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Iran's Insane Chutzpah

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    Insane Chutzpah By Frank Scott - frank@marin.cc.ca.us Monday, January 23, 2006 Iran may someday develop a nuclear weapon. That could be even worse than Iraq s
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      Insane Chutzpah
      By Frank Scott - frank@...
      Monday, January 23, 2006

      Iran may someday develop a nuclear weapon. That could be even worse
      than Iraq's nuclear threat—remember?

      The alleged Iranian menace is the latest attempt by our petro-zionist
      corporadoes to infect us with fear, trembling and the madness unto
      death. We're entering a new phase in the war on reason, in defense of
      economic tyranny, biblical insanity, and the deadly union of these

      When Iranian premier Ahmadinejad remarked that Israel should be wiped
      off the map, our mind managers expressed outrage for this anti-
      Semitism, the label instantly applied to any who dare criticize that
      political holy land. They never noticed that Palestine had been wiped
      off the map more than 50 years ago and was still under physical, not
      rhetorical assault. This, without a whimper from those now howling in
      righteous rage at the Iranian's language.

      Ahmadinejad is a member of the monotheist biblical trio of faiths
      which often savage one another in pursuit of divine, if nightmarish
      dreams. But his faction, Islam, is more benign—except to its colonial
      occupiers—than the power mad Judeo-Christian capitalists who dominate
      the world. And what he called the mythology of the holocaust was not
      a shocking idea to those outside the thought-controlled domain of the

      Most world leaders expressed no dismay at the Iranian's skepticism,
      nor was there disagreement with his statement that it was not
      Palestine which should have paid for the crimes committed against the
      Jews of Europe. It was only here and among our satellites that the
      normal disrespect and threats to Iran became louder and more

      But even here, disbelief about anything authority tells us is common,
      and people accept more outrageous stories about myth that can grow
      around past horror. Skepticism is a general rule that doesn't usually
      invite threats of war or get people thrown into jail for criticizing
      accepted belief, often based on some facts that later become some

      The folklore network carries countless imaginative and sometimes
      demented stories that claim Bush and Cheney arranged the 911 attacks,
      freemasons conspire with the illuminati, and that earth-shaking
      nefarious deeds have been hidden from the historic record. We are
      supposed to have a right to free expressions and thoughts, however
      unpopular some may find them. But when a critical suggestion is made
      to look further at the terrible experience of European Jews in World
      War 2, which has come to be known as the holocaust, heresy is charged
      and free speech becomes criminal thought.

      There are presently several men in prison for publicly expressing
      doubts about the details of the holocaust story. Two of them were
      expelled from the USA so that they could be imprisoned in Germany,
      where guilt over past war crimes has led to an atmosphere that
      tolerates charging guilt for present thought crimes.

      Ahmadinejad's remarks about the holocaust were what much of the world
      thinks. And when he said that whatever happened was Europe's
      responsibility and that vengeance should never have been visited upon
      the Palestinians, he expressed the common sense views of an enormous
      global majority.

      But the mere utterance of these words brought attacks from the
      western masters of social disasters; Israel, the USA, its British
      lapdog, and perhaps the most frenzied, Germany. When most of the
      global population may well agree with the Iranian, how can this
      minority get away with not only imposing its views, but making them
      seem all inclusive? They have both the military and media weapons to
      keep everyone else under control, but as that power seems to slip
      away and the threat of balance looms, there is growing panic and
      irrationality among the global dominators.

      Those pressing for attacks on Iran are those that urged war on Iraq,
      but a majority of Americans are finally learning what the rest of the
      world knew about the deceitful madness of that ongoing bloodbath.
      They must work to end that immoral horror and prevent a new one. As
      even some Democrats speak of impeachment—though only concerning
      constitutional legalities, not Iraq—the religious and economic
      obsessions that move the American regime are likely to become further
      deranged. But the racial supremacists in Israel—where Sharon is
      characterized a moderate!—will grow even more loony under any threat
      of military equality for Iran.

      Israel's deadly arsenal of nukes go unmentioned while its allies have
      the gall to demand no nukes somewhere else. Especially arrogant is
      the USA, the inventor of this ghastly weapon and the only nation to
      ever use it in attacks that murdered tens of thousands of civilians.

      The incredible hypocrisy of the USA, Israel and their assorted
      flunkies may be the last straw for a growing world opposition, but it
      may also threaten conflicts that could become worse than anything the
      world has yet seen. An attack on Iran is not likely to go without
      retaliation, and there is no telling what forms it might take.

      On the positive side, if Iran cuts off the flow of oil to the gas
      guzzling west, it could also drive a wedge between the petro
      profiteers and their religious partners. Any separation of this
      demonic duo will benefit humanity.

      A growing global peace movement, both secular and religious, needs to
      find unity to avoid the worst. Americans must end our nation's
      domination of the planet, which benefits a few in the short term but
      threatens everyone's future. And Israelis must end supremacist
      nightmares and work for a secular democratic state, with rights of
      return for Palestinians to their real, and not mythological homeland.
      Of course this will take some doing, but allowing arrogant idiots to
      continue their rule could bring the undoing of much more.

      Copyright (c) 2006 by Frank Scott. All rights reserved.


      Frank Scott lives in San Rafael, California, and can be reached at
      frank @ marin.cc.ca.us.



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