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Christian Conferences on Divestment Oct 26-29

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    The Pro-Israel subversives are nervous about majority rule in the USA. The idea of Christians practicing worshipping God instead of worshipping Israel
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 2, 2005
      The Pro-Israel subversives are nervous about majority rule in the
      USA. The idea of Christians practicing worshipping God instead of
      worshipping Israel infuriates them. Let them gnash their teeth!


      Morally Responsible Investment Conference

      Contact (in Canada):
      Brian Perkins
      Email: brianchmaster @ look.ca
      Telephone:, office 416-431-0333; home 416-552-3677
      Web site: http://www.sabeel.ca

      In the U.S.:
      Email: friends @ fosna.org
      Phone: (503) 653-6625

      The World Council of Churches joins Palestinian Christian group
      Sabeel and an international representation of church organizations
      and NGOs for Toronto conference on morally responsible investment in
      response to Israeli Occupation.

      Representatives of major Christian denominations in North America,
      Europe and the Global South will gather in Toronto at the invitation
      of Canadian Friends of Sabeel from October 26-29 for an
      international conference on morally responsible investment to learn
      and discuss economic strategies for ending the Israeli occupation of
      internationally-recognized Palestine and to promote nonviolent means
      for attaining a just peace for both Israel and Palestine. The Rev.
      Robert Assaly, coordinator for Canadian Friends of Sabeel in Ottawa
      stated that, "The event is in response to a growing movement among
      Christian churches around the world to adopt nonviolent measures
      that will influence corporate policy as it pertains to investments
      and operations in Israeli occupied areas." Sabeel, based in
      Jerusalem and with support groups in the U.S., Canada, and many
      European countries, advocates ending occupation through nonviolent
      means that are based on international law and existing United Nat!
      ions resolutions.

      A Call for Morally Responsible Investment: A Nonviolent Response to
      the Israeli Occupation will offer lectures and workshops by key
      figures in the Christian and Jewish peace movements, including a
      video message by Nobelist Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa
      and key presentations by Methodist Bishop Frederico Pagura of
      Argentina who is a co-president of the World Council of Churches;
      Shamai Lleibowitz, an Israeli human rights attorney in Tel Aviv
      working with the Israeli peace bloc; Jeff Halper who coordinates the
      Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions; Amneh Badran, a former
      director of the Jerusalem Center for Women; and theologian Rev. Naim
      Ateek, who is director of Sabeel in Jerusalem. Ateek, author of
      Justice & Only Justice: A Palestinian Theology of Liberation and of
      the study paper for which the conference is named, will address the
      serious ethical and moral issues confronting Christians that pertain
      to illegal military occupation. Other key presenters will be: Farid
      Esack, a theologian from South Africa; Salpy Eskidjian, former
      Program Executive, Middle East, of the World Council of Churches;
      and Josh Ruebner, Grassroots Advocacy Coordinator for the U.S.
      Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation.

      Official pronouncements from mainstream Protestant denominations on
      church investment strategies was initiated by the Presbyterian
      Church USA in its 216th General Assembly last year when it approved
      several measures opposing the Israeli occupation of Palestine,
      including a call for its corporate witness office to begin gathering
      data to support a selective divestment of holdings in multinational
      corporations doing business in Israel/Palestine. That set a
      precedent for other others long frustrated by decades of Israel's
      violations of international law, its illegal military occupation and
      more recently its unilateral withdrawal from Gaza, which includes
      the restructuring of the West Bank with bypass roads and settlement
      satellites, the ongoing construction of a separation wall that
      seizes 11 percent more of Palestinian land on the West Bank, and
      continued militarization of the Holy Land. That move by the
      Presbyterians strengthened the faith-based movement supporting a two-
      state solution in Palestine/Israel based on existing agreements and
      international law. There followed similar statements and
      resolutions from the World Council of Churches, the Anglican
      Consultative Council, the United Church of Christ, various
      conferences of the United Methodist Church, and others, which have
      established a new strategy for working for a just peace for western

      The Toronto conference on morally responsible investment will be an
      opportunity for leaders within the various denominations to gather
      for lectures, discussions and workshops, non-denominational
      theological reflection and networking.

      Co-sponsors of the event include: World Council of Churches; KAIROS
      (Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives); Pax Christi USA; Common
      Global Ministries, United Church of Christ and the Christian Church
      (Disciples of Christ); Brothers of the Christian Schools, Christian
      Brothers Conference U.S./Toronto; Presbyterian Peace Fellowship;
      Episcopal Peace Fellowship; Americans for Middle East Understanding;
      American Friends Service Committee; Baptist Peace Fellowship of
      North America; and Jewish Voice for Peace. A current list of co-
      sponsors is available at the Canadian Web site <www.sabeel.ca>. The
      conference planning committee continues to seek co-sponsorships and
      donations from church-related organizations and others interested in
      conference leadership participation.

      Registration for the conference is by application only. Rev. Assaly
      said that anyone working within an organization striving toward a
      resolution of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict may be interested in
      exploring morally responsible investment as a non-violent response
      to the Israeli occupation.

