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Israel-Our Dangerous Parasite

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    Israel-Our Dangerous Parasite By Edward W. Miller, MD http://www.coastalpost.com/05/11/17.html All the animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than
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      Israel-Our Dangerous Parasite
      By Edward W. Miller, MD

      "All the animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than
      others." - Animal Farm by George Orwell

      For years, when in lectures, columns or letters to the editor, some
      have criticized the behavior of the Zionist government of Israel, the
      ADL or local supporters of Zionism have responded with name-calling.
      One can critique the politics of the French, the Germans, the Dutch or
      most other foreign countries without this barrage of hatred, but never

      Character-assassination has been a characteristic of the Zionists
      almost from that movement's ascension in Israel. Even Jews who dare
      criticize their Zionist State are labeled " Self-Hating Jews."

      Brigadier General James J. David (US Army, Ret.), said it well on 14
      Aug. 2005: "The Jewish campaign to effectively silence any critic of
      Israel may well be the biggest contributing factor in this birth of
      world terrorism we see today. "

      Zionism is a relatively recent political movement in Judaism's
      5000-year history. The movement was initiated around the turn of the
      last century as a colonization scheme with fascist trappings by such
      Ashkinazi Jews as Theodore Hertzel and Vladimir Jabotinsky. The
      latter, in his 1923 essay THE IRON WALL outlined the movement's
      objectives clearly: "We cannot give any compensation for Palestine,
      neither to the Palestinians no to other Arabs. Therefore a voluntary
      agreement is inconceivable. All colonization, even the most
      restrictive, must continue in defiance of the native population.
      Therefore it can continue and develop only under the shield of force,
      which comprises a Iron Wall which the local population can never break
      through. This is our Arab policy. To formulate it any other way would
      be hypocrisy."

      Jabotinsky also spelled out the Zionist doctrine of the " purity of
      Jewish blood" in his "Letter of Autonomy": "It is impossible for a man
      to become assimilated with people whose blood is different than his
      own ... There can be no assimilation. We shall never allow such things
      as mixed marriage because the preservation of national integrity is
      impossible except by means of racial purity and for that purpose we
      shall have this territory where our people will constitute the
      racially pure inhabitants." (The Hidden History of Zionism by Ralph
      Scheonmam pg. 23-26)

      (Yet note the scumbags of the SPLC and ADL PUSH mixing of races for
      all others!)

      It was the adoption of these fascist policies by Israel's Freedom
      Party, headed by Menachem Begin which stimulated Albert Einstein and
      other prominent Jews to write that warning letter in the NY Times in
      1948, (see in my August "Letter to the Editor") I quote again from the
      Einstein letter:

      "Among the most disturbing political phenomena of our time is the
      emergence in the newly created State of Israel, of the Freedom Party
      ...a political party closely akin in its organization, methods,
      political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist
      parties. It was formed out of the membership and following of the
      former Irgun Zvai Leumi, a terrorist right-wing chauvinist
      organization... This is the unmistakable stamp of a Fascist party for
      whom terrorism (against Jews, Arabs and British alike) and
      misrepresentation are the means and a "Leader State " is the goal. "

      The basic tenants of Begin's Freedom Party, which (in modern slang)
      "morphed" into the Likud Party run today by Sharon, clearly exhibit
      the fascist nature of Zionism. Like Germany under the Nazis, Israel
      has invaded and attempted to colonize its neighbors: Lebanon in 1982,
      Syria, Jordan, Egypt, the West Bank and Gaza in 1967. The false
      ideologies are surprisingly similar: Hitler said the Teutonic Gods
      promised his people: "Lebensraum." The Zionists say Abraham's
      God promised the Jews "Eretz Israel." Both parties embrace "racial
      purity," the Jews as "God's Chosen" vs. the Nazi's "Pure Aryan Race")
      and both Hitler and Sharon, arising from democratic roots, found
      support in their country's military-industrial base.

      One major difference stands out: the German people funded Hitler's
      expansionism, whereas it has been the US taxpayers who, to a great
      extent, have paid for Israel's expansionism. Adolph Hitler never
      received complimentary press coverage in the US but our President Bush
      has stated more than once, that Sharon is " a man of peace."

