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Afghanistan: Liberated From Life

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  • ummyakoub
    Liberated From Life Mohammed Daud Miraki, MA, MA, PhD Independent Researcher 3-4-3In early October, an Afghan woman, Nurgessa, roaming the deserted streets
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 30, 2003
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      Liberated From Life
      Mohammed Daud Miraki, MA, MA, PhD
      Independent Researcher

      In early October, an Afghan woman, Nurgessa, roaming the deserted
      streets of Kandahar accompanied by her little boy said the following for
      the 'liberation' efforts of the United States of America:

      "Last night, while we were sleeping the Americans bombed our homes.
      When I woke up I saw Agha Gul [her husband] shattered into pieces and
      my other two sons had their heads blown away, I screamed for my little
      boy, Sa'may. Sa'may was unconscious. I ran while the bombs were
      dropping. This morning I woke up with my little Sa'may looking for
      grass. We have nothing left. I want to boil grass for Sa'may because he
      is hungry. Sa'may's father and my other beautiful sons were all I had."
      When asked that the Americans are liberating them, she replied:

      "Yes, the Americans killed my dear Agha Gul and my sweet boys, that's
      how they liberated me. They are heartless people."

      I echo the painful cries of this and other ladies all over Afghanistan for =

      the tragedy the US has brought upon them. Instead of exposing the lies
      of the Bush's gangsters, the coward corporate media, Bill O'reilly's types =

      are bragging about the 'justice' the government of the United States has
      brought to the defenseless, hungry, and US-made homeless people of
      this poor nation. Similarly, another Afghan lady, Nafissa, near Kabul who
      had lost all the men in her life including her husband, her father and two =

      brothers, expressed her 'liberation' pains by American forces by
      weeping loud:

      "I lost everyone, every man in my life represented a bone in my body,
      especially, my husband Rah'matullah, was my backbone broken forever.
      The Americans are more cowards than were the Russians because they
      [Americans] bombed us at night when we were asleep. I want you to
      remember this: I will go and get married again for only one purpose to
      give birth to a boy and then I will raise that boy to adulthood to fight
      against the Americans and defeat them like we did the Russians and
      avenge my family."

      In Peshawar, thousands of women and children arrived crying, "where
      are our husbands and children?" a cry that echoed throughout the
      border area. One of the women, Stoorai arrived in Peshawar, and
      waited for two days for her husband after the bombing began in
      Kandahar. She said:

      "When the US planes dropped bombs on Kandahar it was complete dark
      and when one lady along with her children died in the neighbouring [sic]
      house, I ran out with my four children along with the husband of my
      husband's sister and next day I headed towards Quetta." Look at him
      how liberated he feels

      During the month of December, 2001, another 'liberation' attempt was
      carried out by the 'brave men' of the US armed forces when they killed
      52 civilians, mostly women and children in the village of Niazi Qala in
      Paktia province. The British newspaper, The Time published the
      following account of the tragedy:

      "non-combatant women and children were chased and killed by U.S.
      helicopters during an attack on an Afghan village that left 52 dead."
      According to the newspaper, in the initial strike in this village 10 women =

      and 25 children were reported killed but later, a UN spokesperson,
      Stephanie Bunker said:

      "ցfter the women and children were killed in the village, a second
      group of civilians fled the attack and were gunned down by U.S.
      helicopters. All fifteen of the fleeing villagers were killed. A third grou=
      of civilians, who were trying to rescue survivors, were also killed by the =

      U.S. military, according to Ms. Bunker."

      US liberated the innocents from their lives

      Bravo, 'brave' military, killing women and children with the most modern
      military arsenals known to mankind against powerless women and
      children. As always, the official response came from Defense Secretary
      Rumsfeld. He defended the crime, stating that the village was a target.
      Similarly in another location, another tragedy, from the list of
      US 'liberation attempts' occurred when US planes bombed the tractor of
      fleeing Afghan women and children. A survivor, Fasal Rabi, lost three
      children and two brothers said the following, while carrying his maimed
      son of 18 months:

      "You think Taliban would come among our women, or we would let
      them? There were no Taliban here." "My 14-year-old brother was sitting
      here." "He died in pieces."

