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Christianity to Holocaustianity

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    From Christianity to Holocaustianity by Rabies Israel Kudder4skinsoff and Patrick H. McNally The Christian and Holocaustian religions definitely have
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2006
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      From Christianity to Holocaustianity

      Rabies Israel Kudder4skinsoff and
      Patrick H. McNally

      The Christian and Holocaustian religions definitely have interesting
      but superficial similarities, although the differences are vastly more
      important and profound. Precisely because the similarities are
      superficial and the differences profound, it turns out that each
      interesting similarity gives rise to a more important difference. And
      each similarity/difference pair forms a unity-of-opposites in a
      Hegelian dialectic from similarity (thesis) to difference (antithesis)
      to unified pair (synthesis).

      Among three striking similarities, the most obvious one is that both
      the Christian and Holocaustian faiths were begun by Jews. Of course,
      the Jewish founders of these two faiths came from totally opposed
      social, political, educational, and moral strata. Jesus and his
      immediate disciples were provincial manual laborers (carpenters,
      fishermen). The tax collector, Matthew, and the scholar, Judas, were
      exceptions rather than the rule. Although Jesus and his
      first contemporaries were born and raised in an era of thriving
      internationalization (Roman Empire), globalization (Greek culture),
      and multiculturalism (via the Silk Road), they had a surprisingly
      parochial outlook limited strictly to traditional Old Testament

      For Jesus and first friends, Plato and Buddha might as well have never
      existed. Jesus also made no attempt to incorporate the Stoic world
      outlook although it would have fit in with his efforts to overcome
      Mosaic racism, Joshuan genocide, and Nehimiahan xenophobia. Nehimiah
      was really hung up on the sacred semen. Apparently Jesus hoped to
      mitigate Jewish racism, genocide, and xenophobia by reformulating,
      redefining, and restructuring strictly Jewish moral and metaphysical

      The first hoaxoco$t Jews were completely different and Ilya Ehrenburg
      may be taken as a good example. He was positioned at the very peak of
      Moscow's Judeo-Bolshevik elite. One of his racist diatribes in Pravda
      called for the physical extermination of Germans because of a putative
      intrinsic Teutonic racism. It was so disgusting that Stalin had to
      reprimand him. Ilya was a precursor of the of the peculiarly vicious
      strain of holocaust racism found in Alley Weasel and Dan Goldhagen,
      Harvard's hate-mongering tenured holyhoaxer. It was largely due to
      Ehrenburgians that the Soviets foisted the hollow-co$t fable onto the
      defenseless Germans at the show trial called the International War
      Crimes Tribunal at Nuremburg. This was the kangaroo court in which the
      war criminals from Moscow, Washington, and London railroaded Germany
      into accepting the hoaxoco$t as the foundation of their re-education
      and open-ended future foreign occupation.

      Although the Jesus-Ehrenburg pairing shows the common roots of
      Christianity and Holocaustianity in the Judaic, the Jesus-Ehrenburg
      contrast is a good place to begin to understand the enormous
      differences between these two belief systems. Christianity is very
      similar to the lofty moral teachings of Buddhism with its
      emphasis on voluntary poverty, celibacy and sexual restraint, and
      forgiveness and humility. Holocaustomania is a Mammonist racket, a
      Ponzi scam, and an extortionist scheme. Like the tobacco industry at
      best! But it would be as if the tobacco industry got complete
      political control of several countries and forced people to smoke by
      criminalizing the refusal to buy daily three packs of cancer sticks
      and inhale them. And nobody would be allowed to even mention their
      resulting lung cancer.

      One more pass at the Jesus-Ehrenburg contrast! Imagine Jesus lived in
      Rome (a major center of political power at the time) and that he wrote
      press releases for some murderous maniac like Nero. Because of that
      political influence he could get Nero to persecute anyone who was NOT
      Christian. Just like Ehrenburg and his ilk could get Stalin to buy
      into the hoaxoco$t fable. Of course, for Uncle Joe and his fellow war
      criminals in Washington/London, the "6,000,000 Jews-up-in-smoke" fable
      serves the additional indispensable function of distracting attention
      away from their own worse crimes: starting the war in the first place
      (London), fire-bombing civilian areas (London/Washington), A-bombing
      defenseless civilian areas (Washington). After all, the worst thing
      the Germans could have done to the Jews would have been to ship all
      Jews to the centers of their cities being fire-bombed. And it was the
      allies in the first place who prevented the Germans from simply
      deporting Jews to allied-contro

      lled areas inside and outside of Europe.

      So it can be said that Jesus designed his basic teachings for sincere
      Jews at the bottom of his own social pyramid. Jesus did not preach to
      crowds of ordinary humans (Gentiles). But the holyhoax was designed by
      elite Jews at the top of Gentile societies to instill guilt feelings
      in the goyim and extort money and political concessions from them. Not
      for nothing does Norman Finkelstein describe the holocaust as
      "Israel's prize alibi." The hoaxco$t is also a great weapon for the
      Jewish elite to keep their own Solomon Sixpackers safely cowed
      within an artificially constructed moral ghetto and provide them with
      a bogus feeling of ethical superiority and phoney victimhood.

      A second similarity between the two faiths is that both are unprovable
      sets of beliefs. Christianity is very open and honest about this, but
      hoaxoco$tinsanity is very deceitful and dishonest about its own
      epistemological foundations. The early Christians were most emphatic
      in asserting that their religion was completely different from Greek
      philosophy. St Paul could even say, "The stupidity of God is wiser
      than the wisdom of the Greeks." After becoming acquainted with the
      sleazy waffling of contemporary hoaxoco$ters like Alley Weasel and Sly
      Weaselthal, one can only admire St Paul's audacious and refreshing candor.

