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Rome gathering of Iraqi Resistance supporters

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    Rome gathering: Iraqi Resistance supporters take roots in Europe From: iraq@yahoogroups.com Wednesday, October 5, 2005 1) Oct 2 Rome: 300 people, 15 intl
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2005
      Rome gathering: Iraqi Resistance supporters take roots in Europe
      From: iraq@yahoogroups.com
      Wednesday, October 5, 2005

      1) Oct 2 Rome: 300 people, 15 intl delegations
      2) Final resolution of the gathering Rome Oct 2
      3) Italian embassy use dogs against Haj Ali
      4) Participants' list
      5) Speakers' list


      1) Success of the international gathering in Rome, Oct 2

      The hall was full with some 300 participants, many people had to stand
      listening for more then 6 hours to numerous interventions without a break.

      The anger and protest against the negation of the visas was big. The
      fact that those who had been tortured are also banned to speak out
      pushed people ahead to take action not only in support of the Iraqi
      liberation struggle but also for the democratic rights in Europe.

      The fact that the secretary of the National Secretary of the Union of
      Islamic Communities did not dare to come because of intimidations -
      sending his fraternal anti-imperialist greetings to the assembly -
      demonstrated how much the democratic rights are endangers today by the
      anti-Muslim and anti-terrorist witch hunt.

      The gathering marks three steps ahead opening a new stage of our
      struggle in support of the Iraqi people's freedom:

      The strong conviction to carry on, to strengthen and intensify our
      efforts, the understanding that we are amidst a historic struggle
      could not only be heard from the podium but also by the participants,
      in the lively discussions on the streets outside the hall.

      The bridge which could be constructed to parts of the anti-war
      movement including the Christian sector. While only one year ago their
      radical wings gave only conditioned support to the Resistance,
      expressed as well in the reluctance to co-operate with us, now joined
      our position of unconditional support and lends us solidarity against
      the attempted repression. The rumours about the "friends of
      terrorists" have been exchanged with the need to commonly defend the
      right of free expression.

      The grown international unity express by delegations from some 15
      countries: We can say that the network of supporters of the Iraqi
      Resistance as been consolidated and is able to take common action
      throughout Europe.

      All this is being expressed in the programme of activities worked out
      by the meeting of the international delegations and adopted by the

      Free Iraq Committees Italy


      2) Rome Oct 2, final document

      The following is the document issued at the conclusion of the
      international gathering of the forces that organized the conference on
      Iraq, "For a just peace, with the Resistance" in Rome, Oct 2, 2005

      Today's international gathering has been an occasion of protest, of
      solidarity and of struggle but at the same time also of new proposals.

      First of all we denounce those who cause the tremendous oppression the
      Iraqi people suffer. At the same time we denounce the attacks on the
      most elementary democratic rights, including even the right to free
      expression in Europe.

      The denial of a visa for Haj Ali, the symbol of torture in Abu Ghraib,
      follows the refusal to issue visas to the six high representatives of
      the Iraqi society who had been scheduled to speak at the conference in
      Chianciano. It is a shameful decision curbing the liberties gained in
      decades of struggle and finally even hatefully striking even the
      victims of US torture.

      Our full solidarity goes to Haj Ali and all the victims of the
      military occupation.

      We express this very same solidarity to the courageous Resistance of
      the Iraqi people who, by confronting history's largest war machine, is
      fighting at the same time against the overall plans of US imperialism
      to dominate the world. Therefore the significance of the struggle
      reaches far beyond the borders of Iraq and is an example to follow for
      all oppressed people of the world.

      Our gathering was one of struggle, of people who do not want to give
      in to the existing state of affairs, who want to fight for the freedom
      of the peoples and who want to stop the criminal madness called the
      "war of civilisations".

      To give substance to this battle we adopted a program of activity
      which serves at the same time as a proposal to all the components of
      the movement against the war who hold that the struggle for peace
      needs to be connected to the resistance against the political,
      military, economic and cultural oppression by imperialism. The
      struggle for peace must have as its target a "just peace" respecting
      the rights of the peoples, and based on the principle of
      self-determination and national sovereignty, which is the exact
      contrary of the "pax americana" which the occupation is trying to
      impose on Iraq.

