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Holyoke Student Banned From Campus

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    Student who was Maced By Police is Now Banned from Campus! http://www.traprockpeace.org/counter_recruitment/ At approximately 1pm on Sept 30, Sgt. Richard H.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 25, 2005
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      Student who was Maced By Police is Now Banned from Campus!

      At approximately 1pm on Sept 30, Sgt. Richard H. Wheeler and State
      Trooper Vasquez delivered a notice to Charles T. Peterson at the
      doorstep of his home in Springfield, MA.

      Charles was the student who was sprayed in the face with mace by
      Officer Scott Landry at the protest against military recruiters at
      Holyoke Community College on September 29.

      (Go to campusantiwar.net to see photos and read our previous statement
      about the police brutality )

      The notice read: "Because of your conduct on the property of Holyoke
      Community College, your presence is no longer desired at Holyoke
      Community College, its property or buildings. Your failure to abide by
      said trespass notice will result in your arrest and court prosecution
      for trespassing. This notice will remain in effect untill [sic]
      revoked in writing by the Holyoke Community College Police Department."

      This is in clear violation of the College's own stated policy that
      students, "have the right to procedural due process in grievance and
      disciplinary hearings." [Right #6, p22, HCC Policy Guide 05/06]

      As Charles is employed on campus, this restraining order will keep him
      not only from getting an education, but also from working.

      Thus far, Charles has not been contacted by any member of the
      Administration, besides the campus police. So he has had his education
      and his job taken away from him with no explanation and no opportunity
      to appeal.

      It's worth repeating here that Officer Scott Landry, the officer who
      put Charles in a headlock and sprayed mace in his face, is also the
      Advisor to the College Republicans at HCC. The College Republicans
      were also present at the protest, chanting behind the police line to
      incite the police to attack students.

      On campus, the student body has become frighteningly polarized, and
      many students who were at the protest opted out of attending classes
      today for fear of harassment.

      Professor Mark Clinton, the faculty advisor to the Anti War Coalition
      has been summoned to see the Vice President of Academic Affairs on
      Monday afternoon. The Office of the Vice President would not inform
      Clinton's dean of the agenda for the meeting.

      Yesterday, Professor Mark Clinton's daughter was called an "ugly
      communist bitch" by a fellow student.

      Cindy Sheehan is scheduled to visit HCC in November. We will be trying
      to contact her to notify her of the recent police brutality and to ask
      her to make a statement in support of students. If anyone reading
      this can help us get in touch with her, please let us know (our email
      is at the bottom of this statement).

      Amazingly enough, a George Mason University student was assaulted by
      police on the same day as the HCC protest. Tariq Khan, a
      Pakistani-American and Air Force Veteran, wore a sign reading,
      "Recruiters tell lies" while standing in front of a US Marine
      recruiting table. After being harassed by ROTC members, the JC
      Operations Representative told Tariq that he had no right to voice his
      opinion without a permit and to leave. When Tariq peaceably refused,
      campus police violently assaulted him¬óchoking him, pushing him, and
      slamming him against a stage.

      In Wisconsin, students at UW Madison were threatened with arrest and
      forced to dismantle their protest against the presence of the Air
      Force, CIA, and Marines at the College's career fair. They were told
      that they were violating the Administration's codes for protesting
      when in fact they were in no way breaching any part of it.

      We are sticking with our former demands (see statement of September 29
      on campusantiwar.net) but we would like to add the following:

      ---That the restraining order against Charles T. Peterson be lifted
      immediately so he can continue his education and return to his job.

      ---That an impartial investigation be conducted into Officer Scott
      Landry's role in the battery at the September 29 protest-- given
      Officer Landry's dual role as armed police officer AND student advisor
      to the College Republicans.

      For the over 700 of you who have already called the school THANK YOU!
      Please keep the pressure on. Please keep calling. We are hoping to
      flood the school with calls on Monday.


      Members of the Anti War Coalition at Holyoke Community College

      Please call Holyoke Community College to register you concerns.

      President Messner

      Officer Scott Landry,
      Campus Police/ Advisor to the College Republicans

      Vivian Ostrowsky, Student Activities Coordinator


      Additional Statements from members of the Anti War Coalition at HCC

      One leading member of the AWC, whose brother was permanently injured
      in Iraq last year, stated:

      "I was there to speak for my brother. He was wounded in Iraq. He's a
      different person since he came back, it's a different person looking
      at me, more like my little brother than my big brother. He may never
      be the same, and he may never open up and tell me what happened in
      Iraq. But I believe he fought for lies, and I believe he was lied to
      when he joined the military. He was promised money for college and a
      chance to see the world. But he went to Iraq, and he wasn't the same
      when he came back."

      Shinah Santiago, an AWC Steering Committee member stated, "I think
      it's absolutely ridiculous. It's totally unjust to ban him from
      campus without any kind of hearing or anything. And to have one of the
      officers who assaulted us serve the papers was part of their effort to
      intimidate us. They think he's our leader, but everyone in the AWC is
      a leader, and none of us is going to be intimidated."

      Emails of support and solidarity can be sent to:
      info.hcc-awc @ hotmail.com



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