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Turkey Paying Off Debts!

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    Turkey not Dependent on IMF -P.M And gradually Turkey to get rid off the foreign debts Good news for Turks By Manisa Zaman May 29, 2006
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 6, 2006
      "Turkey not Dependent on IMF"-P.M
      And gradually Turkey to get rid off the foreign debts

      Good news for Turks
      By Manisa Zaman
      May 29, 2006

      [If this country, where the majority of people do not have all-day
      running hot and cold water, can get out of debt, maybe we can! -WVNS]

      Izmir : Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the country
      reduced its $24 billion debt to $11 billion. Erdogan mentioned that
      the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) had accused the
      government of obeying every IMF (International Monetary Fund) order.
      "The opposition itself borrowed the money and we paid it back. It is
      true that whoever takes loans also takes orders. However, we are among
      the countries that paid its debt and did not take any orders. We are
      not dependent on the IMF, and do not forget that we are one of its
      founding fathers." The PM joined the party congresses held in Izmir
      and Manisa over the weekend, where Erdogan focused on the government's
      achievements and economic developments in particular. In reply to the
      criticisms emanating from the opposition, the prime minister added.

      "We paid the debts. What did you do? We sat at the table with the IMF
      and did what was necessary, but we did not get into debt. The
      governments before us could not act as we did because they did not
      hold talks with the IMF. You should know that who takes loans, also
      takes orders." He also stressed thanks to the economic and political
      stability, Turkey could take loans for longer periods like 2.5-15 and
      even 30 years, which in the past was 6-9 months.

      "We became a government that could comfortably transform the future
      into money." There was only $24 billion in the Central Bank, the prime
      minister disclosed, but the amount today increased to $56 billion.
      "That is a difference of $32 billion. The total amount of debt paid
      amounts to 100 quadrillion. How could we find such an amount? Did we
      have oil wells? It was paid through honesty, stability and reliability
      that we secured. It is our success. No one can siphon the money from
      the Central Bank anymore."



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