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FAHEEM HUSSAIN: Bush in Pakistan

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    Pakistan Is Tense as Bush Arrives http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/030406A.shtml President Bush arrived in Pakistan on Friday for a 24-hour visit to a capital
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 4, 2006
      Pakistan Is Tense as Bush Arrives

      President Bush arrived in Pakistan on Friday for a 24-hour visit to a
      capital locked down under extraordinary security. A broad coalition of
      political parties closed shops and halted transportation across the
      country and planned more anti-Bush demonstrations for the weekend.


      Pakistan a force for moderation, freedom: Bush
      By Jawed Naqvi
      NEW DELHI, March 3: US President George W. Bush, seeking to balance
      his delicate ties with India and Pakistan, appeared to offer comfort
      to both on Friday by giving New Delhi the responsibility to build
      democracy in Afghanistan and assigning Pakistan the role of a
      moderator in the turbulent Arab world.

      In a widely televised address from Delhi's 16th century Purana Qila,
      once a bastion of Afghan prowess in India, President Bush described
      Pakistan as an important partner and friend of the United


      Bush arrives; talks with Musharraf today
      ISLAMABAD, March 3: US President George W. Bush arrived in Islamabad
      on Friday night for his first visit to Pakistan.

      President Bush and his wife Laura flew in to the Chaklala airbase from
      New Delhi on board Air Force One and were received by Foreign Minister
      Khurshid Kasuri..........



      Guess Who's Coming to Town?

      Bush in Pakistan

      Islamabad, Pakistan.

      As I left my office this evening I saw with apprehension three
      sinister dark helicopter gunships patrolling low over Islamabad. I
      wondered who they were protecting. Then I realised that a murderer, in
      fact a mass murderer, will be in town tomorrow. But the helicopters
      were not there to protect the people of Islamabad from this murderer
      but they were there to protect the murderer from the wrath of the
      people of the world.

      Tomorrow the most hated man in the world will be in town and will be
      welcomed by our President. Mush and Bush make a fine pair. Before Bush
      left Washington he said that he would ask Musharraf to close down
      terrorist camps in Pakistan. I wonder if our general will ask Bush to
      close down the biggest terror camp of them all, Guantanomo, where the
      terrorists are the US Army personnel who perform torture on the
      inmates. But why should he? He is after all implicated in these crimes
      against humanity. He and his Foreign Minister proudly proclaim that
      they are in the frontlines of the war against terror and that they
      have handed over more than 700 suspected Al-Qaeda terrorists to the US
      which incarcerates them illegally without trial and without recourse
      to any legal system in Guantanomo.

      By their own words they admit that they have done illegal actions;
      midnight arrests of Pakistanis and foreigners and bundling into secret
      CIA flights without due process of law in front of Pakistani courts.

      So how can they protest? They are themselves complicit in these crimes
      against humanity, let alone the violation of the Pakistani
      constitution and Pakistani laws. But when did violation of the
      constitution or the law ever matter to the various generals who have
      run the country? Why should our good general protest about people
      illegally locked away in far Guantanomo?

      We have our own mini-Guantanomos right here in our own backyard. We
      have our own illegalities. According to the Human Rights Commission of
      Pakistan hundreds of Pakistanis have disappeared in the last few
      years. They have been picked up by intelligence agencies and never
      heard of again. Are they being tortured? Are they dead? No answers are
      forthcoming. In the name of fighting Al-Qaeda Pakistani villages have
      been bombed not only by the Pakistan army but by the US and many
      Pakistani civilians, including women and children, have been killed.

      Tomorrow there will be in Islamabad a man whose hands are covered in
      the blood of the innocents massacred in Afghanistan, in Rafah, Jenin,
      Jabaliya, Gaza, Najaf, Fallujah, Samarrah, etc. The killing in Iraq
      continues. Not content with creating chaos in Iraq with a daily death
      toll of more than a hundred, Bush is now intent on attacking Iran. He
      is not only a murderer but a pyrotechnician. Nero does not hold a
      candle to him Nero was content to see Rome burn but this madman wants
      to see the whole of the Middle East burn.

      Arundhati Roy in an excellent article in the Guardian today said that
      Bush is not welcome in India. Equally he is not welcome in Pakistan.
      If it wasn't for the complete security blockade of Islamabad and if
      there was democracy (that so much abused concept) and freedom of
      assembly in Pakistan, Bush would be welcomed by demonstrations against
      his policies in the US and worldwide. There is no country in the
      world, outside the United States, where he can move freely and where
      he will not face demonstrations. However much his security detail and
      his ever-obliging hosts try to shield him, he knows that he is an
      unwelcome guest wherever he goes.

      Faheem Hussain is a Pakistani physicist. He can be reached at:
      hussainf @ ictp.it



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