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Chickenhawks Will Go Home

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    2006: The Year the Chickenhawks Will Go Home to Roost by Cindy Sheehan http://groups.yahoo.com/group/libertyunderground/ Since hot, hot Camp Casey in August,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2006
      2006: The Year the Chickenhawks Will Go Home to Roost
      by Cindy Sheehan

      Since hot, hot Camp Casey in August, some amazing grass roots
      actions have taken place all over the country. People are starting
      to speak up and Congress has begun to take action against the
      criminal and neo-Fascist regime that tried to take over America.

      From Camp Casey to Katrina to use of chemical weaponry and
      extraordinary rendition to illegally spying on American citizens
      without due process, Bushco has miserably failed our country and the
      world. We as Americans said "enough is enough." We sacrificed a lot
      when we showed up in DC and other cities around the country in the
      hundreds of thousands to protest against and show that we withdraw
      any consent to be governed by murderous thugs. We started to
      peacefully, but forcefully resist the notion that this government
      has any right to govern us when they have betrayed their offices and
      their sacred trusts as "defenders" of the Constitution so horribly.

      This was also the year that we also began to hold such Republicans
      in Democratic clothing like: Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman, Joe
      Biden, and Diane Feinstein (list is my no means all inclusive)
      accountable for their support of what George is doing in Iraq. When
      we as Democrats elect our leaders we expect them to reject and
      loudly repudiate the murderous and corrupt policies of this
      administration: not support and defend them.

      There are Camp Caseys in front of Hillary's and Chuck Schumer's
      offices in Long Island every Friday, as well as one in front of
      Diane Feinstein's Los Angeles office on Fridays, also. There has
      been a Camp Casey in front of Kay Bailey Hutchinson's office in
      Dallas since August. Several protestors have been arrested in Dallas
      exercising their First Amendment rights. We need to let these
      warmongers, as well as the Republican warmongers, know that we mean
      business when we say "bring them home now." Set up Camp Caseys in
      front of your Senator's or Congress person's office if they support
      George in his wars of aggression.

      Gold Star Families for Peace is planning many activities for the
      first part of 2006. I would like to give you all a heads up on them,
      so you can make your plans accordingly to support us and to join us
      if at all possible.

      On January 31st , we will be in Washington, DC for the State of the
      Union address when George gets in front of Congress and the world
      and lies through his teeth about how great everything is going in
      Iraq and here at home. His idiotic policies have ruined Iraq and New
      Orleans and made the world a more dangerous placeÂ…allowing that
      terrorist attacks have tripled world wide since he decided to "fight
      them over there." He also may be laying the ground work for further
      acts of needless aggression against Syria and Iraq. GSFP and
      representatives from other peace organizations and refugees from New
      Orleans will be gathering in DC to give the "Real State of the
      Union." Check our website for place and time.

      For the Love of God, Can't you Make Him Stop? Recently, it was
      revealed that George only interacts with four people: Laura, Condi,
      Karen Hughes and his Mom. His Mom, the Ice Queen who didn't want
      her "pretty mind" burdened with the images of flag draped coffins
      coming home, lives in Houston. On President's Day, (Feb. 20) we will
      be demonstrating in front of her house to implore her to forget
      about the obscene profits that her family and their friends are
      making off of this occupation and to beg her to finally do the right
      thing and make her son stop this insane war OF terror against the
      world. George and Dick are defiling the highest offices of the world
      and they need to resign. On President's Day, when we have the day
      off, we need to demonstrate against the ones who are illegitimately
      in power, anyway. If you can't make it to Houston, organize your own
      President's Day protest.

      The Camp Casey Peace Foundation will hold its first annual Peace
      Festival and Concert on April 4, 2006. April 4 th is the day Casey
      and Martin Luther King, Jr were killed. We want to turn it into a
      true day for celebrating peace. The Camp Casey Peace Foundation will
      be awarding the Casey Sheehan Peace Prize, a cash prize, to a young
      peace activist every year. We want to foster the growth of solving
      problems non-violently and young people are the ones who get killed
      in the gray haired old men's wars. We are working on an exciting
      event and we will announce more details as the event draws closer.

      Camp Casey Easter edition: We will be heading back to our leased
      land in Crawford April 11th to Easter, which is April 16th. Easter
      is a time of renewal and hopeful promises. Casey was killed on Palm
      Sunday and his body was returned to us in the cargo section of a
      United Airlines flight on Holy Saturday and we buried him two days
      after Easter. Last Easter Season was so painful to us. This Easter
      we will again be demonstrating in front of the man's home who is
      responsible for such pain and abject heartache in the world. But, we
      will be there with a renewed sense of hope that the Chickenhawks
      will be sent out to pasture this year. Like Michael Moore, I want to
      be a fly on the wall when Bush and company are hauled out of the
      White House in handcuffs. Impeachment is not necessary for people
      who never were electedÂ…eviction is what is needed. If you can't join
      us in Crawford, set up your own Camp Casey near you.

      In 2005, we learned that we have the power. We learned that we can't
      rely on the propaganda media or the empty promises of most of our
      elected leadership. We learned that we need to be the change that we
      desire to see.

      We learned that one person can and does make a difference.

      We cannot relax in 2006. We cannot slip back into the evil of apathy
      and complacency that the neocons rejoice in. We need to keep
      pounding, working, and fighting. We need to support organizations
      like Gold Star Families for Peace, Veterans for Peace , Code Pink
      and Iraq Veterans Against the War , or the Peace organization of
      your choice so we can continue our struggle for peace with justice.
      We need to support true American patriots like John Conyers who is
      calling for an investigation and censure for the lies that have cost
      us so much of our national human treasure.

      2006 will be a great year for the people of our country. I know it.

      It won't be easy, but we will prevail and the struggle will be worth

      Cindy Sheehan's book is Not One More Mother's Child is available



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