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    PSYCHOANALYZING PHARAOH By Maria Hussain http://groups.yahoo.com/group/shamireaders/message/1 This paper attempts to address the question: Have the Jews gone
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2003
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      By Maria Hussain

      This paper attempts to address the question: Have the Jews gone mad?
      Or have they always been this way and I am just now realizing it? I
      decided that, instead of vainly disputing, that I would really try
      and understand the Jewish point of view in American politics. This is
      no easy task to undertake, considering the resistance one faces when
      asking a Jew about his Zionism. But the more I learn the less I
      comprehend. I have been forced to conclude that today's Zionist, with
      his ethical and reasonable outward persona, is covering up a serious
      case of paranoid schizophrenia, denial, delusions of grandeur, and
      projection. Many of these people actually believe they are the direct
      descendants of King David.

      An American of German ancestry whose father grew up in Nazi Germany
      in a little town 30 miles from the Czech border, I feel an intense
      need to help the Jews avoid the pit that the Germans fell into
      before. Today we commonly ask, "How could the Good Germans remain
      silent during the Holocaust? How could they live in denial? Although
      a few did risk their lives to reach out to those against whom the
      Nazi violence was directed, the vast majority of German citizens were
      patriotic citizens.

      Technically, wiping out a civilization is called "genocide." So, what
      is the difference between a Jewish supporter of Israel and a German
      supporter of the Aryan Nation? The difference is that unlike in the
      1930s and 40s, today there is no barrier to receiving accurate news
      reports from the siege on Occupied Palestine. One is not forced to
      rely on censored corporate media. There is no Jew or Gentile who
      could honestly say they had no way of knowing what the Jewish
      homeland was doing to the West Bank. If he does not know, it
      is because he does not care to know.

      The Germans, by contrast, had very little access to public information
      except via government-controlled radio. A memorial in Munich, Germany
      remembers a professor and a few college students who were executed by
      the Nazi regime for throwing fliers out of the classroom window
      publicizing the war crimes of their government.

      Today I see the Jews, at far less risk of peril for speaking out than
      what would have faced an outspoken Nazi opponent, remaining in denial
      about the erasing of Palestine from the map. It is something they
      simply never wish to discuss. We are all supposed to then simply
      believe that the land "came to be known as Israel." (Quote from a
      children's textbook)

      In Zionist discourse, Israeli soldiers only shoot civilians
      inadvertently, while Palestinian terrorists aim for any and all
      civilians. Israel maintains its stance not to harm Arab civilians,
      and they do not budge from this standpoint. It does not matter that
      Israeli soldiers not only fire randomly into people's living quarters
      but also engage in sharp-shooting, while suicide bombers actually
      prefer to target buses laden with soldiers.

      Even seemingly objective news reports like the following show that in
      order for Israel to feel at peace, one must never, ever state the
      obvious: "Palestinian Authority textbooks still present Israel as a
      usurper of Arab lands and fail to convey a message of reconciliation
      with Israel." As if Israel had ever stopped invading and usurping
      Arab lands!

      A letter to the editor of The Jewish State, a local New Jersey
      newspaper, states: "Unless and until the Palestinians stop teaching
      their children the virtues of jihad, martyrdom, and the destruction
      of Israel, the Palestinian children, cute as they are, remain my
      virulent enemy and I will not spend much time lamenting their demise
      if and when they are taken out as collateral damage."

      By what sad standards of debate today's Zionists use to justify the
      assassinations, mass arrests, blockades, and deprivation of the
      Palestinian people! Helplessly, the world watches as some of the best
      and brightest of our generation are simply 'knocked off,' not by a
      random act of terror but by the painstaking deliberations of the
      state military apparatus. Yet even though Israeli bulldozers mow down
      village after village, while the people are shot if they go outside,
      the forces of destruction proclaim pure innocence!

      How can it be that this monster who seethes with hate and feels no
      remorse, can perceive himself as reasonable, ethical and moral? The
      Zionist has declared himself to have "natural and historical rights"
      to take over a certain piece of land whether anyone likes it or not.
      Yet he continually feels that he is the one who has been wronged,
      that his violence is always and only provoked by the other. But what
      is at the heart of it all? How do we psychoanalyze this monster?

      My childhood taught me the inner workings of the tyrant ruler. My
      beloved mother will herself admit that she was a dictator over her
      house and family. She tolerated no disobedience, demanded perfection,
      and was never satisfied. At times she worked herself into a fury,
      abusing everyone around her with her stress. After she got done
      blowing off steam, she would inevitably crumple into heartwrenching
      sobs, crying that nobody loved her, that she hated herself, that she
      hated her life, and all the world which made her feel unworthy. Her
      abusive behaviour stemmed from a deep lack of self-esteem.