      Here is the plan of action developed during the discussion among the
      international delegations present:

      1. Consolidation of the European network in support of the Iraqi
      Resistance and its eventual international enlargement. This network
      has already produced important results. But today the conditions have
      matured, paving the way to strengthen the co-ordination and increase
      the efficiency of common action. All the forces present in Rome commit
      themselves to do their best to go ahead in this sense.

      2. The first campaign we have to launch is to bring Haj Ali to Europe
      to begin the scheduled tour denouncing the brutality of the
      imperialist occupation. The NO to the visa for Haj Ali by the Italian
      government - i.e. of a state which participates in the occupation with
      some 3,000 soldiers - must and can be fought. It is nothing else than
      an acid test involving the remaining spaces for freedom on our
      continent. We thereby call upon all sincere democrats to mobilise in
      defence of liberty. To stop these latest anti-democratic attacks,
      carried out under the guise of "anti-terrorist laws," we need to give
      a strong, united and immediate answer.

      We therefore appeal to all available forces to leave nothing untried -
      so that nobody can claim he didn't knew what was happening.

      Haj Ali's tour will be throughout the continent to bring the voice of
      the truth to any corner of Europe and confront the lies about the
      "just war" the corporate media promotes.

      This will offer an occasion to remind everyone of the existence of the
      desaparecidos, the Iraqis kidnapped by the occupations troops who have
      never reappeared, like Abduljabbar Al Kubaysi, the secretary of the
      Iraqi Patriotic Alliance.

      3. In parallel, the preparations for the international conference with
      the high representatives of Iraqi society originally scheduled for
      Chianciano, Italy, will be carried out. Their presence is
      indispensable not only to let the Iraqis speak for themselves, not
      only to give the word to the Iraqi opposition and Resistance, but
      first of all to pave the way for their international legitimacy and
      political recognition.

      This is what is really at stake. To achieve this objective we invite
      all the forces who want to contribute to the liberation struggle of
      the Iraqi people to a united mobilisation.

      The international delegations present in Rome unanimously agree to
      carry on the struggle to make the conference possible. In the coming
      weeks these delegations will evaluate the possibilities in various
      European countries, while the efforts to hold the conference in Italy
      continue and will even be stepped up. After having probed the ground
      in the different countries, the network will set the date and place of
      the conference.

      In the meantime we confirm our united and international support to all
      the initiatives in solidarity to the Resistance starting with those in
      Germany and Greece already scheduled for the coming months.

      Regarding Italy we support the mobilisation for a national
      demonstration to take place by the end of the year as a united attempt
      to re-launch the movement against the war, for a clear support to the
      Iraqi Resistance and against the increasing attack on democratic rights.

      The strength of the Iraqi Resistance, the growth of the popular
      opposition to the occupation and the rejection of the constitution
      imposed by the US and its allies allows us great hopes in a victory
      over the imperialist forces. This hope must be assimilated by all the
      forces in the world who have been fighting against the war.

      This is today our task. The plan of activity which we have adopted is
      aimed at responding to this need.

      There are struggles which mark epochs. Today it is on the shoulders of
      the Iraqi people to defend the front line separating freedom from
      tyranny. We will support them in every possible way, for freedom and
      self-determination of Iraq, and for the defeat of imperialist tyranny
      throughout the world.

      Rome, October 2, 2005


      3) The dogs of Abu Ghraib return
      A new detail from the attempt of Haj Ali to get visa from the Italian
      embassy in Amman

      We have already denounced that the Italian embassy in Jordan did not
      issue visa to a victim of US torture in Iraq by using a ridiculous
      formal argument. Thus they tried to veil their subordination to
      Washington which does not want to have spread the truth about their
      crimes against humanity.

      Yesterday we learnt that Haj Ali invited two TV journalists, one of
      which was Olivia Rousset of SBS, Australia, to accompany him to the
      embassy in order to avoid new humiliations. However, the exact
      contrary happened.

      Arriving at the entrance with the cameras the embassy's security
      service threatened the group with dogs reminding Haj Ali again of the
      torture by dogs by the US army in the prison camp of Abu Ghraib. The
      journalist were ordered to leave the place and Haj Ali had to go in
      again alone.

      Free Iraq Committees Italy



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