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Holocaust Fable is Hate Speech

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    Holocaust Fable as Jewish Hate Speech By Patrick H. McNally (Tokyo) Ziggie Fraud, the gifted quipster but clumsy plagiarist,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2006
      Holocaust Fable as Jewish Hate Speech
      By Patrick H. McNally (Tokyo) <patrick @ fps.chuo-u.ac.jp>

      Ziggie Fraud, the gifted quipster but clumsy plagiarist, talked a lot
      about projection. Apparently he meant a psychic phenomenon whereby one
      throws forth [pro-jects] out onto others garbage within one's own
      soul. Since the hoaxoco$t tale is 99.44% pure filth, it is the
      outstanding example of projection, slandering, libeling and simple
      flatout lying.

      But elite Jewry has concocted a hithertofore hyper-successful
      teflon-type defense against any holyhoax questioning, scepticism,
      agnosticism, denial, revision, derision whatsoever. Their first line
      of defense -because there is no real defense- has been personal
      attacks and the groundless accusations of "auntie-Semitism" and "hate
      speech." From elite Jewry's standpoint, "hate speech" means any speech
      it hates. From the Gentile standpoint, "hate speech" means the speech
      characteristic of elite Jewry. How do you know when elite Jewry is
      engaging in hate speech? When their lips are moving. When the ADL
      [America's Defamation League] calls itself the "Anti-Defamation
      League," you have both projection and genuine hate speech.

      Whites [the stupidest among the Gentiles] really must catch up with
      the Iranian president on the hoaxocost issue. It is amazing that many
      brain-impaired Gentiles and Jews see the holyhoax mainly as a free
      speech issue: "Jews can freely tell their outrageous lies, but
      Gentiles should have the freedom to do scientific research on the
      issue." What childish rubbish! The holocaust fable was not an honest
      mistake but an intentional blood libel and there is no "free speech
      right" to slander and libel. In fact, there are civil and criminal
      laws against such socially destructive abuses of the right of free speech.

      The tobacco and whiskey industries have been restricted and restrained
      in what, where, when, and how they can advertise their economic bads.
      The holocaust industry must be similarly restrained but its claims
      must first be publicly subjected to extensive forensic investigation
      to learn how best to legislate it. Should the holocaust be treated
      like tobacco, whiskey, marijuana, or cocaine? Sixty years ago people
      thought tobacco was a healthy and manly way to relax. And when a
      Boston thoracic surgeon began to comment about the blackened lungs of
      smokers he operated on, he was dismissed as a dangerous crank -just
      like today's revisionists.

      The most important first step to deholyhoaxotoxification is exposing
      the putative purity of the motives and the bogus narratives of the
      hoaxoco$t PR people, i.e. questioning their innocence and the truth of
      their improbable and fantastic "memory." A brazen liar like Alley
      Weasel must not be allowed to publicly spew forth [pro-ject] his
      poison without being heckled and ridiculed. Tenured liars like Debbie
      Lipshits should be fired -or at the very least- treated exactly the
      way elite Jewry treats Gentile scholars like Germar Rudolf or Arthur Butz.

      Basically the whole of elite Jewish public discourse and media
      propaganda is hate speech. All the lies used to promote, justify, and
      carry out the 15-year long poisonous genocide against the Iraqi people
      were cooked up in elite Jewry's kitchen. In the Iraqi massacre Papa
      Bush, Pinus Bill, and Baby Bushit were just paradie-goyim stooges
      carrying out the policies of America's fifth column of zio-Jew
      traitors. And the civil war unfolding in Iraq fulfills the dreams of
      Israeli strategic planners to dismember large Arab/Muslim states into
      impotent tribal enclaves.

      The Iraq slaughter and the coming attack on Iran would be unimaginable
      without the hoaxoco$t fable. Elite Jewry"s ability to promote and push
      socially suicidal policies like unrestricted free trade [export of
      jobs], open-border immigration [import of cheap labor], PATRIOT Act
      [Prison Planet: JooAssA] all depend on Gentile non-resistance to
      Jewish evil.And Gentiles go limp in the face of Jewish demands mainly
      because the hoaxoco$t fable has mesmerized everyone.

      Especially the Jewish sheeple have been driven insane with
      anti-Gentile fantasies of a possible Auschwitz rerun and endlessly
      repeat the empty mantra, "Never again!" However, the imprisoned and
      harassed revisionists bring the good news of the gospel of forensic
      evidence: "Never was! Forget it! Move on!" The handful of Gentiles and
      Jews who have seen through the hoaxopsychosis ["Israel's prize alibi"]
      must spread this new gospel of forensic evidence to save the remnants
      of Western Civilization. In particular, the hand of reconciliation
      must be extended to the Muslim world which has not been poisoned by
      hoaxotoxification. Only full deholyhoaxotoxification of the White West
      can end the insane war Jews cooked up between the Christian and Muslim

      Delenda est holyhoaxotoxificatia



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