      Today's hoaxoco$ters try incessantly to brainwash us into thinking
      that the hoaxoco$t is a verifiable historical event and not merely a
      psychotic pseudo-religious politically and financially profitable
      hoax. With admirable understatement Arthur Butz entitled his landmark
      contribution to exposing this cosmic-sized scam, The Hoax of the
      Century. He could have fairly called it The Filthiest Blood Libel of
      the Millenium.

      If the hoaxco$t is the Achilles Heel of Jewish elite domination of
      Euro-America, the hoaxoco$t's epistemological claims are the Achilles
      Heel of the hollowco$t itself. In order to get holocaust sceptics
      imprisoned, hoaxoco$ters must claim that the holocaust is public
      knowledge like 2+2=4 and, of course, no responsible adult doubts
      "public knowledge." Holocaustomaniacs demand that their profitable
      fable be affirmed. Nobody is allowed to say that it is questionable,
      doubtful, or that further research is needed. Both holocaust denial
      and holocaust scepticism have been criminalized in Europe.

      But how has the holocaust become "public knowledge?" Only because of
      the testimony of professional Jewish witnesses and a few browbeaten
      and self-seeking show-case Gentiles. There is not a shred of forensic
      evidence supporting the Aw-shucks or Bergen-Belch-Burp atrocity
      fantasies. But any attempt on the part of neutral, revisionist
      holocaustorians to raise the issues of
      1. zero forensic evidence,
      2. pre-trial torturing of "uncooperative" witnesess,
      3. lucrative careers for "professional" witness/liars,
      4. perks and fringe benefits for "helpful" witnesses, and
      5. show trial jewdicial antics
      means jail time in over ten countries in zionist occupied Europe and
      the end of any career in several others.

      At this point certain Talmud teachings come back to bite Mr. Jew in
      the ass The Talmud teaches that Gentile courts have no moral authority
      over Jews and perjury is permissible and even demanded if "it is good
      for Jews." Now it is obviously "very good for Jews" and even highly
      profitable to lie about the holocaust to get revenge against the
      Germans for fighting back against the Jews. Remember that the Jewish
      elite declared war against Germany in 1933 and then spent the years
      1933-1941 manipulating the goyim governments in London and Washington
      to send their sons and daughters off to fight the Jews' war!

      Notate bene: the Jews we are here talking about are the head honchos
      at the top of the tribe's food chain. The Solomon Sixpackers and Hyman
      Lunchboxers are out of the political loop and have to just clean up
      after their self-appointed elephants. But it is the common fate of
      most humans to pay for the political stupidity of their self-chosen
      misleaders, so Jews are nothing special in this area. This is
      important to remember because as soon as anyone points to obvious
      cases in which the Jewish elite has promoted wars, we immediately
      hears cries of "auntie-semitism, anti-semenism, blah, blah, blah." It
      seems that the worst form of auntie-semenism is the truth and that
      that empty epithet is just a smear word used to distract attention
      from serious underlying issues.

      A third similarity between the Christian and hollowco$tian faiths is
      that enforcers of both dogmas have been willing to persecute infidels
      (= unbelievers) when and where they have had the political power to
      persecute. They begin the persecution by criminalizing free speech and
      dissent and then continue onto character assassination, deportations,
      striping of earned doctoral degrees, imprisonment, and executions.
      However, nothing more clearly shows the sea change and reversal in the
      political power of the Christian and Jewish elites over the last 500
      years than the very obvious fact that Jewish elites can now get
      holocaust disbelievers imprisoned throughout the White world and the
      White Christian elite cannot even get businesses that make millions
      off of Christian Christmas shoppers to put the word "Christmas" on
      store advertising. It took Christians many centures to accumulate the
      political power to persecute, but elite Jews were able to do it right
      from the start with their kangaroo courts in Nuremburg (1940s), the
      Eichman Show Trial in Jerusalem (early 1960s), and the Grand Aw-shucks
      Spectacle in Frankfurt-am-Main (early 1970s).

      Our previous remarks on the Ehrenburg-Stalin connection pointed to how
      the hoaxoco$ters were able to get Gentile governments to benefit from
      the hoaxoco$t fable because it served as a squid's ink cloud to hide
      those governments' own crimes. But long after Uncle Joe died, got
      solemnly embalmed next to Lenin, and was then unceremoniously dug up
      and relegated to the Kremlin Wall, the holyhoax fable lives on in
      Jerusalem, London, Paris, Berlin, New York, et cetera et cetera ad
      nauseam. It has definitely taken on a life of its own and gotten out
      of control like a Frankenstein monster running amok throughout the
      White world.

      Concluding note on White folk: There is talk in some quarters about
      white pride, the great cultural contributions of Aryans, and the
      superiority of whatever. But nothing makes white people look stupider
      and dumber than the obvious fact that holyhoaxomania thrives only
      among them. I wonder why Michael Moore never mentioned this in his
      book, Stupid White Men? Old Socrates is laughing himself sick at the
      hoaxocost garbage his supposedly genetic heirs suck up from Hollywood
      and the jewsmedia and then allow to get dished out to their children
      as holyhoax mis-education in public schools. All paid for at
      taxpayers' expense and in violation of the separation of church (of
      the Holocaust) and state.

      Delenda est holyhoaxotoxificatia



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