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Islamic Victory Over Israel Inevitable

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  • ummyakoub
    Islamic Victory Inevitable By Maria Hussain Much pressure has been put on the Islamic world to submit to the existence of Israel and to tolerate its presence
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2003
      Islamic Victory Inevitable
      By Maria Hussain

      Much pressure has been put on the Islamic world to submit to the
      existence of Israel and to tolerate its presence as a Jewish state.
      It is a theological dilemma for Muslims, not just stubborn pride,
      that causes them to resist. For, to recognize Israel is to accept as
      legitimate the Jews' "historical right" to rule the Holy Land as
      God's Chosen People. This alleged "historical right" is based on a
      series of religious claims of Judaism - at least, modern Judaism -
      that are categorically refuted by the Islamic religion: that Isaac
      was the son of the Covenant excluding Ismail, that Jews have a non-
      conditional, irrevocable promise of favoritism from God, that only
      Hebrews can be legitimate messengers of God.

      The moral ambiguity of the pro-Israel democracy position is, of
      course, the apartheid structure of Israel which prevents the Zionist
      government from being overrun by the Islamic and Arab hordes. Israel,
      far from being the utopia promised by God to the faithful, is a
      temporary manifestation of a doomed capitalist system based on racism
      and materialism. Like the Berlin Wall, it too shall fall.

      Due to voluntary suppression of birth rates, the white man is
      expected to lose its grip on world affairs despite the volume of
      weaponry in his possession. In a sense, this "third world war" can be
      understood as the Last Stand of the white race. The average age of
      people advocating secular globalization is 50, while the average age
      of Jews is even older. Conversely, the average age of the world
      Islamic community - as well as non-Muslim people of color - is in the
      teens. The main obstacles to freedom, besides hostility from the
      West, are lack of literacy and the subsequent lack of leadership
      qualities. The African and Islamic world is a society of orphans and
      deeply traumatized individuals. Nevertheless, they constitute the
      future of this planet because let's face it, how much longer is Dick
      Cheney going to live? The shift of power is inevitable, and since it
      is not being shifted voluntarily, it is likely to be characterized by
      blood and confusion.

      Since the eventual destruction of Israel is the inevitable outcome of
      Islamic prophecy, it must be mind-boggling and deeply frightening for
      the Zionist to contemplate the amazing number of people who wish to
      kill him, who would be willing to sacrifice their children and
      themselves, for the chance to get revenge on him. There are little
      girls in Pakistan fighting for the right for women to become Air
      Force pilots so they can drop what they would see as a well-deserved
      bomb on Israel. There are international militias whose primary aim is
      to march on Jerusalem to liberate Palestine from Jewish tyranny.
      There are Israelis themselves, who wish to dismantle the apartheid
      structure of their own country in order to live in peace with their

      How can the Jewish people be protected from the evil embodied by
      Israeli nationalism, and from the subsequent wrath of God? If Israel
      wishes to live in peace, it should voluntarily give up its "Jewish
      character," extending full citizenship rights to all its inhabitants.
      The only other option is perpetual war - a war that Israel cannot win.



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