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Muslim Network Joins Cable TV

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    BRIDGES TV EXPANDS TO BASIC CABLE AND INTO CANADA Expansion gives unprecedented voice to Arab and Muslim Americans/Canadians
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2006
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      Expansion gives unprecedented voice to Arab and Muslim Americans/Canadians

      DETROIT, April 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Bridges TV has transitioned from a
      premium pay channel to basic cable on several cable and satellite
      systems, including WOW! Cable, Buckeye Cable, Shrewsbury Cable,
      Verizon FiOS TV and Globecast Satellite. This covers cable markets in
      Detroit, Chicago, Toledo, Columbus, Boston, Dallas, Tampa and
      Washington D.C. Bridges TV has also been approved by the Canadian
      Radio & Television Commission (CRTC) to start broadcasting in Canada,
      where it will soon launch on Rogers Cable. The Ford Motor Company of
      Dearborn, Michigan has made this expansion possible with a charter

      The launch of Bridges TV as a free channel on basic cable comes at a
      time when Middle Eastern and South Asian communities around the world
      are in the spotlight. Most recently, the controversy around the
      management of American ports by Dubai Ports and worldwide protests
      against the publication of satirical cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad
      have highlighted deep divisions between Western and Middle
      Eastern/South Asian cultures.

      "As the world continues to be shaped by issues such as the war on
      terror, the ongoing struggle in Iraq, and the democratization of the
      Middle East, one of the greatest needs of our time is greater
      understanding between Western and Eastern cultures. Bridges TV is
      groundbreaking because now, simply while switching channels from CNN
      to Fox News, millions of Americans and Canadians can stumble on
      Bridges TV, and get a completely different and unique perspective on
      the most compelling news events of our time," said Mo Hassan, CEO of
      Bridges TV.

      Brad Mefferd, Chief Operating Officer of Buckeye Cable in Toledo,
      Ohio, said that the launch of Bridges TV as a free basic channel
      allows the network to reach a much wider audience while also appealing
      to the desires of Americans for greater understanding of the Middle
      Eastern and South Asian cultures: "If the network can bridge gaps of
      understanding between the West and the East, then we have provided a
      great service to the world."

      On Monday, May 15th at 8 pm ET, Bridges TV will make yet another
      history. Paul Moskal, the Chief Legal Counsel for the FBI in New York,
      will hold an FBI Townhall Meeting exclusively on Bridges TV. Mr.
      Moskal will take direct questions from Muslim and Arab Americans on
      national television. And on Sunday, May 14th, Bridges TV will hold the
      cable TV premiere of PBS hit movie Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet.
      Bridges TV broadcasts original daily newscasts, current affairs shows,
      children's programming, travel shows, documentaries, sitcoms, movies,
      music videos, sports, comedy, food, business and magazine shows.

      Rabbi Bob Alper, a stand-up comic who performs One Jew, One Arab, One
      Stage with Ahmed Ahmed, an American Muslim comic, was a recent guest
      on Bridges TV. "In a world made gloomy by rampant hatred and
      misunderstanding, I am thrilled that American Muslims can now view a
      friendly, funny rabbi. I firmly believe that it's impossible to hate
      someone with whom you've laughed," said Rabbi Bob Alper.

      The purpose of Bridges TV is to create a platform for dialogue and
      friendship between the West and the East. The English language network
      is the first of its kind and is aimed at the more than twelve million
      Americans of Middle Eastern and South Asian descent, as well as
      millions of Americans and Canadians with an interest in these
      cultures, especially due to the current world situation. There are an
      estimated two million Canadians of Middle Eastern and South Asian

      "It really fills a void," said Adnan Mirza, a director of the Council
      on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). "There's a clear disconnect
      between popular American media and the Muslim audience. The nice thing
      is, this is not just for the Muslim audience. Bridges TV gives a clear
      understanding of the issues to viewers and an opportunity for us to
      speak for ourselves." Mirza added, "Americans are increasingly
      interested in better understanding Middle Eastern cultures, and Muslim
      Americans want to be better understood. Bridges TV creates a public
      platform for this dialog."

      World heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali showed his support for the
      network as he helped launch Bridges TV last year in Chicago. Ali
      believes that Bridges TV will help to overcome the erroneous image of
      Muslim Americans. "Let the rest of America get to know us the way they
      would get to know their next-door neighbor. I hope Bridges TV will be
      very successful for the sake of all Americans," he added.

      Bridges TV News Director Nancy Sanders, formerly of WKBW-TV, the ABC
      news affiliate in Buffalo, NY, said that Bridges TV has made great
      strides in getting views not normally taken in the mainstream news. As
      an example, she cites Bridges News' extensive coverage of the
      humanitarian efforts of major American organizations to help
      earthquake victims in Pakistan and India. "We've been able to get into
      the hearts and minds of communities forgotten or overlooked by major
      media operations by covering cultural events and seeking opinions
      whenever any major news story breaks," she added.

      To request a DVD about Bridges TV, email
      hbaliwala @ bridgestv.com or call 716-812-6972.
      For high-resolution photographs, please visit


      Mo S. Hassan, CEO, Bridges TV: 716-308-6593 (c);
      716-662-5321 (w); mohassan @ bridgestv.com

      Mary Kantowski, Admin, Bridges TV: 716-961-3140;
      marykan @ bridgestv.com



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