journalism student shows the bloody aftermath
      of what happened. Inside this home (the first one) was a 76 year old
      blind man in a wheelchair and his 66 year old wife and nine of their
      sons, daughters- in ­laws and grandchildren. The Corner's report
      obtained by NBC News reported that the wheelchair bound, blind mean
      was shot in the stomach and head. The wife and five other relatives
      were killed by multiple gunshot wounds.

      Ten year old Iman, who survived, told news reporters "The Americans
      came into the room where my father was praying and shot him. They went
      to my grandmother and killed her, too," Iman says. During this raid
      the house caught fire when a propane tank in the kitchen blew up.
      Marines then moved next door. Nine people were inside, and eight were
      killed, five of them children. Twelve year old Safa says she hid under
      the bed. "They came in and shot all of us", she says, "I pretended I
      was dead".

      Marines then moved to a third location ­ a taxi parked by the side of
      the road. In it, were four university students and a driver. A witness
      watching from a nearby rooftop says Marines took the five men out of
      the car and executed them. The driver was screaming in English,
      "Please!, please!" but they shot him in the body.

      At approximately 10:30 a.m., Marines stormed the house of Eid Ahmed,
      where they separated his four sons from the women and children ­
      before killing the men. Nine year old Khalid was in the house. "This
      is my father!" he screamed, "God will take my revenge!" Note: And we
      wonder how terrorists are made (JM)

      If not for the story in Time magazine, months after this event, it is
      doubtful it would have come to light. The first reports from the
      Marines, were that these civilians had died when the roadside bomb
      went off. Afterwards the story changed. It was then reported that they
      were being fired upon from these homes ­ and fired back.
      Investigations proved that this didn't happen, as the bullet holes
      were all within the homes, and not on the outer walls.

      Citizens calling into C-Span were as cold blooded, as those who
      participated in this alleged attack on civilians. They casually, some
      vindictively stated; "This is war, things like this happen, everybody
      is the enemy, including women and children, our troops have to
      protect themselves." The tragic thing is, this event happened to get
      news coverage, most don't, including whole families shot up at road
      blocks and the massacre at Fallujah (no media coverage) where males
      from 15 -65 were not permitted to leave the city.

      Thousands of Iraqi citizens in Fallujah died in the midst of napalm,
      bombing and phosphorous weaponry. Bodies were found charred and
      melted; with the newest annihilating inventiveness of civilized man!
      With the Geneva Convention mocked by top officials, as being
      "archaic", the way has been paved for all kinds of mayhem. The
      torture, humiliation, and deaths at Abu Ghraib, were for the most
      part, reported by the American media, as nothing more than hazing! In
      this situation ­ only a few grunts were held accountable! Whatever the
      horror story, over and over, we are given the "bad apple theory". It
      seems apparent, that in this impossible madhouse of slaughter, this
      barrel of apples is now fermenting. While there are (obvious)
      sociopaths in ALL walks of life; from politicians to your local
      minister, the theater of war is a Disney world of delight for these
      soulless ones, permitted to kill legally?

      Marine General, Smedley Butler, a 34 year veteran of wars, stated upon
      his retirement, "All war is a racket". He went on to explain that he
      until he was out of the service; he never had an individual thought,
      but just followed orders. One can never excuse indiscriminate
      slaughter, but you can understand how it can happen. Men removed from
      the 'civilized' world; and thrust into a desert land thousands of
      miles from home, certainly don't have the option of quitting or
      calling their representative! Like any organized group of people; be
      it doctors, lawyers, politicians, police, the workplace or the
      military ­ there's an unspoken code that the group mind rules! Rare is
      the person (sad to say) who will step outside this cult ­like
      obedience, should anything untoward occur. People basically have a
      herd instinct, fearful of facing the wrath, vindictiveness, and
      isolation of being set apart from the group. Many may not participate
      and be quite outraged at some of the things they witness ­ but they
      remain silent nevertheless and therefore accomplices. The military
      (and police) are especially close knit groups with a special bonding
      taking place. They depend on each other for their very lives. The
      whistleblower is seen as a 'traitor'. Society bears this out, when
      time and time again, you read of the person who reported such and such
      a wrong in the workplace/government/medical etc; being fired from
      their jobs and black balled!

      Muslim cleric Abdul ­ Al ­ Kabaissi stated, "The situation has reached
      a level when the U.S. soldier becomes a professional killer, who kills
      with premeditation and deliberation". It is simply comedic theater,
      to watch politicians or these paid 'expert' talking heads, who spend
      the days of their lives, in protected gilded environments, giving
      their talking points on the inhumanities of war. War, plain and
      simple, turns ordinary people into barbarians ­ it's the nature of the
      beast; when death and melted flesh are daily events! FEAR has the
      soldier ­ shooting, killing and destroying all who threaten his
      existence! You don't experience this fly fishing, on a private
      hunting preserve, bike riding in Crawford, or slurping it up, in some
      Georgetown restaurant! Hell, someone drops a hammer in the Capitol,
      and the Suits go scurrying like rats deserting a ship.

      None of the callers to C-Span, it appeared, were able to relate to the
      terrible ordeal that the Iraqi people are being subjected to. They are
      not safe in their homes preparing breakfast, not safe on their farms
      (Ali had his arms blown off), not safe in the Mosque or marketplace.
      Food, fuel, and electricity are in short supply in the scorching
      desert heat. Their culture was destroyed, on the first days of 'Shock
      and Awe', when museums, schools, and libraries were allowed to be
      looted of their antiquities or destroyed. Rumsfeld remarked "Stuff
      happens". With an attitude like that in leadership ­ is it any wonder
      that this surreal landscape, of a Salvador Dali painting, resembles a
      maniacal video arcade with no exit door! Every moment is a Dante's

      The answer to the massacre at Haditha; is to institute seminars on
      ethics! Is it any wonder that thousands returning from war are
      mentally unhinged? How do you train youth from impoverished America
      (the elite don't do war ­ ask Cheney), to kill in the morning and then
      teach 'ethical' killing in the afternoon? I fear we're creating a
      generation of schizophrenics! Many returning from this bloodlust ­ are
      supposed to return to their, once upon a time suburban or rural
      environments, and live happily ever after! Only thing is, once men and
      women have been in the midst of war ­ they are forever changed. War
      opens a dark chamber in the recesses of man's psyche of the 'Silent
      Scream' that goes on forever.

      It is my opinion that many give no thought to the war at all. I've met
      them. When I have attempted to broach it with them, all I hear is
      "they should kill all those rag heads and turn the place to glass ­
      nuke'em ­ that's what we should do". I once thought that if the war
      was brought closer to home ­ outside the media propaganda, that there
      would be an outcry of one accord, to stop all war. I thought, if only
      they were witness to the children, shredded and traumatized in the
      name of democracy they would care. I don't think that way anymore.
      Ownership of an ideology ­ no matter how perverse; blinds men to
      truth. They adherents to war, and all its 'glory'; own the crazed
      youth shooting up Iraqi homes, the dogs set on terrified prisoners
      (caught up in village sweeps), the terror stricken children, the
      weapons that melt flesh from bone, the blind man in his wheelchair
      (not seeing his end coming), the pulverized cities, the poisoned
      land/water (depleted uranium), the grotesquely deformed babies, the
      limbless soldier, grasping his tarnished medals, the multitudes of
      gravestones, the echo of taps, on a mountain top in Vermont, and the
      empty tortured eyes of the conqueror and conquered ones ­ unable to
      speak of that which is ever before them.



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