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Will George get into heaven?

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    Will George get into heaven? Carol Wolman This sounds like a childish question. Yet the fate of the planet may rest upon the American people waking up to the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2005
      Will George get into heaven?
      Carol Wolman

      This sounds like a childish question. Yet the fate of the planet may
      rest upon the American people waking up to the answer. Bush is still
      claiming to be God's anointed, and to be using "faith-based" reasoning
      to "stay the course" in Iraq. He is still following the agenda of the
      rapture cult- trashing the environment, revving up war and hatred
      against Muslim countries- Syria, Iran- and claiming authority to
      suspend habeas corpus and the Geneva conventions because he has God on
      his side.

      Most of the American public disagrees with him at this point. Not
      only his approval rating, but also his credibility is at a low ebb.
      Yet he remains in power, having built a deeply entrenched machine in
      the past 5 years. The web of corruption emanating from Bush cronies
      is now being exposed. The satanic techniques of control- suspension
      of basic human rights, insistence on torture and murder- are blatant.
      The lack of caring for human needs is also blatant. Even the
      legitimacy of the 2004 election, and therefore Bush's right to occupy
      the White House, is now in question.

      Bush's hold on power is tenuous. Yet public opinion still has not
      turned against him to the point of demanding impeachment. Why not?

      Part of it is fear. Bush and his "Christian" cronies are fearmongers
      and hatemongers, believing that smearing one's opponents, wrecking
      their reputations and financial security, are legitimate weapons in
      their crusades, not to mention blackmail and intimidation. Given the
      increased surveillance of all activites, and the weakening of the Bill
      of Rights, we have reason to be afraid.

      Another part is that Americans are very reluctant to challenge another
      person's profession of faith, even when the hypocrisy involved is so
      obvious. It is very difficult for the average person to imagine the
      hypocrisy of George W. Bush.

      Consider this. If it is true, as seems to be the case, that the twin
      towers were demolished by pre-set explosives, then the people who
      ordered those explosives set knew, had to know, that the firemen who
      went into the towers to rescue people would be killed. Bush must have
      known, since he didn't seemed surprised when he heard about the
      hijacked planes, and didn't do anything that a president might be
      expected to do.

      Now, picture in your mind how he stood on the rubble with his arms
      around a firefighter and tears in his eyes, and a bullhorn in his
      hand, and praised the fallen heroes of New York- KNOWING that they
      were deliberately sent to their deaths. That is the kind of hypocrisy
      we are witnessing. Not until the American people grasp the depths of
      evil that this man is capable of, will they rise up and get rid of
      him, and Cheney, and the whole demonic bunch.

      Matthew 7: 21 Jesus said to his disciples:
      "Not everyone who says to me, `Lord, Lord,'
      will enter the Kingdom of heaven,
      but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven.

      In the name of the Prince of Peace, Carol Wolman

      Dr. Carol Wolman is a board certified psychiatrist, in practice for 30
      years. She can be reached at: cwolman @ mcn.org
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