      Liberated from life by the USA

      In this tragedy, 21 civilians lost their lives. 17 of the 21 civilians were=

      children. Amidst, the euphoria and jubilation, the US media failed to
      report many horror stories of Northern Alliance entering Kabul, a
      witness, Ebad-ur-Rahman said:

      "There was a hue and cry in the streets. The jubilant alliance troops
      entered any house they wanted. They raped and dishonoured [sic]
      Afghan women and even minor girls" "I don't know much about other
      areas, but there was no law in Kabul. The troops were looting even
      personal belongings like jackets and boots," "They [Northern alliance]
      brought foreign media cameramen and forced men to get their beards
      shaved and women to remove burqas so that the scenes could be
      recorded" (Rediff.com, Indo-Asian News Service)

      The Rediff.com Indo-Asian News Service also reported the following to
      confirm the witness allegations:

      "BBC and some other agencies also endorsed Ebad's claim that the
      Northern Alliance was forcing women to remove burqas and men to
      shave their beards."

      Although I do not doubt that there were young men who wanted to
      shave beards, however, Northern Alliance soldiers have forced many to
      do so. The UK Guardian reported: "What the photos do not show is the
      women putting [the veils] back on again moments later" It is worth
      mentioning that nine out of ten women are still wearing burqas

      It is interesting when President Bush talk about liberating Afghan
      women. This comes from the President of a country, where horrors are
      committed against women everyday.

      Sue Davis writes in her essay "US no model for women's liberation" and
      points to the United States as a country:

      "in which four women are killed every day by their husbands or
      boyfriends. Spousal killings make up 12 percent of the society's total
      murders. Nine out of 10 murdered women are killed by men. Four out of
      five of them are murdered at home. And 50 percent of those women are
      murdered by a male partner"

      The fraud that the US government calls 'the war on terror' has been
      nothing but murder of innocent women and children. To add insult to
      injury, George W Bush and his gang of criminal Zionists call it, 'liberatio=
      of Afghan women'. What a tragedy!

      After the fall of Taliban, 'the liberators' have brought more misery to
      Afghanistan than reconstruction. The country is ruled by a collection of
      warlords, whose resumes of achievements include mass murder,
      collective rape of women, kidnapping women and children and selling
      them for profits to the highest biter. These warlords are responsible for
      the destruction of Kabul whose atrocities invited Taliban to emerge as
      an antidote. Today, in Afghanistan, security is of utmost importance to
      the average person; however, that seems more a dream than a reality.

      Instead of security and prosperity, the grim statistics of US's crimes
      represents disaster than reconstruction. According to the UK Guardian,
      up to 8000 civilians have perished and another 20,000 have perished as
      indirect consequence of bombing, namely severe cold, starvation and
      disease. According to my own research, these numbers are quite
      conservative. The number of dead from bombing alone stands over
      10000. As to the issue of reconstruction, the US has spent over 12 billion =

      dollars in Afghanistan, but unfortunately 90 percent of that is spent on
      bombing what remains of Afghanistan and as payments to their criminal
      allies, the Northern Alliance. In fact, in the year 2002, about $290 millio=
      was earmarked for reconstruction efforts in the country. Tragically, this
      amount would not even cover the humanitarian needs of displaced
      people inside Afghanistan, let alone reconstruction. Consequently,
      students of Kabul University rioted demanding electricity and running
      water; instead of electricity and running water, the police/soldiers shot
      and killed two students and injured tens more.

      Interestingly, the Kansas City Star, 03, 02, 2003, summarizes
      Afghanistan current situation eloquently:

      "Afghan soldiers aligned with American forces are attacked with rockets
      or roadside bombs almost daily. Humanitarian aid organizations retreat,
      despite the dire need for assistance. The roads are unsafe. Banditry is
      epidemic. This is the Afghanistan beyond Kabul." Beyond Kabul,
      Afghanistan is burning from poverty, disease and instability:

      "a day's drive south of Kabul, a different story unfolds. From Kandahar,
      it is clear that much of Afghanistan remains a bleeding and
      impoverished land, torn by ethnic and political strife."

