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    WHY AMERICA IS BEING CURSED Bruce Porteous 5 November, 2005 bruceporteous50 @ yahoo.co.nz I have just returned from visiting the USA after being in Europe over
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 25, 2005
      Bruce Porteous
      5 November, 2005
      bruceporteous50 @ yahoo.co.nz

      I have just returned from visiting the USA after being in Europe
      over the last month. What I find in visiting the USA both shocked
      and alarmed me. I found a nation continuing to sleep-walk towards
      its own destruction.

      The American people have increasingly become "dumbed down" through
      their media – they are becoming polarized with extremists on both
      the left and right proclaiming messages of hate and intolerance. Yet
      the media fails to inform Americans the peril their country is now
      in – there is a total lack of awareness of the dangers that lie
      ahead. People fail to grasp on the realities of the economic,
      political and environmental world which the USA must now co-exist
      in. There appears to a total lack of leadership or understanding in
      solving America's or the world's problems.

      One of the tragedies resulting from the "brain-washing" of the
      American people is in deceiving them that they are the greatest
      nation of earth that their way of life is the model all nations
      should follow. The leadership claims that democracy is the form of
      governments all nations should adopt. America is the "land of
      freedom", yet the majority of American's are under bondage to an
      economic system that has enslaved them.

      Yet many America's continue to deceive themselves into believing
      that God is blessing America. While they continue to sing "God
      Bless America" it is becoming increasingly clear that God is no
      longer blessing America. Rather, America is now being cursed
      because of its sins.

      Why would God curse America when it still proclaims to be a
      Christian nation? Clearly God has blessed America in the past – why
      should these blessing now withdrawn and the nation be cursed. The
      reason why America is being cursed is because of the rejection of
      the legal code given to us by God through the Bible on how we are to
      live our lives, and be governed.

      Let's look at some of the reasons how and why America is being
      cursed today, which will shortly lead to its destruction.

      1. War – the mess America has got itself into in Iraq us a
      direct result of the nation relying on its own military might and
      trying to resolve international problems though force, rather than
      having the faith to trust God to defend them, as He
      promised if we keep His commandments. It will eventually result in
      the defeat of the USA, followed by its economic collapse.

      Economics – why has what once was the world's richest nation now the
      world's greatest debtor nation. America is now totally dependent on
      being able to attract capital from its former enemies to prevent its
      economy collapsing. When America's former enemies are no longer
      prepared to lend the money to sustain the American economy will be
      the time its economy will collapse.

      Environmental – clearly the USA is now suffering the direct
      consequences of the break-down of the global environment. No other
      nation has squandered its non-renewable resources as America has
      done. The rejection of environmental laws God has given mankind has
      directly resulted in the ecological disaster how planet now faces.
      Yet America's leaders continue to live in denial that these problems
      exist, because the changes needed to be made would not be acceptable
      economically or politically. Yet unless these changes are made,
      natural disasters such as the recent hurricanes will continue to

      Law and Order – continued break-down of moral standards and growth
      in the influence of drugs has resulted in an exploding prison
      population and growth is most types of crime. I was shocked to
      experience people being physically attacked and beaten while in the
      center of San Francisco in broad daylight when visiting this city.

      Care for the needy – I was amazed to see the numbers of homeless
      living on the streets in the USA. For a nation that has so much
      wealth, it is a shock to see so many poor people begging in the
      streets. This one does not see in Europe or New Zealand. There is
      something wrong with a society that does not provide care for those
      less fortunate.

      Divisions within American society – the opposition to the Iraqi War
      is now gaining moment, with public demonstrations against the
      occupation of Iraq throughout the USA. Unfortunately, the American
      people were lied to by their leaders, supported by the populist
      media (such as Fox News) and the Christian-right into supporting the
      invasion of Iraq in 2003. They have now are coming to realize how
      they were deceived. To withdraw the American forces from Iraq now
      would be an even worse disaster for the country than the illegal
      invasion was in the first place.

      Cost of living – as inflation increases, and real incomes declined,
      many people are now struggling to exist. Increasing interest rates
      placing additional burdens of the American consumer and industry.
      The standard of living will steadily decline as the national and
      consumer debts grow – a greater percentage of income is being
      required to service these debts, reducing disposable income.
      Taxation will continue to increase as the governments struggle with
      increasing domestic and military expenditure.

      America's ability to defend itself – the War against Terrorism has
      placed a considerable burden on the domestic economy, with little to
      show for it. For a visitor to the USA today one feels like one is
      entering the Soviet Union in the days of the Cold War. While
      Homeland Security is costing the American taxpayer billions of
      dollars, the military is being starved of resources for the
      equipment required to defend America.

      The destruction of America's production base. America became great
      through exporting its goods, technology and services to the world.
      This ability of America to produce and export competitively is being
      under-mined, as more resources are being diverted into defense and
      the military. While Japan and Germany (both high-cost producing
      countries) continue to competitively increase their exports,
      American industry is no longer able compete internationally.

      The health of Americans – anyone visiting the USA is amazed with the
      number of over-weight people. Clearly something is wrong with the
      American diet. Maybe it is the hormones used in producing meat that
      is partly responsible. Where you have a society driven by greed,
      producing food for maximum profit, regardless of the consequences to
      the consumer, the result are a people often eating themselves to
      death, always lusting for more, and never satisfied.

      The decline and coming collapse of the American Empire will be
      sudden and dramatic. It will reduce the USA to a land of poverty –
      its people will face horrendous tribulation. There will be total
      economic collapse. Money will become worthless. There will be a
      complete break-down in law and order – anarchy will reign. There
      will be wide-spread famine and disaster. Millions will die. What
      was once the richest country in the world will soon become the
      poorest nation in the world?



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