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US Soldiers Kidnap 2 Iraqi Girls

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    US Soldiers Kidnap 2 Iraqi Girls http://www.iraqirabita.org On Monday 25th November at 3a.m., a unit of US soldiers raided a house in the Bayaa district south
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2005
      US Soldiers Kidnap 2 Iraqi Girls

      On Monday 25th November at 3a.m., a unit of US soldiers raided a house
      in the Bayaa' district south of Baghdad. The small house was inhabited
      by Mrs Adeeba Raihan and her two daughters Hanan and Jihan.

      Adeeba's husband was killed in 1982 during the war with Iran. Her son,
      Jamal, died of cancer last year aged only 23. No men were therefore in
      the house. US soldiers were apparently working on the usual tip-off
      that an insurgent lived at this address.

      It was very distressing for Adeeba's small family to be woken up at
      gun point at this late hour. The girls were dragged from their beds:
      the first question they were asked was strangely whether they were
      Sunni or Shi'a.

      The house was completely ransacked. Nothing was found apart from the
      family savings of 500,000 Iraqi Dinars ($340), their personal jewelry
      and two mobile phones. All were taken by US soldiers.

      Having failed to find their catch, the soldiers decided to take the
      two girls instead. In the past such action has been taken to pressure
      family members to surrender themselves. Of course, Adeeba was
      extremely upset at the arbitrary detention of her remaining family.
      Her cries and pleas to the soldiers went in vain.

      I have spoken to the girl's cousins, Adnan and Hassan, who did not
      feel easy to talk about their ordeal. Detaining women in Iraq's
      conservative society is not an easy issue, while Abu-Ghraib's memories
      have not yet been forgotten.

      I learnt from the cousins that an Iraqi translator working for the US
      army suggested to the family that they pay $8000 in order to secure
      the release of the girls.

      We need to strongly condemn the practice of taking female hostages by
      US troops, which is a clear breach of international law. We must also
      demand the immediate and unconditional release of Hanan and Jihan.


      Uncovering the Roots of American Terrorism in Iraq
      Mike Whitney
      December 2, 2005

      Max Fuller has written the most important article of the year and
      perhaps the decade. In his "Crying Wolf: Media Disinformation and
      Death Squads in Occupied Iraq", Fuller painstakingly lays out the
      details and documentation to prove that the United States intelligence
      agencies are behind the vast incidents of murder and torture being
      carried out in Iraq today. If Fuller's thesis is correct, then the War
      on Terror, that mighty engine of imperial carnage, is nothing more
      than a public relations scam to enlist public support.

      The war on terror is the "seminal lie" from which all the
      administration's criminal excesses are mere tributaries. America's
      unprovoked aggression in Iraq, as well as the appalling assault on
      civil liberties, has been carried out in the name of the war on
      terror. In fact, it has been used as to mask everything from
      police-state legislation at home to massive human rights violations
      abroad. The war on terror is an all-inclusive fraud that is the
      greatest threat to personal freedom and global security the world has
      ever seen. If unchallenged, we can expect the dictatorial-powers of
      the president to increase and the world plunged into another century
      of war.

      Fuller's article sweeps away the illusions created by the war on
      terror. With laser-like intensity he focuses a steady beam of light on
      the most expansive clandestine intel-operation of all time; the
      terrorizing of an entire nation, pushing it inexorably towards civil
      war. The Interior Ministry is at the epicenter of Iraq's violent
      malaise. It is the headquarters for the Badr and Wolf Brigades; the
      American-trained death squads which are responsible for the massive
      assassination program directed at "alleged" Sunni resistance fighters.
      The torture chambers, death squads, and random bombings are not caused
      by foreign terrorists, nor are they the work of Iranian agents
      striving for a theocratic regime in Baghdad. They are, in fact, the
      nefarious activities of American puppet-masters, who matriculated in
      the terror wars in Nicaragua and El Salvador. Now, under Uncle Sam's
      benign gaze, they are plying their trade in Iraq; wreaking havoc and
      spreading suffering on an unimaginable scale.

      What does this mean?

      It means that the "central front in the war on terror" is a phantom; a
      specter; a chimera that cloaks itself in the dull braying of
      plutocrats who promise democracy, but only deliver greater
      deprivation, sorrow and fear. It means that the ideological headwaters
      of global terrorism is Washington and that behind the scratchy façade
      of Al Qaida videos and dubious accounts of suicide bombers, the
      insidious fist of the imperial master continues to pound away at its
      victims. It means that, as Martin Luther King said, "The greatest
      purveyor of violence in the world today is my own country."

      The media has played a central role in trying to obfuscate the details
      of America's involvement in the terror-war by characterizing the
      hundreds of murder victims as the result of tit-for-tat sectarian
      violence or of rogue Shiite militias loosely connected to the Interior
      Ministry. But, as Fuller deftly demonstrates, the more likely
      explanation is that the Ministry is executing a clear strategy of
      gratuitous terror devised and directed by their American handlers.

      The immense media disinformation campaign is designed to shift blame
      away from its American roots and promote the idea of massive sectarian
      unrest. This feeds the notion of an incipient civil war, which in turn
      achieves the American policy objective of Balkanizing the country to
      control its resources.

      The one reporter who diverged from these fabrications was Yasser
      Salihee, reporter for Knight-Ridder news. Salihee had uncovered
      critical information about the weaponry, vehicles and origins of the
      death squads, and was expected to file reports on those topics. His
      coverage, however, was cut short when he was assassinated in a
      gangland style hit at a checkpoint outside Baghdad by an American
      sniper. With just one precision shot to the forehead, another
      unembedded journalist was removed from covering Bush's folly.