      The fascist ideology of the Likud Party has kept the Mideast in an
      uproar for over half a century." In his memoirs of his years in the
      White House former President Jimmy Carter wrote that there could have
      been peace between the Arabs and the Israelis had it not been for the
      bigoted, Nazi-like racial views of Israeli's Prime Minister Menachem
      Begin. Begin, Carter recalled, believed the Jews were the Master Race,
      a holy people superior to Egyptians and Arabs. Begin also believed
      that God wanted the Jews to own the land, so there was absolutely no
      basis for peace. The Jews lusted after the land and intended to have
      it." "Holocaust activist, Elie Wiesel, who recently died, claimed the
      Jews are a superior race. "Everything about us is different ...Jews
      are ontologically exceptional." (Texe Maars 11-25-2003)
      (www.rense.com/general45/master.htm )

      Most leaders of the Zionist movement, are Ashkinazi Jews, and though
      they love to quote Abraham's promise of: "Eretz Israel" (expanded
      Israel ) to the Hebrews, not one of them is even distantly related to
      Abraham. These Jews are descendants of an Eastern European people,
      converted to Judaism on the order of their ruler between 700 and 710
      AD, and later dispersed westward throughout Poland and Russia by
      repeated foreign invaders, including the Mongols. It is those
      Ashkinazi converts to Judaism who have been the troublemakers.

      The indigenous Arabs were aware of this racial difference long before
      any westerners. In February, 1945 near the end of WW II, British Prime
      Minister Winston Churchill, along with US President Franklin Roosevelt
      and Soviet Leader Joseph Stalin, met in conference at Yalta in the
      Crimea, Roosevelt, before that conference, had decided to establish
      better relations with leaders of the Mideast nations, and to that end
      had his staff arrange a meeting with King Ibn Saud, founder of Saudi
      Arabia. After the Yalta Conference, the meeting took place on the Red
      Sea where Roosevelt and King Ibn Saud met on the deck of the
      destroyer, USS Murphy. The King, seated on a gilded throne, which had
      been hoisted aboard, was surrounded by two of his 20 sons, and an
      entourage of "fierce-looking dark-skinned, barefoot men, each with a
      sword or dagger bound to his waist by a gold-encrusted belt. "while"
      on the USS Murphy's fantail, sheep were grazing in a makeshift
      corral," King Ibn Saud having insisted that freshly-killed meat be
      available for him and his men on a daily basis. (The Link April/May
      2005 pg. 2)

      Roosevelt and Ibn Saud, though neither spoke the other's language, hit
      it off immediately. Roosevelt remembered to neither smoke nor enjoy
      his afternoon cocktail in deference to the King's Muslim religious
      sensitivities. According to Colonel William A. Eddy, who interpreted
      between the two, FDR, during those intense five hours the two leaders
      spent together, asked several times for Ibn Saud's assistance in
      settling "remnant Jews in Central Europe " who had "suffered at the
      hands of the Nazis." Ibn Saud's reply was prompt and laconic: "Give
      them and their descendants the choicest lands of the Germans who had
      oppressed them." When FDR repeated his request, saying the Jews "had a
      sentimental desire to settle in Palestine" the King repeated: " Make
      the enemy and the oppressor pay; that is how we Arabs wage war." (FDR
      MEETS IBN SAUD by William A. Eddy pg. 32)

      American diplomat Charles E. Bohlen, who, along with Eddy, was a
      member of FDR's official party in Yalta, wrote in his memoirs: WITNESS
      TO HISTORY, that "Ibn Saud gave a long dissertation on the basic
      attitude of Arabs towards Jews" He denied that there had ever been any
      conflict between the two branches of the Semitic race in the Middle
      East. What changed the whole picture was the immigration from Eastern
      Europe of a people who were technically and culturally on a higher
      level than the Arabs. As a result, Ibn Saud said, the Arabs had
      greater difficulty in surviving economically. The fact that these
      energetic Europeans were Jewish was not the cause of the trouble, he
      said: "it was their superior skills and culture." THE LINK April/May
      2005 pg. 8-9 article by Thomas Lippman

      During my almost 15 years as a columnist I have actively supported
      both the Palestinians as well as those Jews brave enough to fight
      Zionism, including friends Israel Shahak and Alfred M. Lilienthal.
      (See my interview with Shahak in the Coastal Post August 2001.) It has
      been my hope that an Israeli leader would appear who would reverse
      that country's apartheid behavior and stop its Zionist expansionism.

