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Blacks Denounce Jewish Lobby

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    Splenetic Thoughts for Dog Days Cynthia McKinney, Earl Hilliard and the way US politics works by Alexander Cockburn August 21, 2002 www.counterpunch.org One
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      Splenetic Thoughts for Dog Days

      Cynthia McKinney, Earl Hilliard and the way US politics works
      by Alexander Cockburn
      August 21, 2002

      One less brave soul in Congress unafraid to jump the traces of
      political orthodoxy. Cynthia McKinney, five-term US rep from
      Georgia's Fourth District, was beaten in Tuesday's Democratic primary
      by Denise Majette, also black, a former judge, put in with the help
      of lots of money from American-Jewish groups and by a hefty
      Republican cross-over in Georgia's open primary.

      Don't you think that if Arab-American groups or African-American
      groups targeted an incumbent white liberal, maybe Jewish,
      congressperson, and shipped in money by the truckload to oust the
      incumbent, the rafters would shake with bellows of outrage.

      Yet when a torrent of money from out of state American Jewish
      organizations smashed Earl Hilliard, first elected black
      congressperson in Alabama since Reconstruction, you could have heard
      a mouse cough. Hilliard had made the fatal error of calling for some
      measure of even-handedness in the Middle East. So he was targeted by
      AIPAC and the others. Down he went, defeated in the Democratic
      primary by Arthur Davis, a black lawyer who obediently sang for his
      supper of the topic of Israel.

      Then it was McKinney's turn. A terrific liberal black congresswoman.
      Like Hilliard she wasn't cowed by the Israel right-or-wrong lobby and
      called for real debate on the Middle East. And she called for a real
      examination of the lead-up to 9/11. So the sky fell in on her.
      Torrents of American Jewish money showered her opponent, a black
      woman judge called Majette. Buckets of sewage were poured over
      McKinney's head in the Washington Post and the Atlanta Constitution.

      Here's how it worked. McKinney saw what happened to Hilliard, and
      that American Jewish money was pumping up Majette's challenge. So she
      went to Arab-American groups to try to raise money to fight back.
      This allowed Tom Edsall to attack her in the Washington Post as being
      in receipt of money from pro-terror Muslims. Lots of nasty looking
      Arab/Muslim names suddenly filled Edsall's stories.

      Now just suppose someone started looking at names in the pro-Israel
      groups funding Majette who by mid-August had raised twice as much
      money as McKinney. Aren't they aren't supporting and helping fund
      terror that has US-made F-16s machine-gunning kids in Gaza? What's
      the game here? It's the reiteration of the same message delivered to
      politicians down the years, as when Senator Charles Percy went down.
      Put your head over the parapet on the topic of Israel and the
      Palestinians and we'll blow it off.

      Oh, and when furious blacks start denouncing the role of outside
      Jewish money in the onslaughts on Hilliard and McKinney, what then?

      First stage: imply the money from Jewish-American groups came in
      reaction to money from Arab-American groups, as with this typical AP
      paragraph: "Middle East politics played an unlikely role in the race.
      McKinney drew campaign financing from out of state, including money
      from pro-Arab groups, while Jewish groups helped fund Majette's
      campaign. The race echoed the Alabama primary this year that cost
      Democratic Rep. Earl Hilliard his job. Hilliard received support from
      Arab groups after supporting a Palestinian state, while his young
      opponent had the backing of pro-Israel groups."

      Then there'll be intricate articles with intricate exit poll
      calculations promoting the conclusion that the money from the Jewish
      groups "wasn't a factor".

      Then there'll be an avalanche of hysterical columns about the ever-
      present menace of black anti-Semitism.



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