      American soldiers compare war in Afghanistan to that in Vietnam when
      they say:

      "Farmer by day, Taliban by night" "It is a guerrilla fight now. The enemy
      can't fight in groups. They will attack us, create problems and escape.
      The enemy is not destroyed. It is a big concern for us because we don't
      know how this kind of fighting will end."

      This is the biggest concern for any invading army, based on Afghan
      history, guerrilla war does not end until the enemy is destroyed or
      forced to retreat. It is quite easy to enter Afghanistan, but it is very
      difficult to get out. The Russians had planned to stay in Afghanistan for
      two months at the most but ended up staying in Afghanistan for 10
      years until it retreated.

      And, yes, the Washington's puppet, Hamid Karzai, appeared in front of
      the Senate Foreign Relation Committee, further confirming that
      American lawmakers regard him their puppet. Especially, senator Lugar
      of Indiana and his colleagues proved by their treatment of Karzai, as if it=

      was not obvious to some, that he is their vassal in Kabul.

      Bush and his gang of Zionists in his administration are not the only
      people to blame. The corporate media networks are together in this
      crime with the Bush administration for feeding lies to the people of the
      United States. And, yes, most of the people here believe the media
      whole heartily since they hear the same lies from their president as well
      as the various television networks day and night. At certain point, these
      lies become reality in their eyes and they choose not to question them.
      Interestingly, it appears to me that the corporate media and the Zionist
      infrastructure have learned a lesson from their alleged enemies, the
      Nazis. Both the media characters such as Bill Oreilly and his likes and the=

      Zionists in this administration have followed what Hermann Goering, the
      designated successor of Adolf Hitler, as their mentor in dealing with the
      American public. Herman Goering had said the following in regards to
      common people and their governments:

      "Naturally the common people don't want war: Neither in Russia, nor in
      England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after
      all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is
      always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a
      democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist
      dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the
      bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they =

      are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of
      patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any

      That is why, we hear threat alerts every two to three weeks from the
      Homeland Security office, preparing people for the inevitable, whatever
      the inevitable is that they planned to unleash. In this state of confusion,=

      Bush and his cronies energize the people here and dwell on their
      emotions by envisaging themselves as the champions of the Afghan
      women and children, only to bring them misery and death. To the
      contrary, Bush brought disaster to Afghan people. Meanwhile, Bush's
      failure to ask congress to allocate money as part of this year's budget
      for the rebuilding promises he made to Afghanistan, further exposes
      Bush's lies to the world that his administration has no interest in helping=

      the poor Afghans. In fact, Senator Levine and others reminded the Bush
      administration that it should allocate some money for Afghanistan, the
      country Bush junior and his puddle Tony Blair promised not to abandon.
      Unfortunately, they have brought misery, despair and death to the
      Afghan women, children and men. This is evident in the bombings and
      summary execution of Afghans as well as in the US's indifference of
      turning Afghanistan into a uranium wasteland.

      The 'liberation' that the US brought to the Afghan people is death from
      contamination from depleted uranium dust and other poisons unleashed
      by the US armed forces, the insecurity prevalent all over the country,
      and abject poverty becoming worse by the day. In fact, the US has
      liberated Afghans from their lives. The liberation claims of the US
      government are summed up with following quote from Matt
      Gugenheimer from the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum participated
      in Operation Anaconda told the Ithaca Journal the following:
      "We were told there were no friendly forces," "If there was anybody
      there, they were the enemy. We were told specifically that if there were
      women and children to kill them." (Ithaca Journal: 06,01, 2002)
      I will let you be the judge!

      Mohammed Daud Miraki, MA, MA, PhD Independent Researcher
      HYPERLINK mailto:Mdmiraki@... Mdmiraki@...
      Interview was conducted by an aid worker, Abdul Karim in Kandahar in
      October 2001 Eyewitness account of an Afghan doctor in Kabul in
      October, 2001 The News: Jang (Pakistan) October 25, 2001
      YellowTimes.org January 5, 2002 By Christopher Reilly HYPERLINK
      http://www.theage.com.au www.theage.com.au February 19 2002



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