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Irwin Colter: Canadian Neocon

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    Irwin Cotler is too Israeli to be in Canada s government by Greg Felton Wednesday October 12 2005 Niagara Palestinian Association
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      Irwin Cotler is too Israeli to be in Canada's government
      by Greg Felton
      Wednesday October 12 2005
      Niagara Palestinian Association

      The smoking gun that should take down Cotler is his
      affiliation with two organizations that directly
      undermine Canada's Middle East policy... BESA
      (Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies [and] ...
      JCPA (Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs).

      Several times in this space, I have drawn your
      attention to a particularly serious threat to Canada's
      national sovereignty—Justice Minister Irwin Cotler
      (a.k.a. Israel's main man in Cabinet).

      I've shown that he flogs the fraudulent "new
      anti-Semitism" to manufacture sympathy for Israel; and
      belongs to the Liberal Parliamentarians for Israel
      (the "Little Knesset"); meddles in Middle East policy
      to the detriment of Canada's national interests.
      I've also shown that Cotler's reputation as a human
      rights lawyer confers upon him an unwarranted air of
      international respect and legitimacy.

      Even though he declared: "as a matter of principle and
      a matter of policy, torture must everywhere and always
      be condemned," Cotler agitates on behalf of a state
      founded on the systematic torture of Palestine's
      native Semitic people, and he openly supports Alan
      Dershowitz, who advocates torture and collective
      punishment against Arabs.*

      Moreover, Cotler belongs to WOJAC (World Organization
      of Jews from Arab Countries), which is premised on the
      bogus notion that Jews in Israel are "refugees" from
      Arab lands, and therefore entitled to compensation. He
      evinces no interest in the compensation due
      Palestinians because of the Great Jewish

      Given the foregoing, I concluded—how could I not?—that
      Cotler has an undeniable conflict of interest; is an
      agent of a foreign power; and must be expelled from
      Cabinet. Unfortunately, no such logical course of
      action has happened—not yet, at any rate.

      The minority Liberal government of Paul Martin is
      joined at the hip to the Jewish Lobby, whose main
      organs include B'nai Brith Canada, the Canadian Jewish
      Congress, the Canada-Israel Political Affairs
      Committee, the Canada-Israel Committee, the Canadian
      Council for Israel and Jewish Advocacy, and the United
      Israel Appeal Federations Canada.

      Still, even the most intransigent government can be
      compelled to do the right thing if enough pressure is
      brought to bear and the misconduct in question is too
      blatant to be ignored.

      For example, in the former Republic of the United
      States the Bush-led junta could well be brought down
      because of a criminal act that no amount of propaganda
      or spin-doctoring can cover up.

      Key White House advisors—possibly even George Bush and
      Dick Cheney, themselves—are being implicated in the
      deliberate exposure of a CIA agent in retaliation for
      her spouse's writing a New York Times op/ed article
      that debunked a major excuse for invading Iraq.

      Unlike the criminality that has broadly defined the
      junta's bellicose reign, the exposure of an agent
      can't be buried under a mountain of "war on terrorism"
      fertilizer. It is a prosecutable federal crime against
      the state.

      (How ironic: the newspaper that did the most to spread
      disinformation about Saddam Hussein's "weapons of mass
      destruction"—courtesy of pseudo-free speech martyr
      Judith Miller—has become the cause of the
      disinformers' undoing.)

      In Canada's case the smoking gun that should take down
      Cotler is his affiliation with two organizations that
      directly undermine Canada's Middle East policy. The
      first is his position as an international academic
      advisor to BESA (Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic

      According to its website, BESA's publications and
      policy recommendations are directed at senior military
      and civilian Israeli decision-makers, and Israel's
      Defense and Foreign Affairs establishments, among
      others. Its research includes:


      Israeli Strategic Thinking,

      Strategic Options in the Peace Process,

      Israel Defense Forces of the Future, and

      Middle East Water Resources.

      Since Israel's "strategic thinking," like the Wall,
      runs counter to international law, and since Canada
      predicates its foreign policy on respect for the law,
      Cotler is acting against the interests of his own
      country. The same is true of Brian Mulroney and Norman
      Spector, although fortunately they are no longer in

      Perhaps more serious than Cotler's advisory position
      with BESA, is the one he holds with JCPA (Jerusalem
      Center for Public Affairs), which does little more
      than regurtiate Likudnik propaganda. Among its more
      outrageous claims is that the demand for a return to
      the 1967 armistice lines "would undermine Israel's
      security and even pose an existential threat."
      (Amazing how respect for the law can be repackaged as
      a national threat, isn't it?)

      One of JCPA's most odious activities is its
      publication of NGO Monitor, edited by Gerald
      Steinberg. It is similar to various "monitoring"
      groups like CAMERA (Committee for Accuracy in Middle
      East Reporting in America) and honestreporting.com,
      which attack people and organizations brave enough to
      stand up to Israel and the Lobby.

      On Sept. 22, NGO Monitor published "Assessing Canadian
      International Development Agency (CIDA) Funding For
      Political NGOs." Behind the innocuous title is a
      defamatory attack on one of Canada's most important
      foreign policy bodies.

      Steinberg accuses CIDA of aiding Palestinian political
      objectives under the guise of conducting humanitarian
      aid, and funding such "anti-Israel" organizations as
      Save the Children, Doctors without Borders, Medical
      Aid for Palestinians, Oxfam, UNICEF, UNRWA, and World

      In fact, any show of political acumen or sympathy for
      Palestinian suffering can be denounced as
      "anti-Israel." Ruth Jensen, executive director of
      Canadian Lutheran World Relief, is assailed simply for
      observing that the Wall causes increasing stress by
      forcing people to wait for up to two hours at

      "These walls do not contribute to understanding and
      peace, but to isolation and suspicion," she said.

      Steinberg denounced her for attacking Israeli policy.

      Here's the perverse logic: humanitarian organizations
      must by their nature defend the oppressed, but since
      Israel is an oppressor state, humanitarian activity is
      conveniently denounced as "anti-Israel." So long as he
      is associated with JCPA, Cotler supports this
      perversity and by extension opposes defence of
      Palestinian human rights.

      Here's another irony: Cotler is still listed as the
      director of McGill's human rights program and chairman
      of its international human rights advocacy centre

      McGill University, take note!


      * Citation found in Jeff Sallot, "Torture Tactics
      Indefensible: Cotler," Globe and Mail, Aug. 30, 2005.



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