      The Jew's "Anti Defamation League" (ADL), despite its name, is really
      not opposed to defamation. For years it has been defaming anyone
      critical of Israel and has shown complete disregard for those
      long-admired fundamentals of Judaism outlined in the Old Testament:
      "What does the Lord require of you, O man, but to do justice, love
      mercy, and walk humbly with your God."

      Criticism of Israel today is sharply limited in the United States.
      Ex-Congressman Paul Findley, in his book: THEY DARE TO SPEAK OUT
      describes in detail the manner in which AIPAC money in Washington has
      been used to discipline members of Congress who criticize Israel. More
      recently, American University professors who dare critic Israel in
      classroom discussions are being reported by students of the Jewish
      "Hillel" campus organizations. They report to Professor Daniel Pipe's
      " Campus Watch" in Washington, and our Representatives are then
      pressured to warn the designated University administrator, that
      federal funds might be withheld unless his professors watch their

      (Pipes is a CFR PROPAGANDIST.)

      Even research at the University level has come under Zionist control.
      A key research paper showing that Middle Eastern Jews (Sephardin) and
      Palestinians are genetically almost identical has been pulled from a
      leading journal. Academics who had already received their copies of
      HUMAN IMMUNOLOGY, were urged to rip out the offending pages and throw
      them away The article's lead author, Spanish geneticist Professor
      Antonio Arnaz-Villena of Complutense University in Madrid, said: "I am
      (www.guardian.co.uk/genes/article/o,2763,605806,00.html )

      Present day Israel, armed to the teeth with nuclear warheads and the
      missiles to deliver them, and with her continued occupation of parts
      of Lebanon (Shebaa Farms), Syria ( the Golan Heights), as well as
      large areas of the West Bank, is the real threat to Middle East peace.

      Although she withdrew her troops from Jordan, in her treaty with the
      late King Hussein, Jewish farmers were allowed to keep 25-year
      renewable leases on previously occupied Jordanian farmland
      and Jewish mining firms, 25-year renewable leases on rich mineral
      deposits in Jordan's Dead River Valley. Even Sharon's withdrawal from
      Gaza, the most crowded slum in the world, is a sham. The Israelis left
      a bantastan, covered with the rubble of thousands of destroyed
      buildings, bulldozed roads, and ravaged water and sewage facilities.
      Gaza's still-caged Palestine population, their borders controlled by
      either Israeli or the Egyptian military, their airport denied
      them, and access to their Mediterranean seashore limited, cannot visit
      their holy sites in Jerusalem, or even family and friends in other
      West Bank villages without special permits (often denied) from the
      Israeli military. Thumbing his nose at the world, Sharon arranged for
      12,000 more illegal settlement homes to be built as he bragged about
      the "sacrifice" of Gaza withdrawal, and is still extending his
      "security wall " to further isolate the Palestinians, despite demands
      by the ICC that it be removed. Sharon's behavior helps create the
      terrorist responses of which Bush and Blair complain.

      George Washington, September 17, 1796

      Americans need to think seriously about removing our country from what
      President George Washington in his farewell address described as a
      "passionate attachment" which, Washington warned "produces a variety
      of evils: sympathy for the favorite Nation, facilitating the illusion
      of an imaginary common interest where no real common interest exists,
      concessions to the favorite Nation of privileges denied to others and
      by exciting jealousy, ill-will, and a disposition to retaliate, in the
      parties from whom equal privileges are withheld It gives to ambitious,
      corrupted, or deluded citizens "facility to betray or sacrifice
      the interests of their own country... to mislead public opinion" Such
      an attachment of a small or weak country, towards a great and powerful
      nation, dooms the former to be the satellite of the latter. History
      and experience prove, that foreign influence is one of the most
      baneful foes of Republican Government."




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