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FBI Martyrs Puerto Rican Hero

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    Boston Protests FBI Assassination of Puerto Rican Leader Annie Butler The Bridge, Green-Rainbow Party BOSTON, September 29,2005 - Forty people stood in
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 30, 2005
      Boston Protests FBI Assassination of Puerto Rican Leader
      Annie Butler
      The Bridge, Green-Rainbow Party

      BOSTON, September 29,2005 - Forty people stood in forty-mile-an-hour
      winds today to protest and call the American people's attention to the
      political assassination of Puerto Rican patriot Filiberto Ojeda Rios.

      Ojedo Rios, 72, a founder of the clandestine pro-independence
      organization Los Macheteros, had been wanted by the FBI for 15 years.
      He was murdered in his home, surrounded by 243 FBI agents.

      Filiberto asked his wife to leave his side and the FBIÂ responded
      with a round of bullets that wounded his shoulder. They waited for 20
      hours, blocking all access, while he bled to death on the floor of his
      own home, preventing his community from getting him medical attention.
      All this while his wife stood by.

      The demonstrators called for an end to the occupation of Puerto Rico
      by the United States and for the end of the occupation of Palestine
      and Iraq.

      Boston city councilors Chuck Turner and Felix Arroyo spoke to the

      Turner spoke in English about the responsibilty all Americans share
      because we live our lives off the backs of the rest of the world,
      reminding those attending that America is a country that was built on
      the sweat and blood of slavery and the almost complete annialation of
      the native people. As a country and a people we should be ashamed of
      the murder of Rios and see it as just another sin against humanity in
      a long line of evil activity on the part of our government.

      Arroyo addressed the crowd in Spanish, about the national identity of
      Puertorriqueos and solidarity in the face of this assassination and
      through all the travails of the people.

      Former political prisoner Kazi Tour read a statement of condolence
      from the Jericho Project to the Ojedo Ros family and community and
      spoke movingly about meeting Filiberto in prison some years ago.Â

      Myriam Ortiz read a statement from Jaan Karl Laaman, a political
      prisoner now being held in Walpole, Massachusetts.

      Marta Rodriguez spoke forcefully demanding and end to the occupation
      of Puerto Rico while calling for the FBI to be held accountable.

      Lana Habash, just back from visiting her country, Palestine, called
      for an end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine and support for the
      Iraqi resistence against the occupation of their country by the US.

      Sra. Rodriguez then led the demonstrators in singing the Puerto Rican
      revolutionary anthem.

      For myself, I was moved to tears and filled with shame but also with
      another feeling. The feeling of power that comes from solidarity with
      those who stand together to loudly and proudly speak out against the
      murderous thug our country has become.

      My country, with my tax dollars, just assasinated another good man.
      Filiberto Ojeda Rios, Presente.

      Protest the Political assassination of Puerto Rican patriot Filiberto
      Ojeda Ríos by FBI agents!

      Thursday, September 29, 12 noon, JFK Federal Building, Boston
      Government Center.

      On Friday September 23, 243 FBI agents invaded a rural community in
      the municipality of Hormigueros Puerto Rico in order to murder
      Filiberto Ojeda Ríos, leader of the Puerto Rican
      clandestine pro independence organization Los Macheteros.

      Filiberto had been sought by the FBI for 15 years in connection with
      activities of the Macheteros. Many people in Puerto Rico have come to
      respect and admire Filiberto and the Macheteros for their unyielding
      commitment to free our country from U.S. domination. The
      heroic feats of the Macheteros include the destruction in 1983 of 14
      U.S. F16 war planes warehoused at the American Muñiz Base, meant to be
      used in the murder of thousands of Salvadoran peasants and indigenous
      people during the U.S. criminal war against El Salvador.

      That action earned the Macheteros the respect of many Puerto Ricans
      across the political spectrum, as our people have never been content
      with the use of our territory for U.S. acts of aggression against
      other people around the world.

