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The "road map" to further colonization

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  • ummyakoub
    The road map to further colonization by Mazin Qumsiyeh, Ph.D.* - May 1, 2003 I think it is rather telling that the so called road map for a solution to the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2003
      The "road map" to further colonization

      by Mazin Qumsiyeh, Ph.D.* - May 1, 2003

      I think it is rather telling that the so called "road map" for a
      solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict failed to include the
      words: "international law" and "human rights." That these four
      simple words can be skipped in a document of 2221 words suggests that
      this latest effort will not produce peace. The map also seems to
      ignore the wall of apartheid being built and their is no mention of
      getting input from people affected regarding their future.

      (Text of the 'roadmap' here:

      Like the defunct Oslo accords these latest trials were also based on
      an underlying assumption that with the disparity of power, Israel can
      dictate agreements. Israeli leaders wanted and got recognition of
      sovereignty on 78% of Palestine (land they stole from native
      Palestinians). But they want more. They want parts of the remaining
      22%, they want acceptance of their demand to forfeit the most
      elemental of human rights such as the right of refugees to return to
      their homes and lands (all simply because they are not Jewish). What
      this means is that the victims of Israeli colonialism are expected to
      certify that it is OK for Israel to remain the only country in the
      world that identifies its lands as belonging not to its citizens but
      to "Jewish people everywhere". The Palestinians must recognize that
      Israel can remain the only country in the world that gives members of
      a particular religion (including converts) automatic rights
      (citizenship, land, homes, subsidies) that supercede and mostly
      replace those of "citizens" and native people who belong to other
      religions. Israel grants automatic citizenship to any individual who
      has one Jewish grandparent while denying citizenship to native
      Christians and Muslims simply for being of the wrong religion.

      Israel is the only country in the world whose legitimacy does not
      flow from rights of self-determination of natives but Zionist claim
      of biblical authority. Without consulting the inhabitants (Jews,
      Christians, and Muslims), a UN general assembly resolution in 1947
      called for partition of a native land to give 55% of the land to a
      colonial people who at the time represented 30% of the population and
      owned 7% of the land. Yet, this same resolution, while unfair and
      accomplished by much arm-twisting by the US, rejected any population
      transfer and insisted on Internationalizing Jerusalem, on an economic
      union, and on free movement of people (all these provisions where and
      are still unacceptable to the Zionist leaders).

      Armed and supported by the British Empire and then the US (today's
      Empire?), the Zionist movement grew to become a dominant
      political/military ideology.

      In the process, this movement succeeded in removing over 70% of the
      native inhabitants of the land of Palestine and precipitate unrest
      and violence that is now engulfing many other areas of the world.
      The majority of Palestinians were made refugees or displaced persons
      and the remaining are losing their lands daily.

      The foreign policy of the only remaining superpower was hijacked by
      Sharon's Zionist cronies in DC (Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, Wurmser and
      their cabal of "neoconservatives"). They are content to lead us into
      endless "preemptive" wars for "securing the [Israeli] realm" (as
      Perle and company put it in a 1996 document submitted to the Israeli
      government). CNN/MSNBC/Fox and US politicians beholden to special
      interest money help perpetuate this historic injustice and
      shield the public from the truth.

      Israel violated over 70 UN Security Council resolutions and was
      protected from 35 others by US veto. Sharon and Bush speak
      of "eventually" having a Palestinian "state" but this is analogous to
      South Africa speaking about having states for blacks (what became
      known as Bantustans or large Ghettos).

      But unless annihilated (a difficult task in the 21st century), no
      native people have ever succumbed to their oppressors, however

      If we want peace in the Holy Land, all is needed is to implement the
      Universal Declaration of Human Rights. If this is not good enough,
      why not apply relevant UN resolutions on the issue (including UNGA
      194 also calling for return of refugees). Israel promised to comply
      with relevant UN resolutions when it was admitted to the UN. If they
      continue to refuse, perhaps it is time to get Israel out of the
      community of nations. The US Congress should also then cut off the
      billions of our tax dollars we send to allow continued violations of
      human rights and International law. Unless this is done, all the maps
      in the world will not lead to peace.

      *Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh is co-founder and national treasurer of Al-Awda,
      the Palestine Right to Return Coalition. (http://Al-Awda.org) He can
      be reached via e-mail at: mazin@...
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