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Lorenzo Canizares: chameleons in human form

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  • ummyakoub
    Rulers of the USA are chameleons in human form by Lorenzo Canizares May 1, 2003 Our society is full of chameleons in human form. These chameleons,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2003
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      Rulers of the USA are chameleons in human form

      Lorenzo Canizares
      May 1, 2003

      Our society is full of chameleons in human form. These
      chameleons, characteristically, have no shame. The
      invasion of Iraq, placing the lives of poor and middle
      class young men and women in harm's way, was done
      hurriedly in the name of finding weapons of mass
      destruction. Now that most recognize what we already
      knew - that there are no weapons of mass destruction,
      our chameleons are changing their tune that the reason
      of invading Iraq was always to liberate the Iraqi
      people of Saddam's oppression.

      Now, our chameleons are trying to grapple with an
      answer to why are the Iraqi people demonstrating (and
      paying with their lives) for us to leave. The
      chameleons might soon be saying that Syria and Iran
      are responsible for this discontent. Anyway, this
      greases the possibility for in the summer of 2004 to
      invade another country in order to maintain the
      necessary frenzy to keep the hard-core right-wing
      Republicans in control of the nation.

      Through all of this, it is hard to believe in the
      existence of honest chameleons. So there is no other
      choice but to believe these people are part of a
      concerted effort by the most extreme right-wing forces
      of the Republican party to excuse the invasion of Iraq
      for any other means than the real one - control of
      Iraq's oil reserves and huge contracts for the
      rebuilding of Iraq - all paid by American taxpayers.
      In the meantime, while we are trying to reshuffle the
      world scene to the convenience of our corporate
      magnates, in the home front the reshuffling of the
      economic infrastructure continues at a frantic pace.
      Corporate corruption continues unebbed, states lose
      federal aid and millions of low-income Americans face
      loss of health insurance plus sharp cuts in benefits -
      like prescription drugs and dental care, the middle
      class face continuous loss employment, higher insurance
      premiums (see medical revolt), and continues rise in
      college education. Corporate America has taken over
      and do not plan to give up.

      How can this be happening? I believe because a
      combination of greed and racism. Greed that have made
      its bearers lose all perspective of what is proper for
      a society to work properly. e.g., In the early 1980's
      the CEO's average rate of pay was an average 10 to 1
      to a regular workers salary. Today is 700 to 1.

      Racism is part of the equation in order to provide a
      rationale for doing what they are doing. The human
      psyche cannot perform for too long knowing that they
      are doing the wrong thing. So they have to come up
      with excuses to justify doing the wrong thing. Slavery
      to be accepted by its perpetrators was linked to the
      theory of white-skin supremacy and its counterpart the
      theory of the inferiority of colored people. Since
      these theories have been totally debunked a new vision
      is needed to excuse social abuse.

      So the new theory is really an undercurrent. Being
      their main exponent the chameleons of "hate radio."
      They say that the very-wealthy has "worked" very hard
      for what they have and are deserving of their
      privileges. That they have a right to "milk" the
      system for their benefit. If those out of the
      inner-circle lose what the state should provide -
      tough. They should know their place. To make it easier
      to digest this "vision" the undercurrent talks as if
      the people affected are just colored and immigrants.
      The simple thinking goes - why are we going to be
      caring of these people when we don't even want to have
      anything to do with them. But we know that the reality
      is different. The majority of people being affected by
      these policies are White-Americans. Most veterans
      that are losing benefits are White-Americans, most
      elderly receiving cuts in their Medicare benefits are
      White-Americans, most Americans being affected with
      cuts in unemployment and welfare benefits are
      White-Americans, most stock-holders that have been
      victimized by corporate corruption are White-Americans.

      But hopefully soon most middle class and poor
      Americans are going to decipher the hoax and its
      chameleons, and we might be able to take the country
      back through its electoral process. But don't bet on it.
      2000 was no coincidence - it was a well designed
      thievery. An effort to last.

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