      It was clear that the intent of the FBI was to murder Filiberto rather
      than detain him. His wife, who witnessed their actions on approaching
      his home, indicated that they were already firing their arms when they
      arrived. The FBI sealed off the entire community where Filiberto
      lived, depriving the rest of our people of any access to him or any of
      the residents there. Once his isolation was secured, he was shot by a
      sniper on the shoulder, and deprived of medical attention so THAT he
      would bleed to death. For twenty hours they kept area residents who
      wanted to help him at bay, and didn't transfer him to a hospital until
      they'd made certain that he was dead.

      The assassination of Filiberto is part of a pattern of brutality on
      the part of the U.S. government against those who fight for the right
      of Puerto Ricans to be free of foreign domination. It is a pattern of
      butchery and criminality that has claimed the lives of heroes like Don
      Pedro Albizu Campos, Angel Rodriguez Cristobal, Elías Beauchamp, Hiran
      Rosado, Pinto Gandía, and too many others. Not surprisingly, their
      cowardly actions mirror their criminal siege of Native Americans in
      Wounded Knee, their murderous sieges against the Move community in
      Philadelphia, their war crimes against the people of Iraq, not to
      mention the atrocities they commit against the Palestinians via their
      ethnic cleansing, land-stealing, "Israeli" proxy settler state. But
      what else can one expect from a rogue settler government and nation
      that has been murdering for the sake of plunder since they encountered
      the Native people they stole this very territory from, and the
      Africans they brought here as slaves?

      In their arrogance and racism, the American repressive forces chose
      September 23 as the day they would murder Filiberto because that is
      the anniversary of El Grito de Lares, our first uprising in pursuit of
      National independence. They intended to mock our long history of
      struggle and turn that date into a reminder of what happens to those
      who seek to rid us of our occupiers. Judging by the thousands of
      Puerto Ricans who poured out into our nation's streets to express
      their rage at our thug invaders and admiration for Filiberto, it's
      safe to say they miscalculated, and instead galvanized the next
      generation of resisters.

      U.S. out of Puerto Rico! Filiberto live on because our struggle continues!


      FBI Killing of Puerto Rican Independence Leader Filiberto Ojeda Rios
      is an indication of oppressed catholic minority in the WASP US. Now
      Iraqi constitution is a genius method to let everyone in Iraq or any
      group of people to claim their independence and use their language. I
      do not know why the US is not adopting this Mossad constitution for
      implementation in US. Poor helpless ocheda or what ever his name, he
      lost his life because he is not Barzani or Talabani prostituting
      himself to the Mossad... Ignorant he should have read Kurdistan
      chieftains and serial killers history…


      * FBI Killing of Puerto Rican Independence Leader Filiberto Ojeda Rios
      Sparks Outpouring of Anti-US Sentiment *

      We continue our look at the FBI killing of Puerto Rican independence
      leader Filiberto Ojeda Rios. His killing has sparked an outpouring of
      anti-U.S. sentiment in Puerto Rico and fears that the Bush
      administration will launch a new crackdown on the Puerto Rican
      independence movement. We go to Puerto Rico to speak with a
      spokesperson for the Puerto Rican Socialist Front and an independent
      political analyst.



      Earlier this week tens of thousands attended his funeral making it one
      of the largest funerals in Puerto Rican history.

      Puerto Ricans of all political stripes have questioned the FBI's
      actions, especially because the shooting took place on Sept. 23 - the
      anniversary of an 1868 uprising against Spanish rule.

      The FBI considered Ojeda Rios a fugitive from justice and the head of
      a domestic terrorist group - the militant Puerto Rican independence
      group Los Macheteros. But in Puerto Rico he has long been viewed as a
      leader of the independence movement. Now many see him as a martyr who
      was killed at the hands of U.S. agents.

      Puerto Rican officials and Amnesty International are calling for an
      independent probe into his death. Amnesty said that the killing should
      be considered an extra-judicial execution if the FBI deliberately
      killed Ojeda Ríos or deliberately left him to die, when they could
      have arrested him.

      Although FBI agents shot him Friday afternoon at his home they waited
      20 hours before entering the house. Autopsy reports show that he bled
      to death from a gunshot wound to his shoulder. ...etc...



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