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Why the World Loves Usamah and Not Bush

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    Why the World Loves Usamah and Not Bush Yamin Zakaria - yaminz @ yahoo.co.uk London, UK www.iiop.org A reaction might take place as a result of the US
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2005
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      Why the World Loves Usamah and Not Bush
      Yamin Zakaria - yaminz @ yahoo.co.uk
      London, UK

      "A reaction might take place as a result of the US government's
      hitting Muslim civilians and executing more than 600,000 Muslim
      children in Iraq by preventing food and medicine from reaching them.
      So, the US is responsible for any reaction, because it extended its
      war against troops to civilians… We declared jihad against the US
      government, because the US government is unjust, criminal and
      tyrannical. It has committed acts that are extremely unjust, hideous
      and criminal whether directly or through its support of the Israeli
      occupation." (Usamah bin Laden - to CNN in March 1997)

      Usamah bin Laden (UBL), clearly stated the reasons for declaring war
      on America and her allies, well before 9/11; they have been waging an
      undeclared war on the Islamic world for the last couple hundred years
      which has increased in intensity after the end of the cold war.
      Despite such clear statements from UBL, the western media continues to
      broadcast the message: we don't know what Al-Qaeda wants. However,
      Bush seems to have the answers, and accordingly he makes the following
      statements explaining the motive for 9/11:

      "America was targeted for attack because we're the brightest beacon
      for freedom and opportunity in the world" (George Bush addressing the
      Nation on 9/11)

      "You know the enemy when they hit us on 9/11, really didn't understand
      America. They thought we were soft. I guess they were watching too
      much TV." (George Bush Jan. 22, 2002)

      According to Bush, the US was attacked due to the envy of its foes for
      its internal political systems and institutions, but not for its
      foreign policies, nor its murder of hundreds of thousands of Muslims.
      Did UBL ever complain about how the US manages its internal affairs?
      As for Bush claiming that the US was perceived as "soft" despite being
      the lone superpower and despite having demonstrated its firepower in
      the 1991 Gulf war, shows that George Bush's mindset is on par with
      that of two rival school children fighting in a playground. The fight
      broke out because one of them thought the other one was weak; hence it
      was an opportunity to prove their manhood.

      Bush went on to make even more absurd claims like the 9/11 attackers
      were motivated by their envy of their wealth, were they materially
      motivated they would not deny themselves of all material opportunities
      by killing themselves. There is a huge gap in perception about the
      causes of this recent conflict between the two protagonists, and Bush
      has utilised the mass media to mould public opinion in his favour by
      demonising UBL as a mindless criminal, and by threatening all
      dissention or questioning of US policy by labelling it `unpatriotic'.
      Now it seems that it is Bush who has been watching too much TV, by
      portraying UBL as some kind of evil character from Scooby-Doo, someone
      to poke fingers at, but never listen to, for in the listening may be
      the undoing of his own arguments. Bush and his advisors have
      cultivated absolutist tactics – the enemy becomes absolute evil, seeks
      absolute destruction, absolute nihilism, thus raising the noise level
      to such a din, that no rational argument can be heard or debated.

      Yet, despite the overwhelming one-sided propaganda, there is greater
      level of support for UBL, than for Bush amongst the Muslim and
      non-Muslim masses. This is particularly true in countries that have
      been victims of US aggression, for example countries in Central and
      Latin America, Far East, South East Asia, Africa and even in Europe.
      When a poll was conducted in Europe and US asking who was considered
      to be the greater threat to peace, Bush or UBL, clearly Bush was given
      the red card. By contrasting some of the key characteristics of the
      two central protagonists in this war of terror on `terror' it may
      partially help us to understand why UBL commands greater popularity.
      Listed below are some of those characteristics:

      1) According to the National Enquirer, President George W. Bush, an
      alleged reformed alcoholic, is now drinking again. George Bush
      allegedly gave up the bottle in 1986. Perhaps being drunk is the
      reason why he makes statements like these: "I know how hard it is to
      put food on your family" and "I have opinions of my own, strong
      opinions, but I don't always agree with them." In contrast, UBL is
      always sober, as alcohol and drugs are forbidden for Muslims.

      2) Often, George Bush cannot articulate his ideas; at times he has
      difficulty in composing basic sentences and here are some of the many
      examples: "If the terriers and bariffs are torn down, this economy
      will grow", he also said "I understand small business growth. I was
      one." Where as UBL has excellent command of Arabic, his expressions
      are lucid and at time poetic. Ironically UBL's command of English is
      better than George Bush's.

      3) George Bush comes from a family with a track record of failed
      and crooked businesses men, Bush is certainly no exception. Bush is as
      crooked as his grandfather (Prescott Bush) who was supplying arms to
      the Nazis. In 1990, Bush sold a large number of shares in the Harken
      Energy Corporation, just before the company announced news that made
      the share price fall. The White House has now acknowledged that US
      President George W Bush failed to follow the law and disclose details
      of shares he sold when he was a company director. UBL in contrast is
      an honest successful business man, not a single record of any criminal
      business activity has been made against him.

