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Pack Your Bags, George

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    Pack Your Bags, George America Wants a Divorce! By Dr. SUSAN BLOCK January 28 / 29, 2006 http://www.drsusanblock.com/blog/blog.asp George, we want a divorce.
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      Pack Your Bags, George

      America Wants a Divorce!
      By Dr. SUSAN BLOCK
      January 28 / 29, 2006

      George, we want a divorce. We the American People - those of us who
      voted for you and those of us who didn't, those of us who believed
      your bald-faced fish stories and those of us who didn't - want your
      abusive lying ass, your ignorant monkey face and all your low-life
      chickenhawk asshole buddies out of our House (the White one) and out
      of our lives. We'd like to send you to Guantanamo, but we'll settle
      for Crawford. We are so over you, we really are.

      We are tired of your beatings and neglect. We are sick of your "war
      fetish," sending our children off to kill and be killed in your
      disgusting illegal invasion and occupation of a country that wasn't
      even bothering us. We have had it up to here with your mismanagement
      of our (America's) finances. We are tired of being humiliated by your
      obnoxious behavior in our Global Village, where when you act like a
      boor, we (America) get blamed. We are fed up with your born-again
      patriarchal, gay-bashing, liberty-smashing ways. We are outraged at
      your spying on us illegally, like a political Peeping Tom, as though
      we were all your playthings with no rights and no privacy. We are
      grossed out by your frat boy lust for torture. We are appalled by your
      being a Poster Boy for Executive Power Run Amok. We have had enough of
      your cheating on us (America) by giving all your attention, affection
      and OUR MONEY to your lover-cronies at Halliburton and Bechtel. We
      know that men like you tend to *think with your dick,* but YOUR Dick
      (Cheney) is our nightmare.

      We are disgusted with your ignoring the basic needs of our
      poverty-stricken brothers and sisters, our fellow Americans, as you
      cater to your family (that's Family Values for you), friends, patrons
      and cronies. Speaking of family, we are sick of being nice to our
      mother-in-law-from-hell, Babs the Beastly, and her "beautiful mind"
      which can't be burdened with news and pictures of our loved ones that
      have been killed in her rotten son's failed war. Most of all, George,
      we are sick and tired of your lies, lies, constant lies, Big Lies,
      little lies, smirking lies, shifty-eyed lies, neocon-artist lies,
      bald-faced lies, lethal lies. You're lying and spying, while we do the
      dying, and we're tired of it! We're sick of "staying the course."

      The thrill is gone, George. You did seduce some of us with your ersatz
      macho cowboy posturing and the costumes; we just ate up those sexy
      little costumes. But that rush some of us got seeing you in your
      fly-boy suit, even though we knew it was stuffed, proclaiming "Mission
      Accomplished!"--gone. That feeling that "it all makes sense" some of
      us got when you confidently told us that Saddam and Osama were secret
      lovers--so gone. That warmth some of us felt when you waltzed that
      fake turkey around those carefully chosen troops - all dust and bitter
      ashes. A love affair, gone very, very sour. We the American People are
      enraged at the havoc you have wreaked in our House and the blood you
      have spilled - like a sloppy cook spills tomato sauce - in our name.

      And no, we don't have another lover. Though we could sure use one
      right now. We're certainly not in love with Kerry or Hillary or any of
      the other Dems (though we like John Murtha's strong stance against
      your ugly war, we love Jonathan Edwards' hair, and we do wish Cindy
      Sheehan would run for something). It's true that it's easier to leave
      a bad marriage when you've got someone else's arms to run into, even
      as a rebound. We don't have that, but it doesn't matter. When the
      marriage is as bad as this one, it's best to leave even if the only
      place to go is a battered women's shelter. We are certainly battered
      by your war, your debt, your torture, your lies, your spying on us as
      if we were the untrustworthy ones, your selfish cheating ways.

      Of course, you're not our first problem husband, George. We've had a
      few. Forty-two of them before you, to be exact. Most of them were
      killers, and all of them were liars. But your belligerence,
      incompetence, your arrogant refusal to abide by American and
      international laws and the sheer danger you pose to us and our
      neighbors is, in many ways, unprecedented. Sometimes we wonder, did we
      marry Bluebeard or just another bumbling bloodthirsty blueblood? We'd
      like to get a restraining order until the divorce goes through, but we
      can't figure out where to apply.