      Conference application information is available online at:


      Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation News Release
      Contact: Samar Moussa
      (301) 951-9400 ext. 211
      smoussa @ hcef.org

      HCEF Continues Preparations for its 7th International Conference:
      "United by Faith for Action"

      The Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation (HCEF) is gearing up
      for its conference, which will be held on October 21-22, 2005. This
      unique conference will bring together many Christian denominations
      to work towards solidarity in supporting Christians and creating
      peace in the Holy Land.

      The conference theme, "United by Faith for Action", calls attendees
      to collective action, in support of our Holy Land Christian brothers
      and sisters, by offering Western Christians a concrete means to
      contribute to the long term preservation of the rich Holy Land
      Christian culture and tradition, which faces extinction in the
      current climate.

      In keeping with this theme, many panels will be conducted throughout
      the conference. Experts on the Holy Land will be speaking
      specifically about the plight of the Christians in the area.

      Three women from Jerusalem- a Christian, a Jew, and a Muslim- will
      speak about their daily lives amidst the violence in their homeland.
      They also will express their visions of co-existence of their three
      different religions in the region.

      Experts from the Christian and secular media present the advantages
      and challenges of reporting the issues of Peace and Justice. While
      the secular media has the audience and means to reach almost every
      American, its coverage can be driven by appealing headlines and
      distorted to its owners' or readers' predisposition. While Christian
      media is accessed by fewer people, it can deal with Peace and
      Justice issues that otherwise might be ignored, and it can move its
      readers, listeners and viewers beyond the local ministry to gain a
      sense of God's global agenda.

      Speakers will discuss Christian Zionism and its effects and
      obstructions to a peaceful Holy Land. This will include political
      and religious views of mainstream evangelicals.

      The conference also targets a young adult audience. The Holy Land
      College Community (HCCC) will work together with HCEF in developing
      youth groups. There will be a special seminar for college students
      to train them to develop campus programs to educate other students
      on the plight of Palestinian Christians.

      The conference keynote speaker is Rev. Dr. Theodore Schneider,
      Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Metropolitan
      Washington D.C. Synod. Bishop Schneider will talk about the
      involvement of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the
      actions being taken on behalf of Christians in the Holy Land.

      The Most Reverend Pierbattista Pizzaballa, O.F.M., Superior of the
      Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land, will be the keynote speaker at
      the awards banquet, held on Friday, Oct. 21. The Franciscan Custody
      of the Holy Land and the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America,
      Division for Global Mission, will receive the Living Stones
      Solidarity Award. HCEF will present awards to Fr. Emil Salayta, its
      co-founder and to Rev. Dr. Roy Enquist, Chair on the Advisory Board.

      In a universal invitation to all Christians, HCEF's president, Rateb
      Rabie, said "I encourage everyone interested in finding the facts
      about the Holy Land to attend this conference. There are many
      misconceptions Westerners have about the Holy Land and this
      conference is an important step towards raising their awareness."

      For more on the schedule, hotel reservations and to register, please
      visit HCEF's website:

      Main Conference Schedule of Events
      Friday, October 21 - Saturday, October 22
      St. Luke Lutheran Church
      9100 Colesville Road
      Silver Spring, MD 20910

      Keynote address: Rev. Dr. Theodore Schneider, Bishop of the
      Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Washington DC Synod
      Conference program, visit this link:
      Conference Honorary Committee, visit this link:
      Conference Endorsement Letters, visit this link:

      Awards Banquet
      Friday October 21, 6:00pm-10:00pm
      Holiday Inn Select Bethesda
      8120 Wisconsin Avenue, Bethesda, MD 20814

      Keynote address: Most Reverend Pierbattista Pizzaballa, OFM, Custos
      of the Holy Land
      Each year, at the time of the 7 International Conference, HCEF
      grants awards to people and institutions who have accomplished
      excellent work in support of the Christians of the Holy Land.
      For details, visit: http://hcef.org/hcef/index.cfm/ID/288.cfm>

      Online Conference Registration:

      Hotel Accommodations
      Holiday Inn Select Bethesda,
      8120 Wisconsin Avenue
      Bethesda, MD 20814
      (301) 652-2000

      For more information, contact HCEF directly at:
      6935 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 214
      Bethesda, MD 20815
      (301) 951-9400
      Fax: (301) 951-9402
      Toll Free: 866-871-HCEF (4233)
      Website: http://www.hcef.org

      The Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation, Inc. (HCEF) is a not-
      for-profit 501(c)3 organization that provides succor to the
      Christians of the Holy Land who live in Christian communities dating
      back in time to those who first heard Jesus Christ preach his
      gospel. HCEF sponsors programs that support children's education,
      create housing, and provide work programs for community development
      and indigenous handicrafts. HCEF Pilgrimages enable Western
      Christians to develop bonds of solidarity with their Christian
      brothers and sisters living in the Holy Land.


      Celebrate ADC's 25 Years of Dedicated Service to Civil and Human
      Rights by:


      For more information, contact Laila Al-Qatami at:

      American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC)
      4201 Connecticut Ave. NW, Suite 300 | Washington, DC 20008
      Tel: 202-244-2990 | Fax 202-244-3196 | E-mail: media @ adc.org



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