      I came upon an essay written by a fourth grader in a New Jersey Hebrew
      School that revealed to me the innocence within the monster. "Why do
      people treat Israel as if she is less important than other
      countries?...I cannot answer why people would treat any country as if
      it counts as less than another...We need to stretch out our hands to
      pull the Israelis from the pit into which the terrorists have thrown
      them. We must also show the terrorists that we will not allow them to
      take over our country."

      What becomes clear is that when they say "peace" it does not mean
      friendship and harmony. Their peace equals our defeat. Their prayer
      for peace is a prayer for the Palestinians to give up hope of going
      home. We are supposed to forgive without receiving an apology and
      just accept, as one Jewish activist explained to me, "It's not that
      Israel is trying to destroy Palestinian lives. It is just trying to
      exist, and to defend itself against suicide bombers." Well, throwing
      aside the "suicide bombers" clich?, the absurdity of the "merely
      trying to exist" argument is worth contemplating.

      The Israeli Declaration of Independence refers to "the sovereign
      Jewish people settled in its own land." I found it curious that the
      founders of the Jewish state proclaimed as sovereign over the land
      not the Lord God but themselves. The land belongs not to God, but to
      the colonists with their proclaimed "natural and historical right" to
      take possession of it. The entire argument for rebuilding the Temple
      also seems to revolve around the idea that this will show the world
      that the Jews are really something. There is seldom any mention that
      the Temple would be a place for the glorification of God's name.

      But is this a struggle for Jewish supremacy or a struggle to be as
      good as other nations? Here the internal confusion of the Jewish
      psyche becomes clear. The document states: "This right is the natural
      right of the Jewish people to be masters of their own fate, like all
      other nations, in their own sovereign State." But what country, or
      person, is a master of his own destiny? Surely a Believing Jew
      understands that nations are subject to the vicissitudes of time and
      that God alone is the master of destiny. On one hand, Jews declare
      their absolute uniqueness, and then they declare that they want to be
      like everyone else. It is grotesque self-delusion. Seeking high-class
      status by lawlessly taking over people's property is not a worthy
      expression of self-respect. It is rather a psychotic display of deep

      In his delusions of grandeur, the Zionist, like the Pharaoh before
      him, has proclaimed himself as a god above reproach. Jabotinsky
      wrote: "To the hackneyed reproach that this point of view is
      unethical, I answer, 'absolutely untrue.' This is our ethic. There is
      no other ethic"(1923).

      Muslims never get tired of reminding Jews about the Pharaoh, because
      he was a sign from God that the arrogant will be brought low. For
      Pharaoh is described as one who "transgressed beyond bounds in the
      lands, and heaped therein mischief (on mischief). Therefore did thy
      Lord pour on them a scourge of diverse chastisements" (89:11) The
      Quranic Pharaoh is symbolic for any civilization that God destroys
      for rejecting the Truth and living in habitual sin. Muslims consider
      the discovery of Pharaoh's mummy in 1898 at Thebes to be a warning
      specifically to the Jews from God.This Sign is the fulfilment of a
      Quranic prophecy where Allah says to the Pharaoh: "This day We (have
      decided to) preserve your body (from destruction) so that you may
      become a sign to (a people) who will come after you, for most people
      are heedless of Our signs" (10:92-93).

      Historical Palestine is negated by the mere existence of Israel.
      Genocide is however, not a crime if it is not done intentionally. It
      is merely an unintentional side-effect of protecting Israel's
      sovereignty. It is something that must be done without delay in order
      to implement the Zionist utopia. Jewish people around the world are
      praying and waiting for their inheritance of Biblical lands to
      finally be claimed in its entirety. Then, they believe, there can be
      peace on earth.

      The Zionist patterns of speech are fossilized phrases empty of
      content, revealing a society that is in denial to the point of being
      psychotic. Is the only way for Jews to get beyond their imagined
      second-class status is by declaring themselves God, making others
      into second-class citizens and founding a nation over their graves?
      This is what is considered the "redemption" of Israel? It is clear
      that the world should take note of the delusional and irrational
      behaviour of Israel's rulers.

      No country based on a racist ideology, which imposes a tyranny of one
      ethnic group over the others, has any need to exist as a nation among
      other nations. There is no reasonable justification for open dual
      citizenship for all Jews anywhere. The Jews can and should rather be
      loyal to their normal country of residence. We cannot wait for Israel
      to realize or admit that it needs help because it is out of control,
      endangering itself and others. Israel must be stopped.



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