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The Chomsky vs. Dershowitz Debate: both sides were awful!

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    The Chomsky vs. Dershowitz debate: both sides were awful! Karen Spence, Al -Awda activist in the USA Sun, 4 Dec 2005 Dear Friends, I just finished watching a
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2005
      The Chomsky vs. Dershowitz debate: both sides were awful!
      Karen Spence, Al -Awda activist in the USA
      Sun, 4 Dec 2005

      "Dear Friends,
      I just finished watching a TV broadcast of a Nov. 29, 2005 debate
      between Noam Chomsky and Alan Dershowitz at the Harvard Kennedy School
      of Government, and it makes me want to throw up!

      Both celebrity speakers agreed 100% with the Ku Klux Klan idea of
      racial separation.

      They both advocated a Jewish state, in which only Jews are the
      sovereign authority, and in which Jews are made a permanent majority
      by denying the right of return to millions of non-Jews. They both
      embrace the Klan idea that racial discrimination against non-Jews in a
      Jewish state is ok so long as the land where the non-Jews are
      sequestered is called a Palestinian state.

      Neither man said that, in a region where Jews and non-Jews live on top
      of each other and on top of a single aquifer, there should be a single
      state based on equal rights for Jews and non-Jews. When a person in
      the audience "accused" Chomsky of wanting a single state solution he
      adamantly denied it!

      Dershowitz defended Israel at one point by asserting that the obstacle
      to peace was the refusal of Palestinians to give up their right of
      return. Instead of defending the right of return and explaining how
      important it was for Palestinians, Chomsky lamely replied that it was
      an unimportant isssue.

      Chomsky and Dershowitz argued passionately, but only about who was to
      blame for the failure to reach the Ku Klux Klan solution they both

      No wonder Harvard University (whose President says that it is
      anti-semitic to oppose Israel) sponsored this so-called debate. Both
      sides were equally racist! A real debate would have somebody who
      agreed with Albert Einstein that there should not be a Jewish state in
      Palestine debate somebody (it could be either Dershowitz OR Chomsky)
      who would defend the racist idea of a Jewish state and racial
      separation in Palestine. As is well established (see HARVARD'S TABOO
      not sponsor a real debate because if it did Einstein's position would win.

      I know some of you love Chomsky, and yes, he has contributed to
      unmasking many crimes of American leaders, but when it comes to
      debates like this the man actually HELPS Zionists like Dershowitz by
      making them look very reasonable. This debate was a huge defeat for
      equality and democracy in Palestine, and a real coup for the Zionists.


      I agree, of course, with the above letter/article by John except for
      two points. The first one is the very common statement among Left
      critics of Noam Chomsky, namely, that he "contributed to unmasking of
      many crimes of American leaders" yet he "actually HELPS Zionists like
      Dershowitz by making them look reasonable". There is a patent
      contradiction within such a statement : how can Chomsky win praise for
      exposing crimes of the USA ruling class, yet be condemned for being a
      zionist (or for helping zionists) ? If you distrust a person for being
      a zionist , how can you trust him for being anti-imperialist at the
      same time ?

      My second point of disagreement is in John's conclusion that the
      debate "was a huge defeat for equality and democracy in Palestine". I
      am far more optimistic ,as I see the rapid slide of zionism into
      history's rubbish tip, where zionism belongs. Moreover, there is proof
      of this rapid zionist decline in Dershowitz's own words . Dershowitz ,
      who has been notorious for his propaganda as a fanatical zionist for
      many years now,complained during the debate that the zionists are
      loosing ground on USA campuses, and that American academics are now
      much more reluctant to support the zionist apartheid regime of Israel!




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