      Fuller's research exposes the Interior Ministry as the hub of the
      clandestine death squad activity. The assumption that the ministry is
      manned exclusively by theocratic Shiites is just more misleading media
      gibberish. In fact, one of the more brutal counterinsurgency groups,
      the Sunni-led Special Police Commandos, is headed by a former officer
      in Saddam's Baath Party. (The Commandos were founded by the son of the
      former Iraqi Chief of Staff Falah al-Naqib, who many believed to be a
      CIA asset.) The connections of Interior Ministry chieftains to their
      CIA managers are deep and confusing but, as Fuller notes, "the Police
      Commandos were formed under the experienced tutelage and oversight of
      veteran US counterinsurgency fighters, and from the outset conducted
      joint-force operations with elite and highly secretive US
      special-forces units." (Reuters, National Review Online)

      Fuller says: "A key figure in the development of the Special Police
      Commandos was James Steele, a former US Army special forces operative
      who cut his teeth in Vietnam before moving on to direct the US
      military mission in El Salvador at the height of that country's civil
      war…. Another US contributor was the same Steven Casteel who as the
      most senior US advisor within the Interior Ministry brushed off
      serious and well-substantiated accusations of appalling human right
      violations as 'rumor and innuendo'….Casteel's background is
      significant because this kind of intelligence-gathering support role
      and the production of death lists are characteristic of US involvement
      in counterinsurgency programs and constitute the underlying thread in
      what can appear to be random, disjointed killing sprees."

      Needless, to say, the CIA does not move major assets like Steele and
      Casteel into a prickly situation like Iraq to shuffle papers by a
      water-cooler. These are the main gears in the machinery of the Iraqi
      death squads; the movable parts in Washington's apparatus of state
      terror. There is nothing either "random" or "disjointed" in the
      butchery produced by their labors.

      Fuller adds: "The Police Commando headquarters has become the hub of a
      nationwide command, control, communications, computer and intelligence
      operations centre, courtesy of the US (Defend America)."

      The administration has provided a "state of the art" communications
      network to "coordinate mass murder".

      "DeBaathification" is a sham. Many of the top-ranking officials in the
      Ministry are Sunnis, including "deputy Minister for Intelligence
      Affairs (also leader of the Interior Ministry's spy service) currently
      held by General Hussain Kamel".

      So, too, the notion of rogue Iranian-supported militias carrying out
      random attacks on "alleged" Sunnis suspects is equally deceptive.

      Nearly everything that appears in the corporate media has been
      intentionally misleading as part of the broader information war, to
      keep the American people from grasping the truth about the chief
      perpetrator of terrorism in Iraq today; the US intelligence agencies.
      As the Los Angeles Times notes, "The entire intelligence establishment
      is a creation of the Anglo-American secret services, which began
      building at least as early as the beginning of the occupation."

      You've been fooled; I've been fooled; and everything the Pentagon has
      said has been a lie. The fetid entrails of this terror-beast reside in
      Washington, not Baghdad or Tehran.

      The recent revelations (carefully excluded from the American press) of
      two British commandos dressed in traditional Arab garb caught in Basra
      with a trunk-load full of explosives (William Bowles) has even cast
      doubt on the involvement of the intelligence agencies in the rash of
      terror bombings plaguing the country. Certainly, the ensuing anger
      generated from these attacks is more compatible with the
      administration's goals of sectarian division than they are with the
      nebulous theories about the apocryphal al-Zarqawi.

      Fuller says:

      "What is possible is that both sides of the apparent sectarian
      violence are run as part of a huge CIA-lead intelligence operation
      designed to split Iraq at the seams. I tentatively suggest that the
      intelligence apparatus at the Interior Ministry is contriving attacks
      on Sunnis and that British and US Special Forces in conjunction with
      the intelligence apparatus at the Iraqi Defense Ministry are
      fabricating insurgent bombings of Shias. Overseeing the entire
      operation is the 'cream' of CMAD under the direction of top-level US
      intelligence asset Mowaffak Rubaie, a man already experienced at
      participating in bombing campaigns, undoubtedly working hand in glove
      with the CIA and the National Security Council in the US."

      "a huge CIA-lead intelligence operation designed to split Iraq at the


      Given Fuller's thesis, it's likely that most of the alleged "suicide"
      bombings are nothing more than stationary vehicles set off by
      remote-control and reported as suicide attacks by the compliant media
      to perpetuate the racial stereotypes of crazed Muslim fanatics.

      Fuller's article is a difficult read with hefty documentation that
      tends to have a mind-numbing effect. Never the less, the ponderous
      emphasis on facts and actual news reports serve his greater purpose of
      proving a very tenuous and thorny theory, that the US is overseeing a
      humongous clandestine operation that has fractured the country and
      destabilized the region. As Fuller says, "(The) presence of
      Anglo-American forces in Iraq does not merely exacerbate the present
      violence; in Iraq we are the violence."

      The fictional War on Terror

      The war on terror is a fabrication so large and all-encompassing that
      it includes both political parties, the Pentagon, the main-body of
      corporate and financial elites, and virtually the entire western
      media. It is the underlying myth that animates the American
      war-machine and breathes life into the coercive apparatus of state
      terror. Fuller's article uncovers a fissure in the block-wall of
      government secrecy and gives us a good look at the worm-infested core
      of imperial rule. Global terrorism flows from Washington like a toxic
      river that has breached its banks and threatens to flood everything in
      its path.

      Courtesy and Copyright © Mike Whitney



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