      That's just it: We the American People don't know how to get you out
      of our House. This is really frustrating and kind of frightening. Oh,
      we know it's just a matter of a few years before you'll leave anyway.
      But you can do a lot of damage in that time - you're already doing it!
      - and we don't know if we can take it that long.

      The problem is we're a bit of a mess right now. Who can blame us after
      all the abuse you've put us through? Though in a way, we asked for it.
      We married you, even if it was a shotgun wedding. And now, We the
      American People (at least most of us) realize we made a big mistake,
      and we want a divorce! And yet--here's the rub - there's a part of us
      (almost all of Congress and the mainstream media) that just doesn't
      have the guts to do the right thing and tell you and your Dick to get
      out, to impeach your lying abusive ass and convict you of the high
      crimes and various misdemeanors we all know you've committed and
      continue to commit every day you remain in our House.

      But it's building, George. Our rage is building. And the thing is, if
      we don't figure out a way to get you out of our House in a civil
      manner, it could get ugly. We could become like that abused wife that
      Farrah played in Wal-mart movie director Robert Greenwald's 1980s TV
      drama, "The Burning Bed." With no way out of a marriage that is
      killing her, Farrah sets fire to her abuser's bed while he's in it.
      We're not trying to use the *abuse excuse,* and we are religious about
      being nonviolent. But we have to do something, at least pull the plug
      on your deadly, crony-enriching war. See, our marriage to you is
      killing us, George. Killing us one American soldier at a time, one
      American living in poverty at a time, one unfairly incarcerated
      American at a time. The longer we let you stay in our House, the more
      of us will die.

      So please, follow your predecessor with whom you have so much in
      common. No, not St. Ronald who, despite the tremendous lasting damage
      he did to this country, at least had the sense not to attack any place
      bigger than Grenada. And not your Dad, who at least had a feasible, if
      not laudable, purpose to his war (restoring power to the Kuwaiti royal
      family and their friends and relatives). You have more in common with
      Richard Nixon in presiding over big, sprawling, quagmirish, deeply
      unpopular wars. Except that Tricky Dick didn't start his.

      As long as we're talking divorce, we want Child Support--that is,
      payback and penance for all the poor, unwanted and unloved Problem
      Children born of our ill-fated marriage. And yes, dammit, we will be
      stuck with these rotten kids long after you're gone. Since you don't
      believe in birth control, and you certainly don't believe in
      self-control when it comes to fulfilling your and your cronies'
      desires for power and our hard-earned cash, we have given birth to
      many children during our six year marriage (some are twins and
      triplets). Here are just a few:

      Problem Child #1: The Mess in Iraq.
      Problem Child #2: The Massive Debt
      Problem Child #3: The Aggravation of Global Warming
      Problem Child #4: The Patriot Acts
      Problem Child #5: The War on Sex & Art
      Problem Child #6: The Resurgence of Torture
      Problem Child #7: The Katrina Debacle
      Problem Child #8: The Bullying of Reason by Religion
      Problem Child #9: The Poor Getting Poorer While Your Cronies Get Richer
      Problem Child #10: The Fall of America's Stature in the Eyes of the World

      All of these Problem Children of our lousy marriage just go to show:
      Sometimes abortion (literally and figuratively) is a public service.

      But we know you're all crooks, and we (some of us) were suckers for a
      patriotic scare-story with a padded crotch, and we really don't expect
      a penny of payback from you or your cronies. We just want to cut our
      losses. This awful marriage has broken our bones, killed too many of
      us, ruined our reputation, and damaged our future in ways we can't
      even imagine. But as the song goes, we will survive! We are the
      People, after all. And we might be a little slow on the uptake, but at
      a certain point, we see the light, and that's it: George, we want a

      Now all we need is a really good attorney.

      Dr. Susan Block is a sex educator, cable TV host and author of The 10
      Commandments of Pleasure.



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