      4) Hurricane Katrina exposed George Bush and his cronies as a bunch
      of racists, clearly lacking enthusiasm to help the poor blacks in
      Louisiana and Mississippi. Perhaps such racism is in their genes as
      they are the descendents of former slave owners, one of the pillars
      upon which the American dream was built. UBL in comparison is a very
      generous man, known to have helped thousands from his own wealth,
      whatever their racial origin. This was elaborated by Jason Burke of
      the London Observer in his book about Al-Qaeda.

      5) Bush is a religious fanatic who claims to have a hotline to
      God, apparently like some sort of Prophet, he is on a mission from God
      to attack, kill and maim thousands of innocents. Can the world
      interpret that the porn-torture in Abu-Ghraib; the recent scandal of
      US soldiers trading pictures of dead Iraqis (those pictures catering
      for sick animals in the US who get pleasure seeing entrails and
      genitalia of dead and mutilated Iraqis)and exchanging for porn, are
      part of that divine mission to shower the `love' of Christ on the
      Iraqis! UBL in contrast is a genuinely pious and a humble man, who has
      never made fanatical claims of divine intervention or guidance, as
      Bush has, or like the foul-mouth-fraudulent TV evangelists in the US.

      6) Like all chicken-hawks, Bush avoided the war drafts and
      committed none of his children to the recent Iraq war. This is in line
      with the vast majority of the senate and congress members. Michael
      Moore demonstrated this so vividly in his documentary film, Fahrenheit
      9/11. George Bush displays his cowardly traits as he beats the drums
      of war, from a distant secured bunker, well behind his armada by
      selectively attacking the weaker Iraq and avoiding the resolute
      nuclear North Korea. Contrast this with UBL and his sons, who have
      always personally fought in the battlefields of Afghanistan, leading
      by example, from the days of Soviet occupation to the recent war of
      post 9/11. Their convictions have been tested on the battlefield with
      their lives; the same cannot be said for Bush.

      7) George Bush has a track record for committing mass murder and
      war crimes. He is a war-mongerer that invades weak countries, using
      false pretexts, in order to steal their resources directly or
      indirectly through installing and supporting brutal dictators. The
      amount of killing he has done makes 9/11 look like a picnic in the
      park. This is natural for the likes of Bush due to their inherent
      racist nature, they do not believe that the lives of non-Americans
      especially non-Anglo-Saxons, are worth the same as American lives. UBL
      has made clear in his statements, is a freedom fighter, fighting a
      legitimate war for removing the oppressive and colonial occupational

      8) Like his business adventures, Bush resorted to the manipulation
      of votes to acquire his seat in Florida 2000. In contrast, the
      popularity of UBL can be seen from the huge demonstrations and the
      public opinions on the streets of the Islamic and even non-Islamic
      world. If an election, to lead the entire Muslims world (Ummah) was
      held, there is no doubt that Usamah Bin Laden would be the favourite
      to win the position of the Khalif. He is likely to have a much higher
      level of support, in comparison, to any of these so-called
      democratically elected governments. Even the so-called Muslim
      moderates have admiration for UBL, but in fear of public opinion they
      keep silent. As for those coolies living in the West, wagging their
      hypocritical tongues against UBL, are hoping to gain acceptance from
      their masters and hosts, just like Arab regimes who gave millions to
      the US in aid, and hoping to be liked. If the situation were to alter
      and their masters were to change, these hypocrites would be the most
      ardent supporters of Usamah Bin Laden; we all know it is easy to side
      with the more powerful party and that is their weakness.

      UBL is proven from the above examples to be more intelligent,
      articulate, generous, honest, pious, and brave, not to mention sober,
      when compared to George Bush. Many indeed do see UBL as the new Che
      Guevara, a freedom fighter, someone who genuinely speaks for the
      masses. However, making such analysis is becoming an act of blasphemy
      within secular democracies; their freedom of speech is proving
      cumbersome for them, as they are forced to confront uncomfortable
      truths. So yes, now we have political censorship in the world of
      `free' speech, freedom and liberty.

      Maybe Charles Clarke will knock on my door, waving the flag of `free'
      speech and democracy in one hand, while his other hand (covered with
      the blood of innocents in Iraq) points towards Belmarsh, Abu-Ghraib,
      and Camp-X-RAY! As one of the speakers on the anti-war rally held on
      24/9/05 in London, put it succinctly, that Iraq is not a beacon of
      democracy but a beacon of hypocrisy, from Abu-Ghraib to Camp-X-Ray, to
      the trading of porn pictures with pictures of mutilated Iraqis! Even
      the animals have better integrity and standards than these hypocrites!

      Copyright © 2004 by Yamin Zakaria (18th September 2005)



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